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Friday, July 17, 2015

Kaede Ikuza Japanese Restaurant at Taman Molek, Johor Bahru.

Normally those fried chicken widely available around Johor Bahru area are...Malay warong fried chicken, Mamak shop fried chicken, Chinese fried chicken, fast food fried chicken and fried chicken serve with nasi lemak is very common. But now I came across this Japanese fried chicken which is just started at Taman Molek, JB...

Kaede Ikuza Japanese Restaurant (N1.52428 E103.78540) is located along Jalan Molek 1/28, next to the Mama Nyonya Food Restaurant.

 photo IMG_4880_zpsveivrybn.jpg
Kaede Ikuza Japanese Restaurant

The setting is as simple as the local 'kopitiam' style, kitchen just next to the dining area. And yes, the prices also follow the 'kopitiam' price.

 photo IMG_4928_zpshawqppi3.jpg

As far as I know, this is the 'first' Japanese kopitiam available in Johor Bahru. Most of the Japanese restaurants are well decorated with air-conditioning in Johor Bahru, but this is really something new to the JB market.
The imported fruits from Japan also available from the restaurant, as you can see from the photos below...

 photo IMG_4881_zpsao9x1rxm.jpg
She was holding the big apple and some kind of Japanese melon in her hand

 photo IMG_4883_zpsuepkhb6p.jpg
Looks like the melon (correct me if I'm wrong)

Most of their main course is serve with the fried rice...
We ordered the Karaage chicken (Japanese fried chicken) set, Toriten set (chicken tempura), tomato omelet set, garlic pork set and Ra-so-men.

 photo IMG_4904_zps6k9kkvrc.jpg

 photo IMG_4903_zpsper8pq9f.jpg
 Karaage chicken set 
(Japanese fried chicken 3pcs, rice, salad and soup)

 photo IMG_4911_zpsvymzijoi.jpg
Tomato omelet set 
(Tomato omelet, Karaage chicken 2pcs, rice, salad and soup)

 photo IMG_4898_zpsn0meo6qb.jpg
Garlic pork set 
(garlic pork, rice, salads and soup)

 photo IMG_4893_zpsuwpkzwoj.jpg
Toriten set 
(chicken tempura 3pcs, rice, salads and soup)

 photo IMG_4919_zpsuiow9ke9.jpg

 photo IMG_4920_zpszc4z4ren.jpg
(noodles with Japanese dipping sauce and Karaage chicken 2 pcs)

Beside the main course, we ordered some of their side dish too...
Salads, Spicy cucumber and Combination tempura.

 photo IMG_4907_zpsdaiypqzx.jpg

 photo IMG_4910_zpsjqytc1v6.jpg
Spicy cucumber

 photo IMG_4917_zpsppgpt7r6.jpg
Combination tempura 
(chicken, mushroom, pumpkin, kakiage, okura, eggplant and sweet potato)

All foods were tasty!
I like the 'boneless Karaage chicken' very much! Maybe because we already familiar with the fried chicken taste surrounding us, and this was really new and nice! The spicy cucumber got my attention too, the Japanese recipe of the sauce was unique, we all like it!

All the foods serve in this restaurant are having reasonable price, about RM10-20, that means we can enjoy the Japanese food by the Japanese chef with the street food price! No kidding!

The restaurant was operating by 90% of the Japanese, and the kitchen too. This is another new to Johor Bahru, because most of the Japanese restaurants within JB only the chef or the owner are 'Nihonjin'...other are local or foreign workers...I was impressed. We visited on the first day operation of the restaurant, and it was full of Japanese. Great!

The photos of the Chefs (or so called the spirits of the kitchen) on duty!

 photo IMG_4885_zpsoacl3a5e.jpg

 photo IMG_4889_zps3lvcc3xd.jpg

 photo IMG_4926_zpslpjhznod.jpg

 photo IMG_4921_zpsclwatffw.jpg

And I met a group of cute little boys in the restaurant too...

 photo IMG_4929_zpslm6ieftr.jpg

I will be back again for the Karaage chicken, and also like to explore more of the 'authentic' Japanese food from this 'Japanese kopitiam'.

Drop by if you happen in Taman Molek!

Kaede Ikuzo Japanese Restaurant
10, Jalan Molek 1/28,
Taman Molek,
81100 Johor Bahru.
Tel : +607-2957817
Business hour : 11.30am - 3.30pm, 5.30 - 9.30pm daily

Location map of Kaede Ikuzo Japanese Restaurant at Taman Molek, Johor Bahru.

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Gunung Sari Market (wet and dry) at Lombok island - Indonesia

On the third day morning, before we travel to Sendang Gile Waterfall at the Mount Rinjani, we stopped by the local market - Gunung Sari Market - wet and dry  (S8.54177 E116.10707).

As Pak Uji said, they called this type of market '7-11'. But it's not similar to the convenience stall we familiar with, 7-11 is the operating or business hour of the market...means 7-11am.

Before we step into the market, there was a row horse-drawn carriage called 'Cidomo', use as a short distance public transport for the locals.

 photo IMG_3390_zpsjadh9z67.jpg
Cidomo - a small horse-drawn carriage as local transport

We walked through the dry market and there were many stuffs that really new to me. From the daily necessity, cloths, snacks and foods.

 photo IMG_3396_zpszvfnq3n9.jpg

 photo IMG_3397_zps54femxqn.jpg

 photo IMG_3401_zpsarcv6xmo.jpg

 photo IMG_3403_zpserawb5xu.jpg

 photo IMG_3404_zps4osmagus.jpg

 photo IMG_3407_zps3qykr155.jpg

I noticed some of the foods (for breakfast) were really look delicious! Too bad, we already had our breakfast in resort...or else I will definitely try some of it...

 photo IMG_3402_zps9yqrui3k.jpg
Unique foods in the market

 photo IMG_3409_zpsoubju8mg.jpg

After about an hour, we came to the end of the dry market...unfortunately the time was not allow for us to continue to the wet session.

Another type of public transport spotted at the exit, it looks like 'Angkot' from Jakarta but with a smaller capacity...too bad I forgot to get the name of it...

 photo IMG_3412_zps98bni9qg.jpg
Public transport of Lombok island

 photo IMG_3411_zpsk7ki36pm.jpg

The familiar scene in Bali island also happen here in Lombok, the gasoline for light vehicles was easy available along the busy street of Lombok island.

 photo IMG_3414_zpsdiiudhwj.jpg
Gasoline widely available along the street

While waiting for our teammate - Tony who was missing in the market, we took another group photo before our next destination - Sendang Gile Waterfall.

 photo IMG_3410_zpskohkdtbl.jpg
Group photo of our teammate in Lombok island

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Location map of Gunung Sari Market in Lombok island

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Tai Zhi Wei Formosa Noodle House 台之味台湾麵馆 at Taman Sutera Utama, Skudai - Johor Bahru.

This Tai Zhi Wei Formosa Noodle House 台之味台湾麵馆 (N1.51609 E103.67048) is located at the corner shop lot unit of Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3, Taman Sutera Utama, Skudai - Johor Bahru. The corner lot is the 'foot reflexology centre' and this cafe is just situated beside it. The area is well ventilated but it can be warm sometimes during the hot humid weather of Malaysia.

 photo IMG_4307_zpslzch0whf.jpg
Tai Zhi Wei Formosa Noodle House 台之味台湾麵馆

 photo IMG_4306_zpsjgdiinsn.jpg
The well ventilated dining area of the cafe

The owner of the cafe was friendly and he introduced some of their authentic Taiwanese dishes for us...

*  Taiwanese scallion pancake - 蔥油饼
*  Braised pork rice - 控肉饭 (recommended)
*  Taiwanese beef noodle - 台湾红烧牛肉麵
*  Chicken chop rice - 鸡扒饭
*  Taiwanese minced pork homemade noodles - 卤肉手工麵 (recommended)
*  Pot sticker - 锅贴 (recommended)
*  Rainbow dumplings - 七彩水饺 (recommended)

Really appreciated for the recommendation, we like some of the dishes very much! But some were mediocre...

The Taiwanese scallion pancake - 蔥油饼 was served slightly dry and the scallion was too little, but the sauce was nice.

 photo IMG_4304_zpssaxrowf1.jpg
Taiwanese scallion pancake - 蔥油饼

 photo IMG_4305_zpso8hyhnd5.jpg

The braised pork rice 控肉饭 was one of our favorite! The pork were braised to perfection! It was tender, succulent and tasty! I love it!
Must try if you are pork lover!

 photo IMG_4308_zpsiqsdn0hs.jpg
Braised pork rice - 控肉饭

 photo IMG_4310_zpsbzw1k8ol.jpg

The beef noodle 台湾红烧牛肉麵 was taste average, but the homemade noodle was nice and springy. Strongly recommended on the noodle.

 photo IMG_4312_zpsyyxlkzxi.jpg
Taiwanese beef noodle - 台湾红烧牛肉麵

The chicken chop rice 鸡扒饭 served with vegetables. If the chicken chop serve in more moist then it will be perfect...

 photo IMG_4316_zpsipup2kfu.jpg
Chicken chop rice - 鸡扒饭

 photo IMG_4317_zpsal06ajw8.jpg

The taste of the minced pork homemade noodle 卤肉手工麵 was 'authentic' and delicious! It served the similar taste that I had in Taipei, oh...this noodle really made me missed my days in Taipei...

 photo IMG_4329_zpsdyzezwbc.jpg
Taiwanese minced pork homemade noodles - 卤肉手工麵

The pot sticker - 锅贴 (or Chinese pan fried dumplings) was served in juicy and tasty! It was not too dried, we all like it! Another recommended!

 photo IMG_4322_zpstf1lmrzo.jpg
Pot sticker - 锅贴

Rainbow dumplings 七彩水饺 was Perfect! Each of dumpling skin was not artificial colouring but it was from the natural resources...natural, seaweed, yam, pandan and others. The fillings were fragrant and fresh, some with minced pork and some with chives or seasonal vegetables.
Each of them had different taste where you can enjoy the delicious dumplings one-by-one slowly...
Recommended and must try!
 photo IMG_4324_zpsq1ohtl4n.jpg
Rainbow dumplings 七彩水饺

 photo IMG_4325_zpsualfq9lv.jpg

Overall, the foods were nice and tasty. Some of them need some adjustment to suit the public taste, or it just my personal opinions. But the bottom line is...the price is very reasonable! You may say, it's cheap and good! Go and try it out yourself with all these affordable Taiwanese Cuisines at Tai Zhi Wei 台之味, Taman Sutera Utama.

Beside the foods, I would like to highlight the lemon juice. The lemon they use was not the local normal lemon, the taste was super refreshing! It's a good way to cool you down under the hot weather.

 photo IMG_4330_zpsy9k39i55.jpg

Tai Zhi Wei Formosa Noodle House 台之味台湾麵馆
134, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3,
Taman Sutera Utama,
Skudai, Johor Bahru.
Tel : +6016-2956676
Business hour : 11am - 10pm (daily)
GPS Coordinates : N1.51609 E103.67048

Location map of Tai Zhi Wei Formosa Noodle House 台之味台湾麵馆 at Taman Sutera Utama, Skudai - Johor Bahru.