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Saturday, March 07, 2015

Al-Hamra Restaurant at Mataram - Capital of Lombok Island

After a long distance traveling from the jetty of Gili Nanggu, we reached the capital of Lombok Island - Mataram. Our driver directly drive us to the restaurant for dinner, yes...we were hungry!

Al-Hamra Restaurant (Arabian cuisine) (S8.58223 E116.10534),  we reached the destination in the perfect timing! Because power failure! The whole restaurant was lighted with candles and looks romantic in the way...haha!

 photo IMG_3358_zps01ce63c5.jpg
Al-Hamra Restaurant, Mataram

There were candles lighted in every corner in the restaurant, and all us were waiting in the room...for dinner.

 photo IMG_3342_zpsb034d0a9.jpg

 photo IMG_3343_zps58811c77.jpg
Patiently waiting...

Fortunately the electricity resume in about 15 minutes...smile on everyone face instantly! Haha!

And I started to snap around...the restaurant is decorated in Arabian way...cozy, relax and comfort in every corner.

 photo IMG_3355_zps76f5a435.jpg
Different deco in different corner of the restaurant

 photo IMG_3356_zps3e988a26.jpg

One of our tour mate is a vegetarian, and her dish was the first on our table...well, no comment on it.

 photo IMG_3350_zps9304c487.jpg
The vegetarian dish of that evening

After a while, everyone food was served on table, pretty fast! Everyone has same dish which was the chicken soup, followed by their signature grilled lamb.

 photo IMG_3363_zpsd7b365f8.jpg
Chicken soup

The soup was tasty, and somehow a bit unique of the taste. I quite like it.

The grilled lamb was well marinated, but not tender enough...maybe due to the power failure...maybe...but we enjoyed the lamb very much!
It taste differently compare with Arab cuisine in Malaysia, I believe all because of the different herbs and spices were use to prepared.

 photo IMG_3367_zpszpxhhyaq.jpg
The grilled lamb from Al-Hamra Restaurant

 photo IMG_3370_zps4cc0ec8d.jpg

 photo IMG_3368_zpsv7fptbro.jpg

Everyone was served for the Arabian fried rice after the lamb. We like the special taste of it, went well with the sambal chili. Excellent!

 photo IMG_3374_zps6400b1dc.jpg
Arabian fried rice

I'm not good to verdict in Arabian cuisine, but our dinner was taste above average. It's worth to try if you are happen in Mataram, Lombok Island.

The restaurant has ample parking lot, even for express bus...we realized it after the electricity resume.

 photo IMG_3359_zps78cef0c1.jpg

After our dinner, we had another 45 minutes on road traveling back to Senggigi beach where our resort located...let's rockz!

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