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Sunday, January 03, 2016

Yi Pin Dim Sum Restaurant 亿品点心酒楼 at Taman Pelangi Indah, Johor Bahru.

Yi Pin Dim Sum Restaurant 亿品点心酒楼 (N1.57732 E103.80051) is a new dim sum restaurant located along Jln Cantik 6 (Tmn Pelangi), they just started operation more than month ago.

 photo IMG_5678_zpscazqwsfu.jpg
Yi Pin Dim Sum Restaurant 亿品点心酒楼

The restaurant dining area seperated into non-air condition and air conditioning area to provide choices for customers, decoration was simple but comfort.

 photo IMG_5675_zpssvjqi4jm.jpg
Non-air conditioning area

 photo IMG_5677_zpsk5a9ajci.jpg
air conditioning area

Understand from the manager - Mr Francis, they serve mixture of local and Hong Kong style Dim Sum. The 2 Chefs are from Guangzhou China, and they are trying their best effort to serve better Hong Kong style 港式 dim sum with but acceptable by local (because not every local can accept the original taste from Hong Kong) They even serve their homemade chili paste.

 photo IMG_5644_zpsx6gw8q1j.jpg
Homemade chili paste

The dim sum below were all recommended by the Manager Mr Francis.

*  Steamed shrimp dumpling 亿品虾饺皇
Thin skin with the feel of the fresh shrimps.

 photo IMG_5647_zpsixlfv7wp.jpg
Steamed shrimp dumpling 亿品虾饺皇

*  Fried BBQ rice rolls 金银炸两肠
Popular in Hong Kong and now first try in Johor Bahru, advise having while its hot!

 photo IMG_5648_zps0ucs1rbi.jpg
Fried BBQ rice rolls 金银炸两肠

*  Sauteed radish cake with XO sauce 金牌XO酱炒萝卜糕
Nice XO sauce!

 photo IMG_5652_zpsb5lmr47r.jpg
Sauteed radish cake with XO sauce 金牌XO酱炒萝卜糕

*  Shanghai style steamed pork dumpling 秘制灌汤小笼包
Beware of the piping hot broth spill out!

 photo IMG_5653_zps1klqy9nk.jpg
Shanghai style steamed pork dumpling 秘制灌汤小笼包

 photo IMG_5656_zps42uyjemh.jpg

*  Siew-Mai 鲜虾烧卖皇
Above average.

 photo IMG_5658_zps7wwbfhlc.jpg
Siew-Mai 鲜虾烧卖皇

*  Minced pork and century eggs porridge 皮蛋瘦肉粥
Nice and tasty! Advise not to take too much, unless you don't want to try others dim sums from the restaurant.

 photo IMG_5660_zpsdu7pigmc.jpg
Minced pork and century eggs porridge 皮蛋瘦肉粥

*  Bean curd sheet soup 灌汤鲜竹卷
First in JB! Taste was unique and special!
Must try!

 photo IMG_5661_zpszczns3lt.jpg
Bean curd sheet soup 灌汤鲜竹卷

 photo IMG_5662_zpsjnfakls4.jpg

*  Steamed custard cream bun with egg york 港式金黄流沙包
Not bad and serve with bigger bun.

 photo IMG_5664_zpsdges1ztp.jpg
Steamed custard cream bun with egg york 港式金黄流沙包

 photo IMG_5667_zpscs75kzq8.jpg

*  Steamed bean paste chicken claws 秘制鼓汁蒸凤爪
Assumed it was very good...because before I had chance to grab one, the plate was empty in front of me...

 photo IMG_5669_zps9sivv03g.jpg
Steamed bean paste chicken claws 秘制鼓汁蒸凤爪

*  Baked BBQ pork bun (char-siew) 金牌菠萝叉烧包
Unique with the char-siew filling in the bun, thumbs up!

 photo IMG_5670_zpspw3xv9ru.jpg
Baked BBQ pork bun (char-siew) 金牌菠萝叉烧包

 photo IMG_5673_zpsm1xjga6r.jpg

*  Portuguese egg tart 特色葡式蛋挞
Smaller portion compare with those available around, but special crunchy outer skin with the good taste of egg and butter!

 photo IMG_5679_zps9nxo0aoj.jpg
Portuguese egg tart 特色葡式蛋挞

*  Hong Kong snow 'Mei-niang' 港式雪媚娘
A 'Hong Kong dessert.' Served in cold, perfect combination with the super tender outer skin and the butter filling with mango taste. Must try!

 photo IMG_5683_zpsp2qhp4ro.jpg
Hong Kong snow 'Mei-niang' 港式雪媚娘

 photo IMG_5690_zpsob0rtvdx.jpg

Among all, the 'har-gao' (shrimp dumpling), bean curd sheet soup, BBQ pork bun and Snow 'Mei-niang' are not to be miss. Do try their porridge, but don't finish it alone...share with friends or family members, because you need to taste other dim sums.

It's a ideal restaurant to enjoy your weekend breakfast with friends or family, that why the restaurant will be pack of peoples during weekend Fri, Sat and Sun. Be patient if you are visit the restaurant during the above mentioned days...

Price from RM4.90 - RM9.90 (It's reasonable with the serving food quality)

The business hour of the restaurant is from 7am - 3pm daily. Give yourself a chance to taste the Hong Kong style dim sum if you are happen in Tmn Pelangi Indah area.

Yi Pin Dim Sum Restaurant 亿品点心酒楼
45, Jalan Cantik 6,
Taman Pelangi Indah, 81800 Ulu Tiram, Johor Bahru.
Business hour : 7am - 3pm daily
Tel : +6013-7878 665

Location map of Yi Pin Dim Sum Restaurant at Taman Pelangi Indah, Johor Bahru.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Restaurant and food in Club Med Cherating, Kuantan.

The Mutiara Restaurant is the main restaurant in Club Med Cherating which has elegant setting around the pool. It's start operating since morning 7am till evening, many food counters are available at every corner...

 photo IMG_5565_zpsy3g3f5ls.jpg
Mutiara Restaurant, Club Med Cherating

 photo 20151108_203650P_zpsgqvkiywo.jpg
Mutiara Restaurant, Club Med Cherating

 photo 20151108_203638P_zpsl1k45xjt.jpg
Mutiara Restaurant, Club Med Cherating

Beside the traditional Malaysian or Asian food, there are also international food served at different counters. Most of the food counters impressed us because the food changing from morning, noon and evening...means even same counter, it won't be same food depends on the time you visit.

 photo 20151108_203744P_zpsgpqurpf8.jpg
Chinese food counter

 photo 20151108_195402P_zpshetuemei.jpg
Western food counter

Too many counters that I can't snap all...like dessert, fruits and many more!

 photo 20151108_203846P_zpsye37le7u.jpg

 photo 20151108_203833P_zpskml4uoni.jpg

Some of the foods were average and some were excellent!

 photo 20151109_090307P_zpsyujv7fxz.jpg

 photo 20151109_133453P_zpslmqbfp5t.jpg

 photo 20151109_135446P_zps7dt6btxr.jpg
I like this satay and the chicken chop! Especially the sauce...

 photo IMG_5509_zpsjmbztrqp.jpg

 photo IMG_5510_zpsb5nzir97.jpg

 photo IMG_5511_zpsapad5q1s.jpg
Sushi are available too...

 photo IMG_5513_zpsrbhjfy9i.jpg

 photo IMG_5512_zpsepakdfbp.jpg

 photo IMG_5515_zps11s4o9bc.jpg
The chicken with the blue cheese sauce, awesome!

 photo IMG_5516_zpsb3vzgbac.jpg
The chicken roll above was special!

The Rembulan Restaurant (which is located at the private beach, about 5-10 mins from the main reaort) also serve similar food during the lunch hour with less variety, and less crowd. But the ala-carte dinner is nice, dining area is special arrange at the sandy beach but too bad it was fully booked during our visit...no luck for this time!

 photo IMG_5489_zpsvtmen7s1.jpg
Renbulan Restaurant dining area

The Noodles House is operating from 2.45 to 6 pm and from 9.45 to 11.30 pm. You will enjoy the tasty noodles from the menu provided.

 photo IMG_5429_zps3tnikd3u.jpg
Noodle Bar of Club Med Cherating

 photo IMG_5431_zpssr2dzzjo.jpg

We tried on 3 types of different noodles from the bar, beef noodles (dried type) and the other 2 seafood noodles. Yummy!
The Tiger beer tap also available at the corner of the bar, where you can enjoy the fresh draught Tiger beer within your meal.

 photo IMG_5438_zpsldvtvtdb.jpg

 photo IMG_5439_zpskwdolfhg.jpg

 photo IMG_5440_zpslpyfzmrd.jpg

The food served in Club Med Cherating were not heavenly delicious but considered enjoyable. They won't serve pork and lard within the club, which is suitable for those who don't take pork.

We were satisfied with all the meal in Club Med Cherating, especially they serve from morning till late evening...you can enjoy the food whenever you are hungry.

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Club Med Cherating, Malaysia

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Club Med Cherating at Cherating, Kuantan

Club Med (Club Méditerranée) is a French corporation of vacation resorts found in many parts of the world, usually in exotic locations. It is considered the original all-inclusive resort.

"The Club was started in 1950 by former Belgian water polo champion Gérard Blitz. Blitz, a Belgian, had opened a low-priced summer colony of tents on the island of Majorca. Trigano supplied the tents, and in 1953 Blitz wooed him into a partnership. The first official Club Med was built the next year in Palinuro, Salerno Italy. The original villages were simple with members staying in unlit straw huts on a beachfront, sharing communal washing facilities. Such villages have been replaced with modern blocks or huts with ensuite facilities.
The club joining fee was set at 300 French francs and the cost of a two-week vacation at 15,900 francs.
If you like know more about the history of Club Med, please visit the Wikipedia here. 

It was our first visit to Club Med Cherating (N4.13877 E103.40784) during the year end school holiday, the journey took about 6 hours drive from Johor Bahru to Cherating.

 photo 20151108_134414P_zps764duzkj.jpg
The security guard post at Club Med Cherating

It's a private club, means visitor cannot simply walk-in unless you are the guest of the club. Once we reached the main hall, the GO (Gentil Organisateur or Gentle/Kind Organiser) was stand-by and start to arrange our luggage to the room. Then we were direct to the reception for welcome drink and activities briefing...

 photo 20151108_135531P_zpsqmjfz0j0.jpg
Main entrance of Club Med Cherating

 photo IMG_5551_zps5j5ghszr.jpg
Reception of Club Med Cherating

The GO who welcome our arrival was Ms Jojo (if I'm not mistaken), she was friendly, humble and patiently explain the club facilities and activities to us and it was a hassle-free check in. Then all of us proceed with the club tour before we step into our room...
Let me show you the surroundings...

 photo IMG_5543_zpsa4l9eppe.jpg
The club house or the main hall

 photo IMG_5542_zpswgirsxms.jpg
The tourism counter for those who like to know more about Cherating

There was a bar counter at the left of the main hall, and it was the crowded area during the evening time...you can order your favorite juice, beer, cocktail or wine from this bar (yes, inclusive in the package)

 photo IMG_5533_zpsxx9zurhk.jpg
The bar counter

 photo IMG_5464_zpsxpaewjtm.jpg

 photo IMG_5463_zpshbg8bzpa.jpg

Further left of the bar counter, it's cool and silent reading or should I say relax corner. I saw some of the guests holding their favorite cocktail and reading their books comfortably in this room (there's a desktop computer for guest to use it too)

 photo IMG_5547_zps6n2fe5d5.jpg

The huge swimming pool is located after the club house...well, look at the size of the pool, it included the adult, children and baby pool...

 photo IMG_5461_zpsxotk8w2d.jpg
The huge swimming pool of Club Med Cherating

The performance theater is at the left side of the pool, there will be performance every night on 9pm.

 photo IMG_5536_zps0qrxo6ov.jpg
The performance theater

You can enjoy the short 15 minutes Balinese massage is available just outside the theater, where you can relax within the crowd next to the pool.

 photo IMG_5557_zpsire3axpe.jpg
The Balinese massage area next to the swimming pool

The Spa center is at the end of the club house...which we didn't step in because the limited time stay in Club Med.

 photo IMG_5427_zpsw5yjuaua.jpg
The Club Med Spa Center

 photo IMG_5428_zpsver8n7vs.jpg

 photo IMG_5441_zpszbegzlhd.jpg

There are still many activities within the area, I'll show you in my next posts...

 photo IMG_5469_zpsvwwyt48f.jpg

 photo IMG_5470_zpswjd7n1es.jpg
Signage are everywhere, don't worry...you won't get lost in Club Med!
We continued our tour to the next session, where all the rooms are located...the area was well maintained and green!

 photo IMG_5426_zps2rhfqnhs.jpg
The rooms in Club Med Cherating

 photo IMG_5423_zpsaglusbg5.jpg

The building architecture is similar to the Malaysian traditional house...

 photo 20151109_085223P_zpskotcapax.jpg

 photo 20151109_150602P_zpsg2ic5you.jpg

 photo 20151109_150611P_zpsgsfgkqiz.jpg

I like the green while we walked into our rooms...

 photo IMG_5418_zps4adoinaq.jpg

 photo IMG_5421_zpsk8yd0leu.jpg

 photo IMG_5420_zpscebke0ic.jpg

The rooms area were constructed in timber, with the touch of the tropical...

We booked 2 rooms which were equipped with one King's bed and two single beds, the 2 rooms were inter-connect (options you can select while you make your reservation online)

 photo IMG_5408_zpseosnsj8j.jpg
The King's bed

 photo IMG_5410_zpsde1k5mkz.jpg
The 2 single beds on the next room

Each room also has a small bed which is similar size of the single bed and its more than enough for children or even adult....

 photo IMG_5411_zpsvn5b4v6o.jpg
The small bed in each room

40" LED TV for each room, but we not even on it during our stay...haha...

 photo IMG_5416_zpsarnimt0i.jpg

Simple and clean bathroom...same design for 2 rooms...

 photo IMG_5412_zps0gu3k7at.jpg

The both rooms have the nice view of the garden area, we like it!

 photo 20151108_143749P_zpsonxbxauc.jpg
Both were garden view...

 photo IMG_5417_zpsyu5nyg9f.jpg
The view from our rooms...

 photo IMG_5419_zpsqb8jjwjp.jpg

It might be our lucky number 'a1112'...haha!

First, we were impressed by the well maintained in every area, friendly staffs around and full of activities. Jojo (GO of Club Med) did pass us the activities schedule, and everyone was too excited to rock 'n roll once we settle everything in our room...

The Club area and rooms area were covered by high speed Wifi, don't worry...you are connected all the time! Unlike previously, where you need to keep all the phones, watches in the locker...(everyone was talking about it, but I haven't experience it before)

Stay tune on my next post for the Club Med Cherating...

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*  Some of the photos were taken by phone's camera, apologies for the poor quality.

Club Med Cherating, Malaysia

Location map of Club Med Cherating