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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

JOTA - Asia Pacific Region 2008, Johor Bahru

JOTA APR (Jamboree on the air - Asia Pacific Region) for Johor Bahru was held on 2nd & 3rd AUG 2008 at S.K. Princess Elizabeth (School for Blind). This activity held annually on the first weekend in August.
On the first day, every Hams are helping to set up the systems & also the VHF & HF antenna at the JOTA base JB.

Yaesu FT-920 HF radio set and MD-200 Dynamic Microphone

Yaesu FT-225RD 2m All Mode Transceiver & Antenna Tuner

Scouts from different schools around Johor Bahru started to visit this JOTA event since nine o'clock morning. Once they registered, 9W2BUG - Jaya (Assistant Director of JOTA) will start to short briefing on the theory of the HAM Radio and what is about JOTA.

9W2BDX (Right) - Director of JOTA, Secretary Of Training for Federation Of Scouts Malaysia, Johor Bahru District

Then all of them are going to the area where all the Ham Radios are ready for them to make contact (through the air) with others scout in different country .

9W2BUG & 9W2DAL (Daniel) busy tuning on the radio....

9W2TSK - Kumar & 9W2DAL

The HF Frequency to transmit & receive

That's the time we - Ham's member start to assist them. Take turns to guide them slowly to make contact through the air by using the VHF & HF radio frequency. The VHF radio was link through the Echolink Gateway and communicates with other state or other country within the Asia Pacific Region.

9W2BUG explain about the ITU Region to the Junior & Senior Scouts

Final check on the VHF Radio

9W2BUG in action!

9W2DAL - Daniel in action!

9W2TSK - Kumar guide the Junior & Senior group of scouts

9W2JJR - Philip handling the Simplex session for the junior.

Every ham members were busy, and we wish there will be more ham to help us during that moment!
Every scout has to make at least one or two contact to anyway during the practice. There were around 60 scouts participated during the event.

Now, the Main Attraction of the Day!
A boy was very excited to touch on the radio.....join us chatting....tuning & listen to the radio signal! He like to experience the Base & handheld radio too!
His passion of learning is very much better than other kids I meet before......

Listen very carefully on the handheld set....

9W2TSK was kind enough to taught him how to listen to music from his mobile, and he was patiently touch the phone and told us that - It's a 3G phone!! (I cannot understand how he can touch the 3G....)

He took only about 5-10 minutes to master the step-by-step to switch on the music from the phone! Excellent! Isn't it? We are really admire his talent and passion!!

After he knows the step, he quietly walked to the area where not too noisy and enjoy the music of the phone.......

His name is "Meng Hong". He's blind......

The event end on Sunday 6pm, 3rd AUG 2008.

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