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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Another visit to Mushroom Farm Restaurant at Genting Highlands (2010)

We were advised to visit the Mushroom Farm Restaurant (N3 25.191 E101 47.848) after the dinner time to avoid the crowded situation and enjoy our meals slowly, so we had some light snacks to temporary filled up our stomach. The pick-up time will be on 9.30pm sharp at the Main Entrance of Genting Hotel.
It was a surprised when we reached the restaurant....

The Mushroom Farm Restaurant of Genting Highlands

Great! It was ONLY three tables occupied. We placed our order immediately!

1)  Omelette
2)  Vegetables
3)  Kampung Chicken (Non-fat chicken)
4)  Steam Codfish



Kampung Chicken (Non-fat chicken)

Steam Codfish


The Chicken was nice and not too dry. I like the Codfish Very much because it was flaky and moist after cooked. The omelette and the vegetables were average. They cooked it just right!

We really enjoyed our Fabulous dinner especially in the cold weather! Almost 2 hours spend in the restaurant with the company of 6 bottles of Ice Cold Beer! Excellent!

The Damage : MYR200.00 for 4 adults included 6 bottles of Beer. The dinner only cost around MYR100.00 and the rest was the Beers. Affordable & Reasonable! Right?! :)

This is the restaurant we Must visit whenever happen to be here. Please write down the telephone number below (to arrange pick-up) and try it yourself when you are around Genting Highlands. Bear in mind, the van pick-up time is VERY SHARP!

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Mushroom Farm Restaurant
Tel : +603-6101 2864

Location map of Mushroom Farm Restaurant at Genting Highlands

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