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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Discovered another beautiful beach at south Lombok island - Mawun beach.

Mawun beach (S8.90072 E116.22682) is located approximately 10km from Selong Belanak beach and the journey was only took 20 minutes from the previous location. The sandy white beach stretch about 1.5km, the sands are very fine and soft...it took around 15-20 minutes to stroll from point to point. The emerald lagoon is protected by two rocky headlands, and made the calm and peaceful water of the beach.

 photo IMG_2968_zps9ff790f3.jpg
Mawun beach and our tour mates

The beach was not crowded at all, it was so relax while laying on the beach. The crystal clear water really made us want to jump into the sea immediately! Too bad we didn't prepare for the swim, it was a miss!

 photo IMG_2972_zpsc32c1da3.jpg

I found the right view of the beach look better maybe just because of the company of the rocky mountain...

 photo IMG_2976_zps32e09ac4.jpg
The right view of Mawun beach

 photo IMG_2971_zpse59247c2.jpg

There were group of women selling souvenirs over there, but they were friendly and not really hard sell type...

 photo IMG_2974_zps0229c93d.jpg

There is no resort or hotel in the vicinity, the closer resorts you can get are from Kuta beach, Lombok.
Due to everyone was hungry, we left the beach after laying around for 20 minutes...and heading to the restaurant in our itinerary...

 photo IMG_2982_zps72ed9b82.jpg
Cynthia and Hui Ying (Lombok tour mates)

Next destination will be our first meal in Lombok - Ashtari restaurant and longe...

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Location map of Mawun beach of south Lombok island, Indonesia.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Unexplored Selong Belanak beach at Sempiak Villa, Lombok island - Indonesia

From the Lombok International Airport to Selong Belanak beach (S8.87085 E116.16253) is approximately 25km, and the journey take around 30 - 45 minutes depends on the road condition.

The ride was similar with the previous, and pass through paddies fields, winding roads, villages and tobacco farms. At certain area, the road was bumpy and steep...
Less than 20 minutes from the previous photo taking spot, our van reached Sempiak Villa entrance, as Pak Uji said, we have to go through this villa to the beach. Sempiak Villa is the only star rated resort at the South of Lombok, according to him.

The entrance is free, but we had to paid the parking fee to the resort, Rp.3000 if I'm not mistaken. Everyone was excitedly got down from the van and walked towards the beach...

 photo IMG_2944_zpsaa53a5bf.jpg
The Airasia FAM Media team

Due to limited time, I didn't take any photo of the Villa...too bad because it was a beautiful resort...

The beach is just about 50 meter away from the Villa, and I was shocked by the unspoilt, amazing white sandy beach appeared in front of us!

 photo IMG_20140712_123608R_zps80505f6e.jpg
Selong Belanak beach of Lombok island

The area is still relatively untouched by tourists, it's also consider a 'hidden gem' of Lombok. Selong belanak is a beautiful bay with white sandy beach enveloped by a lush green surrounded hills. The water is crystal clear and the whole area was clean and quiet.
Even the beach is gaining popularity day-by-day, but its still well maintain and I remember no rubbish around...

The merciless sun on that day was killing, some of us were hiding under the trees...but some were running around the beach...

 photo IMG_2961_zps3fb7e72d.jpg

Selong Belanak beach is also a perfect place for practice surfing in Lombok. Due to the geography location and the sloping beach, the wave is not too strong and perfect for new learner.

 photo IMG_2948_zps28a92ccf.jpg

It was a relax and fun watched those surfers paddle out into the bay...

 photo IMG_2947_zps34c29be7.jpg
The boy in action!

We took about 30 minutes around the beach, some of us running around to captured their best photo of the beach and some were sitting under the cooling area admiring the beautiful beach.

 photo IMG_2959_zpsb9f5a0d3.jpg

We left the Selong Belanak beach and the journey continue to the next beautiful - Mawun beach.

 photo IMG_2964_zps40de0138.jpg
The small dried forest along our journey...

I will be back to the beach and hopefully the Villa will be available for my next visit.

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Location map of Selong Belanak beach at the south of Lombok island - Indonesia.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Photo taking point 1 before Selong Belanak beach, Lombok Island

Since the Lombok International Airport is located almost the south of Lombok island, we started our journey to the attractions at the south island before check-in to the resort which is at the north west of the island.

Our first destination was Selong Belanak beach, that will be approximately 22KM travel from the airport. Along the way, with the winding roads, villages, and we passed by this tobacco farm (S8.81711 E116.21746). According to Pak Uji, Lombok island is the biggest tobacco supply to the whole Indonesia market.

 photo IMG_20140712_110446R_zpsbbe9bda9.jpg
Tobacco farm of Lombok island

Before we reach the beach, suddenly everyone in the car surprised with the stunning view ahead of us! The driver (Pak Zaki) was very kind, and he stopped at one of the photo taking point (S8.85585 E116.17915) (small hill) to let us satisfied with our cameras...

 photo IMG_2933_zps884937ba.jpg

Everyone out from the vehicle without hesitation! It was a very nice spot where surrounded by the beautiful scenery. The place was close to the beach, which about less than 3km from Selong Belanak beach.

 photo IMG_2922_zps7e627379.jpg
Selong Belanak from far view

The first scene which attracted me was the 'blue' colour of the sea, accompany with the total blue sky separated by the horizon. The total scenery painted a beautiful picture just in front of us! Amazing!

 photo IMG_2926_zpsed3f2988.jpg
The scenery behind us...

Don't miss out the scenery behind the small hill where we stand, by looking at the mountains and blue sky, we felt the dryness of the island. Can you feel it too?

 photo IMG_2929_zpsafddc613.jpg

30 minutes later, everyone satisfied with their photos, our tour continued...
Initially I thought the place was quite deserted until we saw others visitors keep coming in...it should be a hot spot area!

 photo IMG_2941_zps2a299975.jpg
Another group of visitor riding on the bike to the small hill...

We continued the journey for another 3.2km to the beach....

 photo IMG_2934_zps41690a35.jpg

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