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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Chew Jetty 姓周桥 (One of the Clan Jetty) - UNESCO World Heritage Site - Penang Island.

Once we finished strolling along the Armenian Street and Acheh Street, we continue our walking journey to Chew Jetty (the clan jetty in Penang) (N5.41292 E100.33962). This area became a Tourist hotspot many years ago, and there is a public parking area beside the main road of Pengalan Weld.

"Having been a home on stilts on the shores for the Chew Clan community more than a century and is still now, the Chew Jetty has withstood the test of time and a strong testament of living heritage for Penang and the world to mesmerize.
Started merely as a wooden passageway and slowly created into a cluster of houses perch above the sea shores by stilts above the never ending shifting tides, this communal site is locked in a time zone by itself, disregarding the urban development that is taking place around it."
If you like to read more, please click www.visitpenang.gov.my.

The entrance to Chew Clan Jetty, Penang

There was a old and unique coffee shop (kopitiam) on the left of the entrance, I like the traditional atmosphere very much!
Before we start the tour in Chew Jetty, there were many signages to read though...


姓周桥 - Chew Jetty (Unesco World Heritage Site)
Established : Mid 19th Century
Ancestor's origin : Xinglingshe Village, TongAn District, Quangzhou Pretecture, Fujian Province - China.
Length : Part 1 - 182 meter, Part 2 - 122 meter
Total house : 75 units.


Leave your footprint, not rubbish...

Once we stepped in, the area was a bit similar with Kukup, Johor. The only different is Kukup is slowly upgraded to mostly concrete walkway and also the houses, but in Chew Jetty...most of it still remain in timber...the walkway and the houses...



The small alley above might connected to the part 2...I think...

We spotted the filming house in the movie of Ice Kacang Puppy Love ( 初恋红豆冰) which was the home of Eric Moo (巫啟賢).


The Ice Kacang Puppy Love filming area...

Along the way, I saw this homestay signage...you can google it to find out more info about it...
I think that will be a totaly different experience to stay in the Clan Jetty, I wish I have a chance to stay there in the future...


Someone maintaining the roof of the home stay...

Continue the walk, when we almost reaching the end...Surprised!

The last part of the Chew Jetty...

We spotted another mural from Ernest Zacharevic - Children in the boat.

Children in the boat

This mural will fade more faster than others I believe, it's because nearby the sea...

We hanged around the area for a while and luckily that was not very hot, the scenic view really made us relax...and I like the surrounding...

The small boat ferry...

I think the ferries are provide the convenience for the local to go to other clan jetty, because this is not the only clan jetty around here...there are Tan Jetty, Lee Jetty, Mixed Clan Jetty and Yeoh Jetty located not too far away...

I had a chat with an old lady who selling some souvenirs along the walkway in Chew Jetty. She was friendly and told us that all the youngsters have gone for work, and most of them are not staying here anymore...they only back once in the while and during Chinese New Year. So I guess, the place will be crowded during the coming Chinese New Year.
We bought some postcards and notepads from her...

The women who sell souvenirs in Chew Jetty

It was a nice place for photography, and I guess I'll be back again for more photograph...


Location map of Chew Jetty (clan jetty) in Penang Island.

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