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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Ratatouille La Gourmet - Tea room - Bar - Restaurant at Adda Heights, Johor Bahru

Ratatouille La Gourmet (N1.54783 E103.74606) is located at the corner lot of Jalan Adda 3/1 in Adda Heights, Johor Bahru.
Few months ago, Ratatouille was a stall in one of the food court situated in Taman Setia Indah. After several months of hardwork and effort by Chef Brian and the team, they successfully upgraded from a small stall to the well known restaurant in Johor Bahru today.
I admired their achievement!

 photo IMG_3760_zpsdd77fcb8.jpg
Ratatouille La Gourmet

Ratatouille selected the white English theme as one of their attraction of the restaurant, it's also became the 'first' theme's restaurant in my favorite list.
The restaurant provide a clean and tidy outlook which really impressed! On the right side, there are some dining table for those customers who prefer natural air without air-conditioning.

 photo IMG_3763_zps26cdc7b2.jpg
The natural air corner...

Greeted by the friendly staffs once we stepped into the restaurant. I love the deco very much! The area is spacious which provide a comfort and cozy dining environment.

 photo IMG_3749_zps5e24d0cb.jpg
Nice deco with comfort dining environment

 photo IMG_3751_zpsd53a9a72.jpg

 photo IMG_3752_zpsc7297052.jpg

The windows at the both side have the white English tudor design, also choices for those diners who like to have window seat.

 photo IMG_3757_zps6fc4403d.jpg
Back to back seat of dining tables

There's also a Victoria design's sofa especially for those who enjoy their afternoon tea and scones...

 photo IMG_3810_zps427c9e23.jpg
Afternoon tea area...

 photo IMG_3753_zpsb2e89b72.jpg

The dining area is comfortable for diner and even a small group of friends gather around...

 photo IMG_3759_zps9c6791ba.jpg
The cutlery placed on each table...

 photo IMG_3767_zpsdae64145.jpg

I was impressed by the owner's idea with the well design and the provide different types dining tables for customers to choose their own preference.

Our food served on table pretty fast...let me show you the delicacies one-by-one...

Appetizer :-
Escargot - served in half dozen, with garlic breads side dish.

 photo IMG_3775_zps2ffeec07.jpg

 photo IMG_3776_zpscc0c8242.jpg

Nice cheesy taste and the stuffing was not overly salty, always a good starter for your dinner.

Pepper steak.
Medium doneness, well prepared with pepper and served with mashed potatoes and ratatouille.

 photo IMG_3779_zps3fc6d1a4.jpg
Pepper steak

 photo IMG_3782_zpsbc13d690.jpg
Medium doneness

I always like the steak of Ratatouille. Well marinated and the pepper level was just nice! If you are steak lover, you shouldn't miss this!

Oxtail stew.
Whole oxtail being prepared for the dish. Magic cut by the Chef provide the true taste of the savory collagen within. The dish also served with potatoes, tomatoes and the nice beef gravy.

 photo IMG_3785_zpsde90cd05.jpg
Oxtail stew

Garlic bread, mashed potatoes and broccoli as side dish for Oxtail stew.

 photo IMG_3788_zpsabb1cc0b.jpg

Beside the delicious chewy bite of the oxtail, we like the beef gravy very much! The collagen was tender and fresh, we're really enjoyed this Oxtail stew from Ratatouille La Gourmet.

Grilled Lamb Rack
Grilled rack of lamb served with broccoli, ratatouille and the mint sauce. (serve in medium doneness)

 photo IMG_3790_zps8b7e4f4f.jpg
Grilled lamb rack

 photo IMG_3791_zps77ba7e2d.jpg

The combination of the aromatic skin and the tender inside was marvelous! We took our time to taste this yummy lamb rack really slow...

Teriyaki Cod fish
Grilled cod fish bathing with teriyaki sauce, served with broccoli, carrots and mashed potatoes.

 photo IMG_3796_zpse7775208.jpg
Teriyaki cod fish

The fresh cod fish with the Teriyaki sauce provide a perfect taste. It was juicy and nice to have for our dinner. It was a bit sweet for my personal taste bud.

Dinner won't complete without the desserts...
Ratatouille signature cheese cake

 photo IMG_3797_zpse571c042.jpg
Signature cheese cake

 photo IMG_3799_zps1cc1beb0.jpg
The popular tiramisu

 photo IMG_3802_zpsc81b2c1b.jpg
Lemon sugar pancake

 photo IMG_3805_zps08ebb47b.jpg
Apple pie

The signature cheese cake was rich with cheese but not overly sweet. Aromatic tiramisu was a favorite dessert for most of the customer in the area. Lemon sugar pancake was a surprise where the pancake doesn't overly sweet and nice to have. According to the owner - Sherman, the Ratatouille Apple pie has a strong demand from the local, the special apple pie really filling after the main course.

The Ratatouille restaurant is also a perfect place for afternoon tea break with some cakes or scones, because of the special assign 'Hi-tea' area.

We will make our effort to drop by Ratatouille La Gourmet every now and then, not just only pass-by Adda Heights area. It is a excellent restaurant for lunch, tea break and dinner, even enjoy some beers in the evening.

Specially thanks to Brian and Sherman for the warm hospitality.

Ratatouille La Gourmet Tea Room · Bar · Restaurant
73, Jalan Adda 3/1, Adda Heights, Johor Bahru
Business hour : 11:00am to 11:00pm daily
GPS coordinates : N1.54783 E103.74606

Location map of Ratatouille La Gourmet at Adda Heights, Johor Bahru.

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Kila Senggigi Beach Hotel at Senggigi beach, Lombok island - Indonesia

Kila Senggigi Beach Resort (S8.49782, E116.04846) is located at the northwest of Lombok island. The resort just situated next to the beautiful beach as the name of it.

The check-in process was smooth and everyone got their keys in less than 15 minutes.

 photo IMG_3537_zpsdc7526e6.jpg
The lobby of Kila Senggigi Beach Resort

There are many water features at the lobby and beautiful garden surrounding...with beautiful lush tropical gardens and a magnificent view.

 photo IMG_3539_zps797f14a1.jpg
Water features in the garden

 photo IMG_3540_zps6bedf3de.jpg

The friendly staffs of the hotel were welcome us, the lobby area was nice with a open concept and well ventilated. Decorated with the Lombok culture design...

 photo IMG_3155_zpse4b91908.jpg
The front counter of Kila Senggigi Beach Hotel

 photo IMG_3156_zpsafe2a34f.jpg
The high ceiling at the lobby...

 photo IMG_3157_zps329c9e20.jpg

Kila Senggigi Beach Hotel is actually a resort type of hotel, located in Senggigi town, on a 12 acres land along the beach, beautiful.

Most of the rooms are chalet type, basically 8 rooms in one chalet...situated in spacious manicured gardens with plenty of shade trees. The grounds are absolutely immaculate.

 photo IMG_3536_zpsaa373be1.jpg
Rooms in Kila Senggigi Beach Hotel

 photo IMG_3535_zps77047a0a.jpg

We had a double beds room, and let me show you around the room...

 photo IMG_3150_zpsbac748e8.jpg

 photo IMG_3149_zps315d5081.jpg

 photo IMG_3154_zpse4fb401f.jpg

 photo IMG_3151_zpsac102447.jpg
The attached bathroom is spacious...

 photo IMG_3152_zps0ebcc025.jpg

The room albeit dated, size-wise was adequate with necessary furnishing, satisfied with it especially the cleanness. Every room has its own verandah with comfort sitting area, we were enjoying our beer and chatting session on the first night.
It's advise to choose the 2nd floor if you going for the sea view room, brilliant views from the room and Mt Agung over in Bali is visible.
Remember :-
Don't leave your room door open after six p.m., unless you don't mind a generous spray of insecticide in your room which the hotel graciously offers each evening.

Kila Senggigi beach hotel is an old hotel, first in Lombok, surrounded by greeneries and right at the seafront. Wi-Fi service is available throughout the whole resort with good bandwidth. The Italian restaurant is just sitting on the beach front and you can enjoy the spectacular sunset of Lombok accompany with the house's live band. The SPA also available but too bad we don't have enough time to enjoy it. The breakfast was good, so was the ala carte food served by the friendly and helpful staffs and good service.

If you are photography enthusiast, you can have a chance to take the milky way during the midnight at the dark beach area.

All-in-all, Kila Senggigi beach hotel is a nice and comfortable place to stay with, recommended.

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Kila Senggigi Beach Hotel 
(Formerly Senggigi Beach Hotel)
Jalan Pantai Senggigi, PO Box 1001
Senggigi 83355, Lombok – Indonesia
Email : sbh.reservation@aerowisatahotels.com, sbh.info@aerowisatahotels.com
Web : http://www.senggigibeachhotel.com
Phone : +62 370 693210
Fax     : +62 370 693200

Location map of Kila Senggigi Beach Resort at Lombok island, Indonesia.

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Seafood dinner along the Senggigi beach at Lombok island - Indonesia.

Traveling almost about 1 hour 30 minutes (approx. 60km) from Sade Village, passed by Mataram City (Capitol of Lombok)...we finally reached the Senggigi beach of Lombok. All of us agree to have our seafood dinner at Warung Menega (S8.52497 E116.06554) before check in to the resort.

 photo IMG_3119_zpsa0c39ec3.jpg
Warung Menega of Senggigi beach, Lombok

The first scene that caught our attention was the smoky roof of the kitchen...

 photo IMG_3118_zps392b3f71.jpg

Everyone was curious about what happening in the kitchen...then, we discovered the grilling method is using charcoal and coir which resulted the smoky environment...

Let's have a tour in the kitchen before the dining area...

 photo IMG_3122_zps508f3ded.jpg
The seafood prepared for grilling...

 photo IMG_3120_zps5d9e4bff.jpg
The kitchen of Warung Menega, Lombok

 photo IMG_3121_zps825c0c10.jpg

The 'warung' (common word as a restaurant) had a simple setting, where you have a options of indoor dining area or the outdoor area on the beach. For us, we definitely choose the beach area...

 photo IMG_3126_zps50997ce2.jpg
The outdoor dining area...

 photo IMG_3129_zpsf70d3c67.jpg

As usual, everyone was busy photographing the surrounding of the restaurant before the foods serve on table...

Next to the restaurant, there were many fishing boats parking around...felt excited because we will going to experience the boat ride tomorrow for island hoping, looking forward about it...

 photo IMG_3132_zps3cab0faa.jpg
Fishing boats parking next to the restaurant...

 photo IMG_3133_zpsc38adaa7.jpg

The seafood served on table pretty fast, most of us had the same package which were the fish, prawns, clams and squids. Some of us chose only fish and some don't take prawns... flexible package.
But all of us had one plate of kang-kong (water spinach) with the local recipe sambal chili, and unlimited rice...

 photo IMG_3131_zpsad8d33f3.jpg
Kangkong with sambal

 photo IMG_3135_zpsf4af1ede.jpg
The seafood offered by Warung Menaga, Senggigi beach of Lombok

 photo IMG_3137_zps1fa48955.jpg
The fish...

 photo IMG_3139_zps7b5ce2d6.jpg
The squids...

I like the local sambal very much! It was aromatic and hot!
Believe all the seafood grilled with the same sauce and recipe, the prawns, fish and squids were finger-linking good! And the clams taste the best among all...
All the seafood were perfectly succulent, sweet and spicy. Impressed by the local recipes. But the magical part was the yummy sauces...dark sweet soy sauce, garlic, local sambal and chili with onions. Every sauce provided different taste with the seafood, I love the chili onions and the sambal very much!

 photo IMG_3138_zps1905b315.jpg
The different types of sauces which made the perfect taste of the seafood

It was a total different experience having our dinner here, while enjoying the seafood in our hands and watching the beautiful sunset...

 photo IMG_3147_zps8f97a425.jpg
The dining area was full...

The outdoor dining area was full after the night fall...

 photo IMG_3134_zpsf5a2cb75.jpg
The cloudy sunset of Senggigi beach of Lombok

Beside the seafood delights and the sunset, I like to concentrate on those fishing boats back to the shores...

 photo IMG_3127_zpsf9e99259.jpg
Time to go home...

We were satisfied with the seafood dinner in Warung Menega. As I look into the menu, prices are reasonable too...I guess I'll be back again on my next visit to Lombok.

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Warung Menega Lombok
Jalan Raya Senggigi, Kilometre 6
+62 0 370 692 057.

Location map of Warung Menega at Senggigi Beach of Lombok island, Indonesia.