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Saturday, December 27, 2008

An Evening at Genting Highland - Day 1

After check-in to the hotel, we had a walk around Genting Highland. We started from The Theme Park Hotel to Genting Hotel. (The time was about 6.00pm)

Along the way, I noticed this 'Dotto Train', which it bring you the joy ride around the Resort.

The operation hours : 10.00am to 7.00pm (Every 1/2 hour)
The rates :
* MYR3.00 per trip (From Outdoor Theme Park Main Entrance to Genting Hotel Lobby)
* MYR5.00 per trip (From Genting Hotel Lobby to First World Hotel Lobby & Outdoor Theme Park Main Entrance)

We found this small temple along the way, I believe many gamblers will pray here....

Opposite the temple, there's road towards Resort Hotel, Genting Hotel & Highland Hotel. And the small blue greeting board in the middle said : "Merry Christmas" in Chinese. (There are many tourists and gamblers from China visit Genting Resort every year.)

I really LOVE this Parking information which show at the main entrance of the Resort. It helps a lot for those who drive and looking for parking bay.

After that, we walked into the building that leads us to Genting Hotel Lobby...
As you will depends on this signage very much! Unless you are familiar with the paths within the buildings.

Very sweet smile from this pretty promoter....

Merry Christmas to you!

One of the entrance to the Casino.
And we were waiting for the Shuttle Van from Mushroom Farm at the lobby of Genting Hotel, for our dinner....

Genting Highland Trip 9th - 11th December 2008
* Theme Park Hotel, Genting
* An Evening at Genting Highland - Day 1
* Dinner at Mushroon Farm Restaurant, Genting Highland

* Genting Hotel, Genting Highland
* Genting Outdoor Theme Park, Genting Highland
* Genting Indoor Theme Park, First World Plaza - Genting Highland
* Chin Swee Temple, Genting Highland


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