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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dinner at Kukup (Day 1)

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The dinner started prepare since 5pm. The boss of the chalet also helping to prepare....because there are 17 of us and it's about 15 of visitors from the second chalet. His preparation are for 2 groups of peoples.

The boss helping to grilled the chicken wings. They use the charcoal to grill most of the seafoods. You can easily see this within Johor Bahru, in Malay we called it : Ikan Bakar.

Once it's ready, peoples automatically come to it. Because it's smells good!

Every chalet having their dinner at almost same time! Perfect timing!

If the chalet you rented without proper space in front of the house, then you need to cross the alley and enjoy the outdoor dinner! Hmm.....that's another type of enjoyment. But just pray hard that's no rain!

Dinner serve around 7:30pm.

Some of them taking their dinner and enjoy it here....

Night activities after dinner :-
* Have a beer in hand and chat among friends.
* Mahjong - very common. And seems like very popular night activity.
* Fishing - you can rent the fishing gear from the shop around here. I saw many peoples fishing during night time....
* Karaoke - singing session. You can hear from almost every chalet.
* Fire Cracker ?! Yes, some of them keep on burning it like never burn before in their life! :)

Big can of beer? No....it's a cooling box.

Mahjong Session!

Kids are playing with their bubbles....

Our neighbour...

After midnight, I had a short walk around this area. And spotted a group of peoples fishing, just have a chat with them and suddenly one of them caught a big fish!

Alley in the midnight...

Channel Catfish - more than 1 KG

And understand from them, they can catch about 6-7 catfish in one night.
The tide continue goes high for the night. It was dry while we reached here.....when it's around 11pm, the whole area full of water......

This is a Sleepless Village. Every chalet having their party even already 1:30am in the morning! You still hear Karaoke singing everywhere.....as same as the Mahjong sound.....

The night end with full of joyful moments!

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