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Monday, February 23, 2015

Star fish spotted along the beach on our way back from Gili Nanggu and Sudak - Lombok island

A lot of fun activities at Gili Nanggu, satisfied lunch at Gili Sudak...while on the way back to the jetty, another surprised! Star fish spotted! (S8.74618 E116.01814)

It was low tide while we were back, and we had to stop at the other site of the jetty and walking back to the jetty where we parked our party van. There were many star fishes along the beach, every 5 steps...you will see one star fish laying on the beach...
Everyone couldn't resist to taking photos with the colourful star fish!

 photo IMG_3329_zps09300ebb.jpg
Star fish

 photo IMG_3330_zps9420e634.jpg

This was also my first time holding the wild star fish in my hand! Not from the aquarium but from the ocean...
We were curiously hold, touch it and having photo with it then put all of them back to the beach...

 photo IMG_3322_zps4db3c837.jpg
The star fish

 photo IMG_3320_zpsc6b659f8.jpg

 photo IMG_3326_zps3319930b.jpg

 photo IMG_3328_zpsa67e50da.jpg
Our friend - Tony almost want to bite it...haha!

 photo Starfish_zpsdb9478c5.jpg

Beside the star fish, there were also mudskipper, sea urchin were found along the beach. I really like to stroll along the beach, too bad we had no enough time...

We were going on the long journey again to Mataram - the capital of Lombok for our dinner.

 photo IMG_3336_zpsf987eba6.jpg

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Location map of the Tawun beach at Lombok island

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Nirvana Beach Restaurant at Gili Sudak, Lombok island

After our fun activities at Gili Nanggu, some were tired, some were exhausted but all of us definitely hungry! So we moved to the next island for late lunch - The Nirvana Beach restaurant at Gili Sudak. (S8.72575 E116.02772)

The area was nice and the restaurant is just situated next to the beach. A simple timber style setup, but the attraction is the surrounding...

 photo IMG_3294_zps3ce99679.jpg

 photo IMG_3293_zps35b40e1d.jpg

Once we settled with everyone bags and belonging, we started to snapped around...the BBQ of tropical colourful parrot fish became our main attraction!

 photo IMG_3279_zpsb7d2fdaa.jpg

 photo IMG_3281_zps2dad46cc.jpg

Everyone was busy taking photos with the fish...rarely have a chance to see the process of the BBQ parrot fish...

 photo IMG_3284_zpsa5bb80af.jpg
BBQ parrot fish at Nirvana Beach Restaurant

 photo IMG_3283_zpsb2f0e0c4.jpg

 photo IMG_3289_zpsea530f1c.jpg

Our fellow tour mate - Sock Peng (http://mylovelybluesky.com/) was helping the BBQ preparation...haha!

While waiting for the lunch to be serve, the corns soup was ready for everyone in the restaurant. All of us can't wait to try out the Lombok food at the restaurant...actually, we were starving...:)

 photo IMG_3308_zps60e664fe.jpg
Corns soup offer by Nirvana Beach restaurant

 photo IMG_3298_zps2230fee7.jpg

Before we finish the soup, other delicacies like veggies and toufu were ready at the serving counter...

 photo Tile1_zpsb337b90c.jpg

Then followed by the BBQ fish...

 photo IMG_3312_zps05764e39.jpg
BBQ parrot fish

 photo IMG_3310_zpsd1c6d613.jpg

For every dishes we chose, don't forget to taste some of their magic cut chili, which was super hot! I like it very much!

 photo IMG_3306_zps415bb877.jpg
The cut chili and local sambal

One fish for one person (or more).
All of us enjoyed each of the BBQ parrot fish and some of us took 2...the fish was fresh and I believe only BBQ with a little salt which made perfect of the taste!

 photo IMG_3315_zps861f70f7.jpg

 photo IMG_3316_zps39096615.jpg

End up, I couldn't resist myself to had another BBQ parrot fish...oh! it was excellent!

We took more than 2 hours to enjoyed the scene and our fabulous lunch along the beach of Gili Sudak, it was a unforgettable experience, especially with the friendly staffs in the restaurant.
Recommended for the first time visitor to Lombok island!

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Location map of Gili Sudak (island) at Lombok island.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Snorkeling and having fun at Gili Nanggu (island) in Lombok, Indonesia

Gili Nanggu (S8.71957 E116.00938) is one of the beautiful island located at southwest of Lombok island. 'Gili' is means island in the local. After 20 minutes ferry ride, we reached the paradise island with the super clear water! Very excited!

 photo IMG_3271_zps7b784ff8.jpg
Jetty of Gili Nanggu

The weather was cloudy and was good for snorkeling...but not good for photography, too bad...

 photo IMG_3258_zps424c1c5d.jpg
Crystal clear water of Nanggu island

Not wasting any minute, everyone started their own activities...some went for snorkeling, photography and other activities...
Some of our tour mates not forgot to taking photos with the youngest boat boy who brought us the island.

 photo IMG_3241_zps88b9fda0.jpg
Photograph with the youngest boat 'boy'

 photo IMG_3242_zpsf58cca7f.jpg

Our guide - Pak Uji started to gave snorkeling briefing to those who want to enjoy snorkeling around the island.

 photo IMG_3222_zpsbe61fd3c.jpg
Pak Uji and the beauties!

 photo IMG_3227_zps18c4788f.jpg

 photo IMG_3228_zpsca2d9b59.jpg
Everyone had their nice pose before getting wet...

The best part of snorkeling in Gili Nanggu was, we no need to swim far away from the island, you can really enjoy the corals and the colorful tropical fish approximately around 10 meter from the beach.
This was Great!

 photo IMG_3236_zps223f1227.jpg

You can see from the photo above that our snorkeling activities was only nearby the beach. This proved that the area is really unpolluted.

I was enjoyed my walk around the island for photo taking, the jetty was my favorite place of the island.

 photo IMG_3266_zps35503e9c.jpg
Part of the jetty

 photo IMG_3256_zps1ba97c0d.jpg

The lovely couple having their own sweet time strolling on the beach...spotted female photographer action at the jetty...and pretty lady relaxing on the jetty...bread feeding for the fishes around...beside that, there were still many many more that I missed the shoot...

 photo IMG_3269_zpsc4744b74.jpg

 photo IMG_3264_zpsfd307afd.jpg

 photo IMG_3252_zps00a72829.jpg

 photo IMG_3247_zps2237e85d.jpg

We spend almost 4 blissful hours at Gili Nanggu and proceed to the next island - Gili Sudak for our late lunch...

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Location map of Gili Nanggu (island) in Lombok