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Sunday, March 30, 2014

The nameless Kulaijaya (formerly known as Kulai) main road Chicken Chop stall

The Kulaijaya Main Road Chicken Chop stall (N1.66207 E103.60152) is famous around the area and many of the local grew together with the chicken chop, located along the main road and next to the Kulaijaya Centre Point Building. It has more than 30 years history and the son of the stall owner is helping his father nowadays...positively will be pass over to his next generation soon in the future.

 photo IMG_9722_zpsa6646484.jpg
Kulaijaya Chicken Chop stall

The stall is open on 8pm everyday, and we were quite early that evening...watching they setup the stall and everything...
Once everything ready, their son continue to take order from the customers...

 photo IMG_9725_zpsad2e2633.jpg

After look at the simple and easy understand menu, we just ordered the popular chicken chop with the additional egg and sausage.

 photo IMG_9724_zps273ebcc5.jpg

It took a moment to served on our table...the simple and yet popular in Kulaijaya Main Road Chicken Chop.

 photo IMG_9727_zps5ddfcbe2.jpg
The Kulaijaya Chicken Chop

The simple chicken chop filled with nice aroma, served with deep fried chicken, fries, baked beans, sausage, soft boiled egg and cucumbers.
It was really 'simple'.

 photo IMG_9726_zps0e67a57d.jpg

It was crispy on the outer skin and succulent inside. The chicken was just nice, moist and not over cooked. The other side dish also not bad at all. Anyway, with the reasonable price of the chicken chop, we didn't set a high expectation for it but the dish served on table was unexpectedly good!

 photo IMG_9728_zps4d624312.jpg

The chicken chop above cost less than RM12, very filling.
It's simple and nice meal if you really looking for the fast and traditional chicken chop around the Kulaijaya area during the evening. It wasn't heavenly good and value for money.

I just simply like the traditional way of setting and admired the long history of the stall, I will be back again whenever I need a quick bite.

 photo IMG_9729_zpsd52db49f.jpg
The soft boiled egg served together with the chicken chop

The Kulaijaya Main Road Chicken Chop Stall
Jalan Besar (Main Road),
Kulaijaya, Johor.
Business hour : 8pm - 12am
Rest on every Monday

The location map of the Kulaijaya Chicken Chop Stall

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Nyonya Treats Restaurant at Taman Perling, Johor Bahru.

Nyonya Treats Restaurant (N1.48338 E103.68017) is located along Jalan Simbang of Taman Perling, diagonally opposite the Pizza Hut of Tmn Perling. It's about 15KM from Causeway and 25KM from Second Link.

 photo IMG_2284_zps46c4dd15.jpg
Nyonya Treats Restaurant at Taman Perling.

The restaurant has a nice decor and cozy ambience, but limited seating area. It's advise to make a reservation if you going to dine in during weekend evening.

While we stepped into the restaurant just like a time portal, the retro design with the touch of Peranakan atmosphere is a reminiscent of those golden days. The restaurant is fully air-conditioned and is a good place for family dining and friends gathering.

 photo IMG_2265_zps075f3b39.jpg
Nice decoration of Nyonya Treats Restaurant

 photo IMG_2266_zps27d727f2.jpg
Another view of the Nyonya restaurant

We (total of 3 families) visited the restaurant on one of the Saturday evening and let me share with you the delicious foods we had in the restaurant. We ordered three types of fish, three types of veggie and others.

1)  Nyonya Assam Fish
2)  Nyonya Fish Head Curry
3)  Deep Fried Slice of Fish with ginger and garlic
4)  Nyonya Chap Chai (Mixed vegetables)
5)  Sambal Petai (bitter or stink bean)
6)  Stir Fried Long Bean with Prawns
7)  Cincalok Omelette
8)  Chicken Pongteh

The above dishes were catered for 6 adults and 3 children.

 photo IMG_2271_zpsc11fda37.jpg
Nyonya Assam Fish

The Nyonya Assam fish taste sour and spicy, and the sourish and spicy level were balanced and satisfied. The portion was just nice and not over served.

 photo IMG_2296_zps01d148b4.jpg
Clay pot fish head curry

As usual, the fish head curry served with piping hot and delicious! The flesh was flavorful and pleasingly firm, curry was rich really goes well with the plain rice, you shouldn't miss this if you are a curry lover.

 photo IMG_2298_zpscc5ba579.jpg
Deep Fried Slice of Fish with ginger and garlic

This was the dish specially for the children. The slice of deep fried fish served with dried ginger, garlic and bean paste. It was sweet with fragrance of the bean paste gravy. The children were happily enjoyed the fish till empty.

 photo IMG_2290_zps2cf2a682.jpg
Nyonya chap chai (mixed vegetables)

The Nyonya chap chai is one of the must order dish for every Nyonya restaurant we visit, the reason is because the dish is the Nyonya authentic homecook dish. The chap chai was well prepared and the taste was just perfect, but the portion was rather small...

 photo IMG_2289_zpsa57696b6.jpg
The sambal petai (stink bean)

The petai was fresh and the special made sambal went well with it. The sambal had a balanced sweet and spicy taste that made us can't stop enjoying it.

 photo IMG_2276_zpsf3a0604b.jpg
Stir fried long bean with prawns

This dish is not really a Nyonya dish, it's available easily at most of the Chinese restaurant within Malaysia. The long bean was not overly fried, provided some crunchy bites and the prawns were fresh!

 photo IMG_2279_zps78001866.jpg
Cincalok omelette

This is another dish we will order while visiting a Nyonya restaurant. The Cincalok omelette was served with nice fragrance and taste just nice, not salty at all. The children had it happily.

 photo IMG_2287_zps3d776d6f.jpg
Ayam Pongteh (chicken)

The Ayam Pongteh is an authentic dish from Baba Nyonya, we won't miss to enjoy this meal on every Nyonya restaurant we visited within Malaysia. And in Nyonya Treats Restaurant, the chicken was well prepared and cooked to perfection. The meats were tender and easily drop from bone while you bite on it. The dish is cook with bean paste and potatoes, it had the strong taste of the sweet bean paste in the chicken...

 photo IMG_2268_zps0ba8948b.jpg
Ayam Pongteh (chicken)

Nyonya Treats Restaurant serve varieties of Nyonya foods, and the above dishes we tried were satisfied. Beside, the prices also reasonable. The total bill for the savory dishes we had was around RM180.00 included drinks (for 6 adults and 3 children).

It is a another good restaurant to having a nice Nyonya food within Johor Bahru area, we having our dinner there after the children's fun from the Legoland. It's another good choice for those who want to dine in after the whole day activities at the Theme Park.

Do drop by the restaurant if you happen to be around at Taman Perling, and I believe you will like it even you are not the fan of Nyonya food. :)

Nyonya Treats Restaurant
280, Jalan Simbang, Taman Perling.
Tel : +6012-7692934 (Ms Jessica Chun)
Business hour : 11.30am - 3pm, 5pm - 9.30pm (Close on Monday)

Location map of Nyonya Treats Restaurant at Taman Perling, Johor Bahru.

Saturday, March 08, 2014

The Little Big Club in Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park at Nusajaya, Johor.

The Little Big Club in Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park is located beside Puteri Harbour and Traders Hotel Nusajaya, Johor. The theme park is open for public since few years ago, and only until now we had a chance to visit it.
We decided to visit The Little Big Club instead of Sanrio Hello Kitty Town because of my daughter prefer Barney than Hello Kitty. Anyway, it's very much depends on the children...and this theme park is 100% design for children. :)

 photo IMG_2245_zps6801e16c.jpg
The Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park, Nusajaya - Johor.

The Little Big Club is located on the 2nd and 3rd floor in the Theme Park building. As for the ticket price, you can refer to their official website for time-to-time promotion.
Once you get your 'ring', we proceeded to the entrance of the park...

 photo IMG_2248_zpse423996a.jpg
The 3 lovely and friendly ladies at the entrance to the park

Once we stepped in, the joyful laughter if the children were filled up every corner of the area...

 photo IMG_2116_zpsb4da9259.jpg

The children big playground mostly is located at the 2nd floor, you can see the children running in and out every where in the playground. And the performing stage also located at the 2nd floor, the interval for the shows are about every hour, don't forget to get a copy of the shows time table at the entrance!

 photo IMG_2130_zps26fd0a07.jpg
One of the show just started when we stepped in...it was the Thomas the Train

There's also a cafe at the 2nd floor, where the parents can rest and relax while their children having their fun time in the park...

 photo IMG_2119_zps756259a4.jpg
The cafe below the escalator...

 photo IMG_2125_zps9b1e840f.jpg
The Barney's house is at the right of the entrance...

After an hour at the 2nd floor, we proceed to 3rd floor...

 photo IMG_2194_zps935a2982.jpg

All the rides are located at the 3rd floor of The Little Big Club...

 photo IMG_2251_zps13b6f202.jpg
Overview of the 3rd floor of The Little Big Club, Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park

Let me show the rides one-by-one...

 photo IMG_2173_zps89baef77.jpg
The Knapford Station

It's also the Thomas Train ride, beside that there's another huge children playground in the Knapford Station...

 photo IMG_2191_zps10c0885a.jpg
The Train of Thomas and Friends

 photo IMG_2216_zpsd4746e8f.jpg
One of the slide for the playground in the Knapford Station

 photo IMG_2170_zps18b2ef95.jpg
Bertie The Bus

 photo IMG_2165_zps8ff78c5a.jpg
The Bang Bang Car

 photo IMG_2156_zps7dc1da9f.jpg
Harold's Helitours

 photo IMG_2222_zps94fcfc86.jpg
Colin's Crane Drop

Follow by a row of cafes and restaurants...

 photo IMG_2163_zps38b47012.jpg
The cafes and restaurants available at the 3rd floor

After the cafes, next will be the Wellsworth Station. Which was maybe an office for their stuffs or others...

 photo IMG_2219_zps32aa4f68.jpg

The last ride at the 3rd floor is the Windmill.

 photo IMG_2180_zps37b7b677.jpg

We watched most of the show (2nd floor) in the Theme Park, it was really fun and the children were really happy when they saw their childhood idols came up to the stage...

 photo IMG_2135_zps44a09f33.jpg
The show on the stage

 photo IMG_2149_zps93988653.jpg
The children dance together with their favorite characters!

And the most welcome - Barney and friends!

 photo IMG_2199_zps5eb9ab9e.jpg

 photo IMG_2205_zps7dac39d1.jpg
The game within Barney and the children

We spent almost 4-5 hours there until the theme park close at 6pm, the last show on stage was all the superstar! And I heard the children streaming too! Haha!

 photo IMG_2255_zpsb82921b9.jpg

After the last show, you can take photos with your favorite characters one-by-one with your own camera and also their professional photographer in the theme park. But...it was only limited time, be hurry if you want to take photo with all the favorite characters in The Little Big Club.

It's really a good theme park for family and children (age 3-12), where you can see the joyful moment and the non-stop laughter all the time! It was a priceless moment to me and my family! Worth the ticket prices!

 photo IMG_2237_zps475abdfb.jpg
The Traders Hotel is located just next to the Family Theme Park

Unless the children do not know the characters in the theme park, or else they will be very happy and enjoy themselves! Some of my friends asked me about the park...actually I shouldn't be the one to rate the park, let the children do the talking! And their laughter in the park already proved how good the park is...

The last session while we exit the park, the route guide us through a souvenirs centre where you can buy all kinds of toys for your children.

 photo IMG_2112_zpsa34996a9.jpg
Entrance to the Sanrio Hello Kitty Town

It's also a nice place for weekend city escape from Johor Bahru, the traveling time from JB city to the theme park is only around 30-40 minutes. For more info and ticket price, please refer from their official website (the URL below).

Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park
Puteri Harbour, Nusajaya, Johor.
Operating hour : 10am - 6pm Mon - Sun (daily)
Official website : http://www.playtime.com.my/

Location map of Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park