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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mountain House Charcoal Steamboat Restaurant at Brinchang, Cameron Highlnads

Most of the poeples will try out the steamboat when they visit Cameron Highlands, same as us especially in the cold weather. Bringchang town is famous with the Steamboat Restaurant and we decided to have a walk then simply pick one of them for dinner...

There are about 5-6 restaurants in the same row of KFC Brinchang town, another 3-4 same type of restaurant across the main road. We decided on this Mountain House Restaurant (N4.49180 E101.38856) because of not crowded that we no need to stand and wait for table. I like the way when the boss or person-in-charge approched us...

Mountain House Charcoal Steamboat Restaurant, Brinchang.

Service was fast, less than 10 minutes...everything was on our table...

Fresh vegetables and mushrooms


Bean curds, fish cakes, fish and meat balls...

Prawns, pork, fish and some cutterfish...

Noodles and eggs

You can request 2 types of soups without extra charges...one tomyam another side was normal soup...

All vegetables, mushrooms were really fresh! Same as the prawns and others, but we were disappointed with the soup, because of too much msg that made it over salty. The boss noticed that and apologies politely. Well, we did enjoyed the steamboat dinner due to the cooling weather...:)

Kind of unique charcoal steamboat

The Damage : RM30.00 for 2 persons included drinks. Children are free of charge. The price was reasonable...

We saw the next door restaurant which was also same with the charcoal steamboat had a 'Tripadvisor' sticker presented on the wall...we decided to visit it in our next visit...


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Loaction map of Mountain House Steamboat Restaurant at Brinchang, Cameron Highlands

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