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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Kota Kinabalu D3, Sabah

Day 3 at KK.


About 45 mins from the Promenade Hotel......
Visit the Kadazan Cultural village for the whole day........

Can't recall the entrance fees......it's about RM15.00 per person.
Registered at the counter before the journey start....

The waiting area......search around for the internal tour guide.

Finally our tour guide!

And journey start, in the Village.....

Don't know the reason why we have to start from the Kitchen....?

After go through the places where they stay, eat, sleep & play....we reached the Suspension Bridge.

The boat for river cruise....( too bad at that moement, was low tide, the boat can't 'swim'! )

Kadazan House


Magic Stone



After finish certain part of the village, our tour guide bring us to the opposite of the village to enter the "Skull House".
Too bad I can't take any photo inside the house.

Finishing visit the Skull House on almost 1pm, we having our lunch in the village because the Cultural Dance performance gonna start at 2pm.

Invited to dance together !!

After the performance finish, definitely our last stop here...........

The Souvenir Shop

After the Village, we went back to the hotel......get everything pack for back home.
Visit few Shopping Complex around that area and also the Philippine Market.

End up, we have our dinner at "Tanjung Aru Beach" ( N5 56.889 E116 02.709 ). Very nice place, I like it very much & rate it for 4.5/5 star. (6 km from Kota Kinabalu is the seaside resort of Tanjung Aru. Accommodation in the form of international class hotels or budget chalets is available. - From WikiPedia)

9:15pm, on the plane.......way back home, JB. KK, Bye and see-u !!


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