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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Shilin Food Court and Night Market (士林夜市) at Taipei, Taiwan

This was my second visit to the Shilin Night Market (N25.08591 E121.52440). Still the same procedure, having our dinner at the food court before the night market shopping. But the night was raining and we hope it will stop after our dinner...

Once we stepped into the food court, it was so crowded and difficult to find a table...after waiting for about 10 minutes, we found one 'mini table'! No choice, the only table around the food court...

The advantage of this Shilin Food Court is...there have all the famous street foods here! Plenty of choices...

All kind of Taiwanese foods available here in the food court

The famous Fried Chicken Chop of Shilin

Actually I wanted to try it, but changed my mind after look at the Looooong queue...then I decided to try my favorite Pork Belly pepper soup stall which I visited 4 years ago...

The pork belly soup stall

We ordered all different foods and that was the only way we can taste as many foods as possible...

The pork belly soup

The fried mee-hoon

The squids

The Oyster omelette

The stinky Tou-Fu

The Beef

Overall, I like the pork belly soup, beef and the squids. The rest were just average...

We took our sweet time for the dinner but the rain still heavy down poured even we finished our meals! We try to walked in the night market during the rain...but...the weather seems like against us!

So we decided to visit the night market again on the next day after our dinner. Below photos are taken on our next day visit to Shilin Night Market...

Ipad 2 was available at one of the stall during our visit! Wah!

Nice strawberries...

Nameless shop...

There were nothing much in the night market, I couldn't find anything to buy for my wife and daughter. And just for the sake of walking...because it was my friend's first visit.

Angel spotted in the night market!

The Bonnie Lass!

There was another Chicken Chop stall in the night market which was branches of the stall at the food court.

If you really want to do your shopping, you can walk around the night market for more than 4 hours or more, the night market is huge! But we were just wanted to explore the area...
After hanged around the area for about 1-2 hours then took a cab back to hotel for rest.

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Location map of Shilin Night Market at Taipei, Taiwan

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