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Monday, September 07, 2009

Malfreemaps 1st Anniversary Mega GG at Ipoh, Perak.

The Malfreemaps First Anniversary Mega Gathering was held at the Dome Cafe of Majestic Station Hotel which located at The Railway Station of Ipoh. (N4°35.842' E101°04.411')

The community was created since September 2008. There are more than 12,000 members up to now. This is A GPS Enthusiast forum where everything from Global Positioning System to mapping knowledge are provided and discussion room. The FREE map provide from here cover Malaysia (include East Malaysia), Singapore, Brunei and some of South Thailand (The Thailand map was started developed few months ago). Feel free to visit the main website : Malfreemaps

I was there quite late and the place was full of peoples! This was also a good chance for me to meet up many old friends. Because most of the time we only meet in the internet forum, hardly can see each other...
I would like to share some photos of this unforgettable event!!

Antyong given speech (Admin of the Malfreemaps Forum)

The organiser from Ipoh - Ronchan

Special Award from Ronchan to Antyong

Foods and drinks also provided in the area. You can keep on talking, eating and drinking until you enough! haha!

Beside the foods, the Organiser also prepare the mfm Anniversary cake for everyone!

mfm Cake

After the foods, all members started their learning, discussion and chatting session....

Sharkteef (Forum Moderator) and Fancheng (Seremban Senior Mapper)

Members from all Malaysia and Singapore...

email2me (Blue) from www.foodpoi.com

Penang and Singapore members...

Practice and learning....Tlchuan (Blue) from Penang.

Tympg from Penang. Everywhere he go, he will bring his GPS map and paper map...

Sharkteef from Kuala Lumpur - New forum Moderator

Group photos of the event

The event was very successful with more than 70 peoples turn up. The Media reporter from Sinchew and China Press also attended the gathering.

I left the gathering around 5.30pm, most of them went to dinner together at Yee Man Restaurant at Lawan Kuda. I did not join them...
More photos of the event : Malfreemaps

View Larger Map

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