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Sunday, July 06, 2014

Flame's Kitchen Western Food Restaurant at Bandar Jaya Putra, Johor Bahru

Flame's Kitchen Restaurant (N1.57412 E103.77755) is located at Bandar Putra Jaya (previously known as JP Perdana) of Johor Bahru. The restaurant is make use of the previous show house from the developer, it was a double storey semi-detach house, and has a wide garden area on the side, the owner of Flame's Kitchen had renovated and changed it to beautiful and comfort restaurant.

Flame's Kitchen Restaurant

The restaurant has a amber private parking area which situated at the backyard of the restaurant.

Parking area of Flame's Kitchen restaurant

The special designed signage is nice and I like the reflection from the water which look like the real burning flame!

The burning flame underneath the water...

It has a cozy environment, comfort, relax and rather unique because of converted from the residential house, and surrounded with a small garden.
There are indoor and outdoor area, if the weather is not too warm, I prefer to dine at the outdoor with the company of nature...

The indoor air-conditioning dining area

The outdoor dining area, with the touch of nature

The bar counter is well decorated with all the colourful lightings...

The bar counter of Flame's Kitchen restaurant

The restaurant also serve alcohol with variety of draught beers...

We visited with a group of 8 adults and 4 children. The dishes we had as below...

Before the main course serve, we had their popular appetizer - Crab meat bruschetta.
Chopped fresh tomatoes with garlic, basil & olive oil mixed with crab meats, accompanied with toasted garlic breads. This traditional Italian dish served as a great appetizer before our dinner.

Crab meat bruschetta

As for the children, they had their mushroom soup and garlic bread...

Mushroom soup and garlic bread

Our main course served on table about 15 minutes, it was pretty fast...

Seafood Marinara Futtuccini

Rich, creamy and served with big prawns and oysters. The rich cheesy taste good, but it might not suitable for those who unlike the creamy setting.

All the main course from Flame's Kitchen restaurant serve together with the one of the choices of 10 side dish :-
*  Garlic bread
*  Garlic rice
*  Baked bean
*  Egg mayo
*  Macaroni cheese
*  French fries
*  Onion rings
*  Mashed potatoes
*  Grilled Asparagus (1pc)
*  Grilled mushroom
Please select your favorite...

We had 2 Cujun Rub Salmon Fillet with different side dish...

Cajun Rub Salmon Fillet with mashed potatoes

Cajun Rub Salmon Fillet with garlic rice

Garlic rice (side dish)

The both fillets were well marinated, fresh and good. The garlic rice can be better if slightly moist.

2 different type of chicken chop below, both served in 300g...
Spicy Pastrami Chicken leg chop - paprika marinated 
Wal-lic chicken leg chop - roasted walnuts and garlics

Spicy Pastrami Chicken leg chop served with the side dish - mashed potatoes

The chicken chop was yummy with a slight of spicy taste, it was juicy and the portion (300g) was big enough for a big eater.

Wal-lic chicken leg chop

Onion rings (side dish)

As for the above Wal-lic chicken chop, prefer more moist for a better bite (my personal preference), but the children like it very much! Especially the onion rings.

Follow by the Mum marinated pork belly.
The pork belly was fat, oily with the Chinese style marinated (it's stated on the menu), Oh! I like the oily part very much! Delicious!

Mum marinated pork belly served with onion rings - side dish

Not everyone will like this dish above because of the oily fat from the pork, especially those on diet...but, we all love it just because of the fragrance fat which melted in our mouth!

The last dish was on the Charcoal grill session - Cumin grilled large squid.

Cumin grilled large squid

This charcoal grilled squid is one of the popular dish from the restaurant. The taste of the charcoal grilled which spread into your mouth while on the first bite of the squid was great! I tried the first piece without the lemon and with the lemon on the following...like both either!
It was a tasty grilled squid we will definitely come back for more!

Each of the main course will served together with a small bowl of fruits salad, I like this concept...where you can enjoy it before and after the meal...

The fruit salad which serve with every main course

Beside that, I like the crispy type tibits which served with one of the dish. Too bad forgot to ask the name of it...

The crispy tibits which shaped like strings

After we finished our meal, there was a special sauce pasta (pipette rigatura) served on our table, the dish hasn't listed in the menu yet, presented on the house by the owner of the restaurant. The taste was marvelous!
We also fortunate to had the owner personal collection of the grilled pig skin as a tibits...that was Good!

The special sauce pasta (pipette rigatura)

The grilled pig skin

The price was reasonable with the big portion serving and the environment.

We were satisfied with the fabulous dinner provided by Flame's Kitchen restaurant, and definitely will be back to try out their other dishes!

The Flame

Flame's Kitchen restaurant
1A,2A Jalan Persiaran Jaya Putra 1, Bandar Jaya Putra, 
Johor Bahru.
Tel : 012-757 5292
Business hour : Mon - Fri: 5:00 pm - 12:00 am, 
Sat - Sun: 12:00 pm - 12:00 am

Location map of Flame's Kitchen restaurant at Bandar Jaya Putra, Johor Bahru.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

New series of yummy desserts at Lemon Tree Restaurant, Johor Bahru

The Sweet Moment dessert corner (N1.49135 E103.76201) is located in Lemon Tree Restaurant, Taman Melodies. The dessert corner is running by a young man - Mr Kevin Sio who provide many choices of dessert which suitable to all dessert lover in Johor Bahru.

I was fortunate enough being invited for the desserts sampling session on one of the evening, appreciated. You can view through the environment of the Lemon Tree restaurant from my previous post. The Sweet Moment corner is situated in their new expansion wing next door. The area is cozy and comfort to dine in. I like the retro ambience very much.

Before the series of desserts present on our table, we ordered a pizza to filled up the empty stomach before the desserts...

 photo IMG_2600_zpsd94295a4.jpg

Apologies for forgot the name of the pizza, but it was cheesy, crunchy on the edge and delicious!

 photo IMG_2603_zps8a323186.jpg

After the pizza, where everyone can't wait to see and taste of the desserts...Kevin Sio presented the first dessert of the evening - Matcha Tiramisu.

 photo IMG_2605_zpsf1431f42.jpg
Matcha Tiramisu

An utterly unique and delicious blend of flavors :-
- a layer of cheese cream,
- with a matcha powder -
- lady finger which dipped into sweet sake
- and a thin layer of chocolate cake at the bottom.

 photo IMG_2607_zps827a8e8f.jpg

Before we can finish enjoy the tiramisu, another attractive dessert presented on the table - Mousse Au Chocolate.

 photo IMG_2609_zpsda6e22cc.jpg
Mousse Au Chocolate

I said, this was a creative chocolate cake I ever taste! (even I'm not a dessert lover)
It had 4 different layer provided with 4 total different textures, you will be surprise in one of the unique layer which cannot described by words, you have to taste it yourself. The vanilla ice cream was just nice on the sugar level, not overly sweet.

 photo IMG_2612_zps3e1236b3.jpg
Mousse Au Chocolate

The third - Chili Padi Sorbet. (bird eye chili)

A lemon base sorbet mixed with slight taste of chili padi spiciness. I bet you can't imagine the taste even, the sorbet was not spicy at all, but with a humble chili padi flavor which will appear before the ice dissolve. Surprise!
You have a try it at least once, if you are a true dessert lover!

 photo IMG_2614_zps2e3f6586.jpg
Chili padi sorbet from the Sweet Moment

Forth - Chocolate cubes

 photo IMG_2620_zps48a1f7c7.jpg
Chocolate cubes

This plate of dessert served with a chocolate brownie in cube shape, a scope of vanilla ice scream (with some almonds) and a teaspoon of vanilla.

 photo IMG_2616_zps0dcaa5f2.jpg
The chocolate brownie

 photo IMG_2617_zpsdb964347.jpg
The vanilla

Before we can grab the chocolate cube, the vanilla has to pour slowly on to it. The taste went well with both of it.

 photo IMG_2623_zps3cc2b668.jpg
The excited moment...

 photo IMG_2622_zpsb2ed7bdf.jpg

The enjoyment of having the dessert was fabulous!

Beside the desserts above, The Sweet Moment also has other type of desserts available in the restaurant. All are serve with the healthy sugar level to comply with today taste, suitable from children to the seniors customers.

The Lemon Tree Restaurant is a nice place for lunch and dinner, even for a quick bite! I like the comfort environment with the friendly staffs, not to forget the humble boss - Mr Jeffery Bong. Most important, and everyone concern about it...is the bottom line - reasonable prices (I rather called it 'friendly prices').

 photo IMG_2627_zps5858ceea.jpg
The team on the evening

Specially thanks for Mr Kevin Sio (in black shirt) with his Art of Masterpiece! And appreciated for Mr Jeffery Bong (with checker T) who given this opportunity for us to enjoy the new series of dessert in Sweet Moment.

Sweet Moment Dessert Corner of
- Lemon Tree Restaurant
18, Jalan Bedara,
Taman Melodies, Johor Bahru.
Tel : +607-335 5688
Business hour : 12pm - 11pm (Close on Monday)
GPS Coordinates : N1.49135 E103.76201
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/KEV.SweetMoment

Location map of Sweet Moment of Lemon Tree Restaurant at Melodies Garden, Johor Bahru.

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Dabinlo 打甂炉 steamboat restaurant at Taman Gaya, Johor Bahru.

The Dabinlo Steamboat Restaurant 打甂炉 (N1.56867 E103.80215) is located along Jalan Sasa 5 of Taman Gaya. The restaurant started operation about 2 months ago and drew a good crowd every evening.  
Dabinlo Steamboat created the new concept for steamboat lover within the nearby area, where the whole restaurant is fully air-conditioning, clean and comfort environment. (you can view from the photos below)

 photo IMG_2558_zpsed7513f3.jpg
Dabinlo Steamboat Restaurant

The steamboat restaurant has a outdoor and indoor dining area...the clean and tidy setting really impressive!

 photo IMG_2556_zps0389f9c2.jpg
The outdoor dining area of Dabinlo steamboat restaurant

 photo IMG_2561_zps63e43eb9.jpg

Follow by the air-conditioning indoor dining area...

 photo IMG_2562_zpse2cc17b9.jpg
The indoor dining area of Dabinlo steamboat restaurant

 photo IMG_2569_zpsa2d5a541.jpg

Every diners have to choose their favorite sauces themselves at the counter. There are bird eyes chili, homemade chili sauce, sambal belacan, garlic and my favorite - peanut sesame sauce.

 photo IMG_2563_zpscb10587b.jpg
The counter for the sauces

 photo IMG_2566_zpsf0758869.jpg

The raw foods were served on our table pretty fast even it was full house on that evening, impressed with their services. The restaurant provide 3 types of soup which are chicken, tomyam and we chose the herbal soup.

The minimum order for every table will be the 2 persons set (RM38.80) which include the yellow noodles, vermicelli, eggs, veggie, tomatoes, taufu, fish, prawns, dumplings and many more...

 photo IMG_2583_zps8c545856.jpg
The standard serving for 2 persons steamboat dinner

 photo IMG_2584_zpse76591f5.jpg
The standard serving for 2 persons steamboat dinner (the other angle view)

 photo IMG_2582_zps68c2aaaa.jpg

 photo IMG_2585_zpse496f9c8.jpg

We did some side order beside the main serving...

 photo IMG_2592_zpsede0e7f2.jpg
The beef slices

 photo IMG_2588_zps6e29f42c.jpg
The pork slices

 photo IMG_2589_zpsda00fd83.jpg
The smoke duck

 photo IMG_2596_zps73722ca9.jpg
The special Korean vermicelli 

We like the herbal soup very much!
Especially cooked with all the fresh meats and ingredients, it was yummy! But remember 'not to' throw in the yellow noodles at the initial stage, the noodles will make the soup salty and might not suitable to everyone.
The friendly boss did advise us to enjoy the beef and the pork with their recommended peanut sesame sauce, oh...which was delicious!

Previously, we usually have our steamboat dinner during the raining evening because of the 'heat', but now...with the fully air-conditioning and relax environment by Dabinlo, I guess we can have it whenever we want!

 photo IMG_2571_zps4ae59647.jpg
The unique logo by Dabinlo Steamboat restaurant

We had a nice steamboat dinner and a total new experience within the popular steamboat restaurant in Johor Bahru. Worth for the price with the fresh foods and the friendly service.

 photo IMG_2565_zps33857d82.jpg

The parking area can be quite challenging during the time from 7pm - 8.30pm, because there are many restaurants around the same area...visit as early as possible to avoid the inconvenience.

Do drop by the newly open restaurant if you are looking for good environment for steamboat dinner, the address and contact number stated below (map included)

 photo IMG_2560_zps5c8a1d24.jpg

Dabinlo Steamboat Restaurant 打甂炉火锅
23, Jalan Sasa 5,
Taman Gaya, Ulu Tiram,
Johor Bahru.
Contact number : +607-8634560
Business hour : 5pm - 11pm
(they'll serve lunch in the near future)
Rest day : alternate Monday
GPS coordinates : N1.56867 E103.80215

Location map of Da Bin Lo Steamboat Restaurant at Taman Gaya