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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Ipoh Railway Station, Perak

The Ipoh Railway Station is a lovely colonial-style structure built in 1917. (N4°35.851' E101°04.413') It's a Mughal style architecture of India, and it's also affectionately known as the Taj Mahal of Ipoh. It is indeed one of the more impressive landmarks in Ipoh. Today the Ipoh Railway Station houses the Majestic Hotel - previously known as the Station Hotel Ipoh. A beautifully landscaped floral garden surrounds this charming building. Source from AsiaExplorer.

Ipoh Railway Station.

The construction of the present railway station and hotel began in 1914 but was interrupted due to a shortage of materials and high costs of labour during World War I. And it was designed by AB Hubback.
The station has three platforms, commodious offices for railway staff, and a restaurant and bar. The hotel at first had 17 bedrooms opening out to the deep upper verandah; this was upgraded to 21 rooms by 1936. Source from Perak Info.

The species of 'Epau' tree (antiaris toxicaria), where the name of 'Ipoh' comes from, can be found in front of the railway station. Source from Malaysia Budget Hotel.

I love this colonial structure very much. We had a walk around the station after the MFM Gathering which was held at Dome Cafe of the Hotel...

The entrance before the ticket counter and waiting area.

The ticket counter.

You can check the Time Table and the Fees here.

The Platform

Too bad there was no train at that moment.

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