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Sunday, April 27, 2014

My trip to the Machapking Durian Farm at Machap, Johor.

Visited the Machapking Durian Farm (N1.90353 E103.24766) on the end of March 2014. We reached the farm around 10am and met up with the farm owner - Mr Cheng who is a humble, polite and knowledgeable guy. According to Mr Cheng, his farm has about 50 acres, one thousand of durian trees, palm oil trees and many more...
It's located quite a distance from the main road of the Machap town, and only 4WD is able to drive through. We were riding on Mr Cheng's 4WD into the farm...

He was explaining all the way since our farm trip started, and he introduced to us the different types of Durian trees one-by-one...

 photo IMG_2554_zpsfafcd3a1.jpg
The Machapking Durian farm at Machap, Johor
  photo IMG_2532_zps70f84ed4.jpg
This is the famous Musangking durian tree

After a while, he stopped the car and let us enjoy the aromatic durian's flower...that was a great moment during the trip!
The photo below was the very initial stage before the flower...

 photo IMG_2500_zps6e31b92f.jpg

Before blossom...

 photo IMG_2516_zpsb1e25e48.jpg

The photo above showed that all these will be blossom in the evening around 5-7pm...

 photo IMG_2497_zps1f22cef7.jpg

And some of them were beautiful with flowers...

 photo IMG_2505_zps868a140d.jpg

 photo IMG_2481_zpscac13811.jpg

 photo IMG_2517_zps62c2388b.jpg

 photo IMG_2482_zpsa9e5b319.jpg

 photo IMG_2503_zps0655fbac.jpg
Another type of the durian flower

After the flowers withered, the branches are going seeding...

 photo IMG_2512_zps1915c984.jpg

The whole area was so beautiful and this was my first time in life surrounded by durian tress and flowers!

Normally the blossom session will be in the evening, and most of the flowers will wither after 6-7am. If you be able to witness during that moment, it's just like watching a flower rain! I can only visualize the beautiful scene...too bad I can't be there during the flowers rain...

 photo IMG_2486_zpse65e5d05.jpg
The flowers were everywhere in farm...it was a wonderful scene!

 photo IMG_2483_zpsfaa7f959.jpg
Durian's flower

According to Mr Cheng, sometime they will collect all these flowers and cook for dinner, it's just like stir fried the vegetables, and it's delicious! Said Cheng. I would like to taste it too if I have a chance...

We even tasted and drank the nectar, it was really sweet!

 photo IMG_2499_zps47e4ea13.jpg
Robin had his first try on the durian flower's nectar

Mr Cheng said, basically he only concentrated on the four (4) main species which are : Musangking 猫山王, Machapking, Tek-kah 竹脚 and Kim-Hong 金凤. Beside that, he also has D24, D78, nai-you-bao 奶油包 (his own creation) and many more...

There are also other fruits in his farm, like Philippines rambutan, mangosteen and many more which I didn't manage to get the name...

 photo IMG_2541_zpsa6b47a2c.jpg
The flowers of the rambutan tree

 photo IMG_2544_zps6ab21cee.jpg
The baby cempedak...

 photo IMG_2545_zps511c8a46.jpg

And this...I didn't get the name of the fruits...

 photo IMG_2546_zps5a24b774.jpg

Mr Cheng showed us another hut which produce the 'enzymes' which use as the 'fertilizer' for all his fruits in the farm.

 photo IMG_2548_zps78d7280d.jpg
The enzymes produced by Mr Cheng own recipe...

 photo IMG_2553_zps27f9acf9.jpg
The enzymes

The water supply for all the trees in the farm is also designed by Mr Cheng himself, once he power on the motor from the water source, the water will goes to all his trees in the farm automatically! Fully automated for the whole fifty (50) acres, amazing!

Mr Cheng visit his farm 3 times a day to monitor and observe the grow of all the fruits, it is become his hobby to take care the trees and the fruits. He 'generously' shared with us his past experience since the day one inherited from his father.
We were having a precious lesson on that day and definitely worth the trip! I will be back to the farm again during the 'golden season' when all the trees full of fruits, before the harvest season.

His durians will be selling at many area within Johor Bahru, his own stall is at opposite the Daily Point Kopitiam, Tmn Molek. And all his durians will be available start from middle of June till August.

 photo IMG_2527_zps43126cb3.jpg
Mr Cheng - the owner of the Machapking durian farm

The location of Machapking Durian's Farm in Machap, Johor

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