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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Lou Wong Bean Sprout Chicken Rice at Ipoh, Perak.

Lou Wong Bean Sprout Chicken Rice Restaurant (N4 35.638 E101 05.050) is located at the junction of Jalan Dato Tahwil Azar & Jalan Yau Tet Shin in Ipoh, Perak. We were having our lunch here after checked-in from the New Caspian Hotel. It was strongly recommended from friends if we are happen to visit Ipoh.

Lou Wong Bean Sprout (Tauge in Dialect) Chicken Rice Noodle

It was very crowded while we reached the restaurant, I was surprise because there was not many cars on the street of Ipoh, but....it's so crowded here! :)

we waited about 10-15 minutes to get our table ready. The orders were quite standard with other tables : Steam Chicken, Bean Sprout, Fish ball, Meat ball and Chicken knuckles. We quickly placed our order to avoid the long waiting list....

Surprisingly, the meal serve in 5 minutes!! I'm impressed!

The Delicious Chicken

The Bean Sprout
(Totally looks different from Johor Bahru Bean Sprout)

Fish Ball & Pork Meat Ball mix (we ordered double!)

Chicken Knuckles

Overall, I give double thumbs up for the meal! The Bean Sprout was so juicy! Fish & Meat Ball was delicious! Chicken Knuckles was Good! Especially the chicken was excellent!
The feeling was different when you first bite on the chicken, I can't taste it other place within Malaysia. I Love it very much! It might because of the local weather...
Damage : MYR16.00 (included drinks for 2 adults and one kid)

Rated : 4.5/5

The attitude of the employee in this restaurant also impressed us very much! No matter how crowded the place is, the meal will be serve in few minutes.

They are busy serving the customers

You will be amaze about the speed he 'cut' the chicken.

The night crowd was double from the day time!

The dining area also extend to the outdoor area beside the restaurant during night time.

We wanted to try the opposite Ong Kee Bean Sprout Chicken (only open at night) too, but there's no enough space in our stomach....definitely will try it in our next visit.

The Ong Kee Restaurant opposite had the same crowd like Lou Wong too...

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