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Monday, August 11, 2008

The First School for Blind in Malaysia (1949), Johor Bahru

SK Princess Elizabeth. (First School for the blind in Malaysia) (N1°28.036' E103°44.467') It's located just behind the Aloha Tower Condo, Johor Bahru.
This school was built since 1949 and officially open on 1953 by Princess Elizabeth. That was before the independent of Malaysia.

Photo of Princess Elizabeth

We visited this school because of the coming JOTA meeting. It's really an eye opener for us!

The school also provide hostel for the blind students. There are 3 category within them. B1 - Totally blind, B2 - Partially blind, be able to see objects but very blur, B3 - Able to see things in very close distance (less than 20cm).

The stage of the hall

The Hall

The small field in the school


The classroom

The Hostel

Also give me a chance to touch on the "Perkins Brailler" which is kind of typewriter for the blind.

We experience their life over here, the way they read, the way they live.......and also explore this very Old school in Malaysia.

She is using the Brailler for her homework

I had a chance to talk to one the boy over there. He love to touch anything that he never touch it before. His ear is extremely sensitive! I believe that's the nature of all the blinds. By the way, he's friendly.....and we ask him about his life in the school, his answer : "I'm very Happy staying over here! I feel secure here and I know everything here...." (He is belong to B1 category....) We just tell him that, we will be back in one week time........

Below pictures shows the way the B3 student study......do you notice the camera below the monitor?

Even the school located in the middle of JB town, but the surrounding environment is green by trees.....

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