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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Menu 2104 from Menu Please Bistro, Taman Maju Jaya, Johor Bahru

Christmas is around the corner, have you decided where to have your Christmas dinner?

Menu Please Bistro at Taman Maju Jaya is promoting the Christmas meal package for the "dinner on X'mas Eve dinner and lunch, dinner on the Christmas Day" on next week.
We were fortunate to have the first try on the Christmas package, and let me show what is all about...

The package is included the starter, main course, dessert and their special recipe of several type of cold drinks.

Starter - Duo appetizers
Smoke turkey frittata and mini mushroom soup
-  Frittata is an egg-based Italian dish enriched with additional ingredients such as meats, cheese or vegetables.

Main course (choice of one)
Fish (RM78)
-  Pan seared salmon serves with pumpkin cream sauce and haricot vert

Duck (RM78)
-  Duck leg confit serves with slow baked orange and mash potato

Lamb (RM88)
-  Australian lamb serves with natural lamb jus and butter glaze chestnut

-  Popular coffee flavored Italian cake

-  Double berries soda
-  Mango vanilla soda
-  Vanilla lime soda

-  Chamomile tea
-  Pepper mint tea
-  Jasmine green tea

In Chinese
Menu Please Bistro 圣诞套餐 ( 24/12/15 - 25/12/15)


鸭肉 - 焖鸭腿与焦糖柳橙
鱼肉 - 香煎三文鱼与红皮马铃薯泥
羊肉 - 红烧澳洲羊肉与香草栗子

甜品 - 提拉米蘇(意大利语:Tiramisù;威尼斯語:Tiramesù),又可譯成堤拉米酥,為一種有名的義大利式蛋糕,它是由泡過咖啡或蘭姆酒的手指餅乾,加上一層马斯卡邦尼奶酪、蛋黃、糖的混合物,然後再在蛋糕表面灑上一層可可粉而成。

冷饮 - 香草青柠 或 双梅苏打 或 芒果苏打
热饮 - 洋甘菊茶 或 茉莉绿茶 或 薄荷香茶

有兴趣想定位的朋友可以致电到 07-3360748
+60167388963 ( what's app )

Smoke turkey frittata and mini mushroom soup

 photo IMG_4276_zpsb7d5e471.jpg
Smoke turkey frittata and mini mushroom soup

 photo IMG_4272_zpsa8d157b1.jpg

 photo IMG_4273_zps164d7d95.jpg

 photo IMG_4274_zpsde0fed74.jpg

Very special and unique appetizer I ever have in Johor Bahru. The frittata taste with a few combination of eggs, duck bacon, veggie and cheese. It difficult to describe the tastiness until you try it yourself.

Pan seared salmon serves with pumpkin cream sauce and haricot vert

 photo IMG_4287_zps6ec8b4a0.jpg

 photo IMG_4282_zps1d9ffd51.jpg

 photo IMG_4284_zps9d185606.jpg

The salmon was cooked to perfection, the combination of the cream sauce was great!

Duck leg confit serves with slow baked orange and mash potato

 photo IMG_4278_zps96788347.jpg

 photo IMG_4280_zps6a12e9d8.jpg

 photo IMG_4281_zps357c7687.jpg

The duck leg confit was tender and yummy, the meat dropped off the bone easily, delicious!
We all like this special dish served by Menu Please Bistro and it's hard to find the same dish else where around Johor Bahru for the moment.

Australian lamb serves with natural lamb jus and butter glaze chestnut

 photo IMG_4292_zpsebb64950.jpg

 photo IMG_4289_zps1c3f6401.jpg

 photo IMG_4288_zps2f634f03.jpg

The braised lamb was tender and succulent. It served with the lamb jus which enhanced tastiness of the dish, you will love this if you are a lamb lover.


 photo IMG_4295_zpsc69f3fd9.jpg
Dessert - Tiramisu

Menu Please Bistro served one of the best Tiramisu within JB town. This was based of my individual taste bud.

Cold drinks
-  Double berries soda
-  Mango vanilla soda
-  Vanilla lime soda

 photo IMG_4301_zps2ef5c788.jpg

The mixture of these 3 cold drinks were exceptional, it's the effort and the magic touch of Chef Jayson for the special festive season. Beside the cold drinks, they also serve hot Chamomile, pepper mint and Jasmine green tea.

Among all the 3 main courses, I prefer the duck leg. Because the dish is not common, and it's difficult to catch the chance that serve by the restaurant. And for the cold drinks, I chose the Vanilla lime soda - it was so refreshing!

Select your choices from the Menu, enjoy the Christmas meal in Menu Please Bistro.
You may call the restaurant number 07-3360748 or whatsapp to their mobile number +60167388963 for reservation.

Menu Please Bistro
25, Jalan Maju,
Taman Maju Jaya, Johor Bahru.
Tel : +6016-7388963 / +607-3360748
Business hour : 11am -10pm (close on Monday)
GPS coordinates : N1.48083 E103.76612

Location map of Menu Please Bistro, Taman Maju Jaya - Johor Bahru.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Flying on the Cessna C208B Grand Caravan from Senai airport to Tioman Island

We reached the Senai International Airport before dawn, because need to group with others before our departure...

The arrangement was perfect by the Tunamaya staffs, the check-in process for taking the private chartered flight from Senai airport to Tioman airport was smooth. Once the baggage check, we walked through the private lane way to the plane.

It was my first time flying on this Cessna 208B Grand Caravan, the plane had change and refurbished into a luxury seats and facility. We can rotate the seat for 180 degrees which convenience for discussion among the passengers.

 photo IMG_3864_zpsb8ea3b5d.jpg
Cessna 208B Grand Caravan

 photo IMG_3869_zps8c516c93.jpg

 photo IMG_3870_zpsba1f60f3.jpg
The view inside the plane

 photo IMG_3872_zpsf22aeb1c.jpg
The cockpit of the Cessna 208B

Mineral waters, tibits and snacks were ready for us in the plane. All of us happily wearing the orchid garland presented by the airport. The inaugural flight from Senai to Tioman, we ready to take off!

 photo Tioman2_zpsb7adfbe1.jpg

The weather of that day was good and the take-off was comfort.
This was my first time enjoying chatting with my friend and browse through the social media app in the plane...
Let me show you the breathtaking view along the way...

 photo IMG_3893_zpsafb6a998.jpg
cotton puffs of cloud

The background was the mystery Linggiu dam...it was also the where the Srivijaya Empire started more than thousand years ago...as the legend said.

 photo IMG_3900_zps5a87512f.jpg

Beautiful green lake in the middle of the jungle...

 photo Tioman3_zpsec0aa759.jpg

 photo IMG_3903_zpsa417134e.jpg

I wondered this might be some kind of plantations...(photos above)

 photo IMG_3905_zps9908cf23.jpg

About 30 minutes later (around 8.35am), we were approaching Mersing town...

 photo IMG_3908_zpsaea2617a.jpg
The coastal of Mersing town

 photo IMG_3910_zps6768f88f.jpg
Leaving Mersing and towards South China sea...

The plane took around 15 minutes to cross the ocean, noticed from the GPS device in the cockpit...

 photo IMG_3906_zpsdd0be58f.jpg

After the plane flew through the clouds, the island appeared from the windows...the first scene was the 'legendary twin peaks' of Tioman Island. Yes, it is the landmark of Tioman.

 photo IMG_3918_zpsca30ef86.jpg
The mythical twin peaks of Tioman Island

Followed by the lush canopy of greenery and the blue water...

 photo Tioman4_zps1b285947.jpg

 photo IMG_3925_zps714792e0.jpg
One of the resort at Tioman island

 photo IMG_3928_zpsbaf46ae1.jpg
Approaching the Tioman island (Tekek town in the background)

It took around 45 minutes from Senai to Tioman island.
Once we touched down in Tioman island, the Tunamaya's staff was at the airport to help us ferry our luggage to the Tekek jetty.

 photo IMG_3930_zpse9a14109.jpg
At Tioman airport, Tekek town

 photo Tioman5_zps20e57b0e.jpg

 photo IMG_3929_zps00b2ef4b.jpg

It was a pleasant flight and different experience compare with the commercial flight, we enjoyed very much!

The weather in Tioman island was hot and humid, as we walked to the jetty, our luggage already stand-by before us...

 photo Tioman6_zpsd5ed0045.jpg

Our journey to Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort continue on the next post...

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Location map of Tioman Airport in Tekek Town

Friday, December 12, 2014

Ratatouille La Gourmet in Austin Heights, Johor Bahru

There are many cafes and restaurants just started to operate within the Austin Heights area, which will also another prime location for this area. One of the restaurant I visited was the Ratatouille La Gourmet Austin Heights (N1.56222 E103.77841), another branch for the Ratatouille La Gourmet restaurant from Adda Heights. Operated by the same owner - Mr Brian, but with slightly different concept compare with the Adda Heights outlet.

 photo IMG_4237_zps44c40bad.jpg
Ratatouille La Gourmet Austin Heights

The restaurant has a simple and neat setting, clean and comfort environment. Let the photos below show you...

 photo IMG_4234_zps409e6374.jpg
Simple and comfort setting of Ratatouille La Gourmet Austin Heights

 photo IMG_4233_zps5dd59b0a.jpg

 photo IMG_4239_zps79b4c58c.jpg

 photo IMG_4235_zps8f5b4f5d.jpg

Choices of 2 persons, 4 persons or group of peoples...even with one of the window seat. :)

The restaurant is suitable for family, friends gathering and also couples. The soft music was playing during we waiting for our food...

Each of us had a plate of mushroom soup and garlic bread complimentary from the restaurant, this is also the 'Ratatouille culture' since they started from the small stall in the kopitiam (Hokkien dialect means : food court).

 photo IMG_4241_zpsa701e89f.jpg
Mushroom soup with garlic bread

 photo IMG_4242_zps34303234.jpg

Starter :-
Grilled and Baked button mushroom.

 photo IMG_4243_zpsd164beba.jpg
Grilled button mushroom

 photo IMG_4247_zps57d5743b.jpg
Baked button mushroom

Both were juicy! The original taste by the grilled type, and the fragrance with the cheese baked mushroom, you even can taste the fresh tomato from it. We like both!

Here come the main courses...
Aglio e olio
Bolognaise (or bolognese)
Chicken cordon bleu
BBQ Pork Ribs
Pork Chop

 photo IMG_4248_zps60747dd1.jpg
Aglio e olio

 photo IMG_4250_zpsee8c4d50.jpg

 photo IMG_4257_zps55226c97.jpg
Chicken cordon bleu

 photo IMG_4261_zpsd5177d4f.jpg
BBQ Pork ribs

 photo IMG_4255_zps9cdabf57.jpg
Pork chop

Aglio e olio
The spaghetti was well prepared with the fragrance olive oil and garlic.  The spaghetti was not overcook and we all like the springy-ness of it, I like the taste of the olive oil very much. The dish was just nice to my liking.

Served with fresh minced beef, cooked with their homemade tomato sauce. Creamy cheese but won't stop us to finish it. Another signature from Ratatouille La Gourmet.

Chicken cordon bleu
This is a common dish easily available in western restaurant around Johor Bahru area. But the Chef of Ratatouille prepared the chicken so tender and succulent unlike others made it too dry, every pieces of the chicken went well with the cheese!

 photo IMG_4258_zpsaa4a762b.jpg

BBQ Pork ribs
Well control of the heat where the ribs were tender and yummy! It served with their own recipe of BBQ sauce and you got to try it yourself!

Grilled pork chop
This was the surprised for the night! The pork chop served with moist, well done and delicious! It is difficult to have a nice pork chop around Johor Bahru area, but this was definitely scored the highest marks of that evening! Well marinated and good control of the heat, must not miss this for the pork chop lover!

The lovely dessert served after our main courses...they were same as their Adda Heights outlet, tasty!

 photo IMG_4264_zpsc51834be.jpg
Ratatouille signature tiramisu

 photo IMG_4265_zpsaef65499.jpg

 photo IMG_4268_zpsc6723cd8.jpg
Cheese cake

 photo IMG_4271_zps3759e480.jpg
The lava chocolate cake

 photo IMG_4270_zps2c2895d6.jpg

Beside the dishes above, they do serve Roast herb coated lamb rack, Pan seared Norwegian salmon, Mixed grilled platter and many more...all dishes are reasonable price.

The different of this outlet compare with Adda Heights outlet is...Adda Heights serve beef but no pork, Austin Heights serve pork but no beef.

It was a awesome dinner for all of us! Thanks and appreciated for creative and excellent Chef from Ratatouille La Gourmet Austin Heights.

 photo IMG_4236_zps1d6906c5.jpg

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Ratatouille La Gourmet Austin Heights
30, Jalan Austin Heights 8/9,
Taman Austin Heights,
Johor Bahru.
Tel : +607-2893175
Business hour : 11am - 11pm daily

Location map of Ratatouille La Gourmet Austin Heights, Johor Bahru.