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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Fat Cow Burger at Sun City of Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru.

Burger known as a fast food in most of the country, include in Malaysia. It is widely available at the street side stall of many of the fast food restaurant locally. Actually, it's nothing to shout about and even 3 years old kid also know the taste of burger...

Recently, there's a fast food restaurant which sell only burger as their main course started in Johor Bahru, and it catch my attention immediately. One of the day, company with few friends, we decided to have a try on their 'burger'.

Fat Cow Burger (N1.47653 E103.76856) is situated at the end of the ground floor of Sun City (as known as Plaza Mentari) in Taman Pelangi. The restaurant is easy to locate because it just diagonally opposite the CIMB Bank of Jalan Kuning, Taman Pelangi.

 photo Fatcow1_zpsf38d8ffb.jpg
Entrance of Fat Cow Burger

 photo Fatcow2_zps373838d5.jpg

The environment was cooling and 'green'. I like the artificial grass that they decorated on the wall...

 photo IMG_3823_zps0c4d5471.jpg

It's quite and spacious too, unlike those popular fast food restaurant where always crowded during lunch time.

 photo IMG_3824_zpsa05374a2.jpg

The spacious environment of Fat Cow Burger...(free Wi-Fi available)

 photo IMG_3822_zpsadc060ea.jpg

Their menu was clearly 'written' on the wall...total of 15 different types of burger available. Mainly on chicken and beef.

 photo IMG_3825_zps6ede66be.jpg

Our foods served on table pretty fast, and all of us 'surprised' by the sizes and the portions of the burgers!

- Spicy crispy chicken and cheese, serve with homemade thousand island sauce.

 photo IMG_3821_zps825e0065.jpg
Moowaiian burger

 photo IMG_3843_zps8fd37672.jpg

 photo IMG_3845_zps8dd79167.jpg

- Grilled chicken patty with crispy sliced chicken and cheese.

 photo IMG_3819_zps072a768e.jpg
Wagamama burger

 photo IMG_3846_zps564eccf4.jpg

- Crispy fried chicken, cheese, mayo and lettuce.

 photo IMG_3817_zps4246d649.jpg
Matado burger

 photo IMG_3857_zps75eec7c0.jpg

Fat moo moo
- Juicy beef patty, cheese, BBQ pulled beef, onion string.

 photo IMG_3815_zps5f448f8f.jpg
Fat moo moo burger

Fat Cow Palace
- Double beef patties, crispy chicken, deep fried onion, Parmesan cheese.

 photo IMG_3812_zpse93d97fe.jpg
Fat cow palace burger

 photo IMG_3848_zpsce7ae283.jpg

 photo IMG_3849_zps2d7638d7.jpg

All the burgers served with the very special charcoal bun, which look like normal on the outside and charcoal inside...

 photo IMG_3844_zps5da0c9fd.jpg

The taste was excellent! I tried all types of burgers on our table and I like their own recipe sauce and especially the fluffy bun! All the chicken and beef patties were really juicy, not too dry. By looking at the photos above, I believe you can feel the juiciness of every patty...
Among all, I love the Fat Cow Palace burger, suit my taste bud very much!

And not forgetting to enjoy the burger by your hands, that's the best way to savoring the yummy yet affordable burgers.The portion was tall and big, we were all overloaded, it definitely satisfy everyone even for those big eater.

According to the owner, they made their own patty, toasted bun and many other sauces. Totally a new experience for us by enjoying the perfect burger in town!

As for the standard serve, you can also option to add on like beef patty, mix forest mushroom, cheese, caramelised onion and others.

Beside their main course burgers, they do have 7 types of side dish. So we tried their chicken wings.

 photo IMG_3838_zps37c39e8d.jpg
Fat Cow chicken wings

 photo IMG_3842_zps6f5e3bb8.jpg

The sauce of the chicken wings had the unique taste, it was special! Another thumbs up!

Appreciated the creativeness by the chef who changed the 'public impression of the burger' and I will be going back for more to try out other burger available in the restaurant!

*  All burgers available in reasonable price.

Fat Cow Burger Taman Pelangi
G-09, Blok A, Plaza Mentari (Sun City), 
Jalan Kuning, Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru
Tel : +607-3310934
GPS coordinates : (N1.47653 E103.76856)

Location map of Fat Cow burger at Sun City, Taman Pelangi - Johor Bahru.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Pulau Ketam fresh seafood Steamboat at TUTA, Skudai, Johor Bahru.

Every year when come to the raining season, most of us like to choose steamboat for dinner during the cold evening. Everyone will be gather around the steamboat pot and keep warm...actually I like the special moment...

Recently, there is a newly open seafood steamboat restaurant located at the intersection of Jalan Temenggong 10 and Jalan Hulubalang 1 of Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, with the name of 'Pulau Ketam Steamboat Restaurant'. (N1.50904 E103.65284)

 photo IMG_3728_zpsb1f35b2c.jpg
Pulau Ketam Seafood Steamboat Restaurant

The restaurant has a simple setting, clean and well ventilated environment. You can have choices of indoor or outdoor dining area...

 photo IMG_3726_zpsef328fd1.jpg

 photo IMG_3723_zps399d7d3c.jpg
The indoor dining area

 photo IMG_3724_zps86771ff1.jpg
Outdoor dining area

The staffs and the owner - Mr John were friendly and helpful. Our steamboat served on table pretty fast.
Their delicious chicken broth is prepared by few types of fresh ingredients and also one of the main attraction for the diners. Beside, they do serve Tom-yum broth and both were well presented in the common 2 in 1 steamboat pot (widely available in JB area)

 photo IMG_3732_zpsba8b1565.jpg

They serve in minimum 2 persons package (RM35 for single type broth, RM37 for 2 types broth) and you can have a choice to taste only the side dishes (more than 40 types) without ordering the main package.

We ordered the 3 persons package, follow by the other fresh seafood...

3 persons package (photo taken from 3 different angles)

 photo IMG_3717_zpse94946e0.jpg
3 persons package

 photo IMG_3716_zps4b2e7ee9.jpg
3 persons package

 photo IMG_3715_zps4db49145.jpg
3 persons package

 photo IMG_3720_zps71418e76.jpg

And don't forget the fish noodles (must order!)

 photo IMG_3718_zpsff1f78c2.jpg
Fish noodles from Pulau Ketam seafood restaurant

Their fish noodles is made from a blend of rich fish paste, it's a nice to savour with the steaming soup. The fresh springy fish noodles was different from other restaurant that I tasted before, it was a new experience for me!

We had few types of their popular seafood, crabs (with roes and without), big scallops,  white pomfrets, mussels and fresh oysters. Beside seafood, we also tried their New Zealand beef slices and deep fried dumplings.

 photo IMG_3734_zps8e082e43.jpg
Crabs with roes

 photo IMG_3735_zpsb4038ccf.jpg

 photo IMG_3736_zps8275bde7.jpg

 photo IMG_3741_zps4a31bb26.jpg
White pomfrets

 photo IMG_3739_zps8482256e.jpg

 photo IMG_3748_zpsf3c4fc9d.jpg
Fresh oysters

 photo IMG_3746_zpsf06b5fa4.jpg
New Zealand beef slices

 photo IMG_3744_zps3856a488.jpg
Deep fried dumplings

We were really satisfied and convinced with the fresh seafood and the yummy broth! Not to mentioned the shabu-shabu beef slices and fried dumplings. It was a enjoyment having the steamboat in the raining evening, do you? (Yes, it's the local culture...)

According to the owner - Mr John, the fresh seafood and ingredients are ship 'daily' from Pulau Ketam to ensure the satisfaction for their customers taste bud.

It's good news for the steamboat fans to have another choice in Johor Bahru area. Have you try it before?

 photo IMG_3731_zps4890162e.jpg

Pulau Ketam Seafood Steamboat Restaurant
33, Jalan Temenggong 10,
Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, 81300 Johor Bahru.
Business hour: 4pm-12am Daily
Contact number: 016-7451 599 (John)
GPS coordinates - (N1.50904 E103.65284)

Location map of Pulau Ketam Steamboat Restaurant at TUTA, Johor Bahru.

Sunday, November 02, 2014

The Grill Bar Steakhouse at Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru.

The Grill Bar Steak House (N1.48086 E103.77347) is located along Jalan Sri Pelangi of Taman Pelangi. Which is few shops from the 7-Eleven convenient store. The restaurant is well known with their steak, quality ingredients and premium western cuisines.

 photo IMG_3654_zps5b88a91b.jpg
The Grill Bar Steakhouse

I was fortunate being invited for food  sampling on one of the evening at Grill Bar. Once stepped into the restaurant, I been attracted by the American deco...beside that, there were also many photograph about biker. And yes, the owner and Chef - Mr Gary was a biker and had traveled numerous trips with his group.

Basically, the restaurant has divided into 4 dining sessions, you can choose your preference area...

 photo IMG_3656_zpsdbf9a401.jpg

 photo IMG_3650_zpsd4727fae.jpg

 photo IMG_3652_zpsfb4ca88f.jpg

 photo IMG_3649_zpsad837e63.jpg

And the last corner was the dining area for us, which I didn't snap the photo...

After the introducing to each other and chit-chating, the delicious cuisines served on our table...

The starter platter...

 photo IMG_3577_zps5b4133cf.jpg

The platter consisted by Lobster Bisque Soup, Wild Truffle Mushroom Soup, Bacon & Basil Tomato Chowder, Garlic Bread, Organic Pumpkin Chips, Mini Beef or Lamb Bagel.

 photo IMG_3579_zps24d7e5e3.jpg
The organic pumpkin chips

 photo IMG_3584_zpsaa51d0f7.jpg
Mini Beef or Lamb Bagel

All the starter taste above average, I like the mini beef bagel very much! Yeah...I'm the meat eater. Among all the soup, I like the pure wild truffle mushroom soup, the soup was thick with generous of mushroom...but that depends on individual taste bud, you have to taste it yourself. :)

Onion Blossom (2nd appetizer)

 photo IMG_3581_zpsaba8fbfa.jpg
Onion blossom - signature dish of Grill Bar Steakhouse

 photo IMG_3582_zps906fbb10.jpg

This Onion blossom was awesome! It's the popular signature dish of the restaurant, you cannot miss this if you are visit Grill Bar. All the onion were fried equally, crunchy and juicy sweet inside, especially when you dip with the salad sauce, that make the perfect bite.

First main course of the night - Grilled Australia Black Angus Tenderloin.

 photo IMG_3597_zps0fd99f92.jpg
Grilled Australia Black Angus Tenderloin

 photo IMG_3594_zps4fa0ec95.jpg

 photo IMG_3622_zpsfceae274.jpg

The tenderloin was served with mini mushroom side dish and with the medium doneness. Perfect grilled and the tender inside, portion was big enough for big eater. I will be back to another medium rare doneness, the imported Black Angus was excellent!

Grilled New Zealand lamb tenderloin

 photo IMG_3607_zps25953809.jpg
Grilled New Zealand lamb tenderloin from Grill Bar

 photo IMG_3600_zpsc4f7d557.jpg

 photo IMG_3602_zpsbc33b5b9.jpg

The lamb tenderloin was served in medium doneness and not gamy at all, compare with other lamb. This will really suitable for those customer who's afraid of the smell. This was one of the popular dish on the night, because it finish in less than 5 minutes...:)
I like the aromatic charcoal grilled with the tender and succulent meat, recommended.

Norwegian Silver Codfish

 photo IMG_3615_zps1ac82470.jpg
Norwegian Silver Codfish

 photo IMG_3619_zps8d028ad7.jpg

The codfish had a nice aromatic outer skin and juicy inside. The total experience of having this dish was perfect! Chef Gary emphasized that they prepared the dish by using the tail of the fish to get the perfect taste with less oily.
The price of the codfish is base on RM12/oz.

 photo IMG_3621_zps0fc5afa4.jpg
Succulent and juicy inside

Country pesto chicken

I like this chicken very much!

 photo IMG_3611_zps4a9fb202.jpg
Country pesto chicken

The roasted chicken roll was fragrant and crispy on the outer skin and remain the moist of the meat, and stuffed duck bacon and cheese were the best combination of the chicken.
I love it very much!

 photo IMG_3613_zps2911e1c4.jpg
Fragrant and crispy outer skin of the Country pesto chicken

After the delicious main course, few desserts were served on our table...

Hot chocolate lava
Spongy cake with dark chocolate company with a vanilla ice cream.

 photo IMG_3632_zps2f75b324.jpg
Hot chocolate lava

 photo IMG_3633_zpsc6ea020c.jpg

Chocolate Brownie with Caramelized Banana

 photo IMG_3640_zpsfa9c2e9d.jpg
Chocolate Brownie with Caramelized Banana

Belgium Waffle
Nice combination of the vanilla and dark chocolate.

 photo IMG_3638_zpsf4991534.jpg
Belgium Waffle

Creme Brulee
Nicely presented by Grilled Bar.

 photo IMG_3636_zpsbcd2a7dc.jpg
Creme Brulee

Chef Gary was very kind to explained on the proper way to enjoy the Creme Brulee by not messed up the hard caramel and the rich custard base. Thanks Gary!

Apple Crumble

 photo IMG_3641_zps91bf14a2.jpg
Apple Crumble

I was impressed by this dessert. The caramelized apple slices was served hot, and it was a perfect match with the home-made biscuit.

 photo IMG_3644_zpsc24931b9.jpg
The caramelized apple and the home-made biscuit of the Apple Crumble

All the desserts were not overly sweet, which became the standard in our society today because of the health conscious of every customer. I gave two thumbs up for the above starter, main course and desserts which served by Grill Bar!

 photo IMG_3647_zpsc43af025.jpg
The common practice today, snap before eat...

The Grill Bar provided the good and friendly service with the quality food to ensure their customers satisfaction, said Chef Gary (owner). And he was humbly gave the credit to his 'team', especially the young chef and Ms Willow, because he claimed that the restaurant's reputation will be base on the them, not on individual alone. I was convinced.

 photo IMG_3672_zps95f50f7e.jpg

Grilled Bar is listed in one of my favorite western food restaurant in Johor Bahru, have you visit the restaurant before?

Grill Bar Steakhouse
202, Jalan Sri Pelangi,
Taman Pelangi,
80400 Johor Bahru
Business hour : Weekdays: 12 am - 3 pm | 5:00 pm- 10:30 pm
Weekends:  12 am - 10:30 pm
(Closed on Tuesday)
GPS coordinates : N1.48086 E103.77347

Location map for The Grilled Bar Steakhouse at Tmn Pelangi, Johor Bahru.