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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Restaurant and food in Club Med Cherating, Kuantan.

The Mutiara Restaurant is the main restaurant in Club Med Cherating which has elegant setting around the pool. It's start operating since morning 7am till evening, many food counters are available at every corner...

 photo IMG_5565_zpsy3g3f5ls.jpg
Mutiara Restaurant, Club Med Cherating

 photo 20151108_203650P_zpsgqvkiywo.jpg
Mutiara Restaurant, Club Med Cherating

 photo 20151108_203638P_zpsl1k45xjt.jpg
Mutiara Restaurant, Club Med Cherating

Beside the traditional Malaysian or Asian food, there are also international food served at different counters. Most of the food counters impressed us because the food changing from morning, noon and evening...means even same counter, it won't be same food depends on the time you visit.

 photo 20151108_203744P_zpsgpqurpf8.jpg
Chinese food counter

 photo 20151108_195402P_zpshetuemei.jpg
Western food counter

Too many counters that I can't snap all...like dessert, fruits and many more!

 photo 20151108_203846P_zpsye37le7u.jpg

 photo 20151108_203833P_zpskml4uoni.jpg

Some of the foods were average and some were excellent!

 photo 20151109_090307P_zpsyujv7fxz.jpg

 photo 20151109_133453P_zpslmqbfp5t.jpg

 photo 20151109_135446P_zps7dt6btxr.jpg
I like this satay and the chicken chop! Especially the sauce...

 photo IMG_5509_zpsjmbztrqp.jpg

 photo IMG_5510_zpsb5nzir97.jpg

 photo IMG_5511_zpsapad5q1s.jpg
Sushi are available too...

 photo IMG_5513_zpsrbhjfy9i.jpg

 photo IMG_5512_zpsepakdfbp.jpg

 photo IMG_5515_zps11s4o9bc.jpg
The chicken with the blue cheese sauce, awesome!

 photo IMG_5516_zpsb3vzgbac.jpg
The chicken roll above was special!

The Rembulan Restaurant (which is located at the private beach, about 5-10 mins from the main reaort) also serve similar food during the lunch hour with less variety, and less crowd. But the ala-carte dinner is nice, dining area is special arrange at the sandy beach but too bad it was fully booked during our visit...no luck for this time!

 photo IMG_5489_zpsvtmen7s1.jpg
Renbulan Restaurant dining area

The Noodles House is operating from 2.45 to 6 pm and from 9.45 to 11.30 pm. You will enjoy the tasty noodles from the menu provided.

 photo IMG_5429_zps3tnikd3u.jpg
Noodle Bar of Club Med Cherating

 photo IMG_5431_zpssr2dzzjo.jpg

We tried on 3 types of different noodles from the bar, beef noodles (dried type) and the other 2 seafood noodles. Yummy!
The Tiger beer tap also available at the corner of the bar, where you can enjoy the fresh draught Tiger beer within your meal.

 photo IMG_5438_zpsldvtvtdb.jpg

 photo IMG_5439_zpskwdolfhg.jpg

 photo IMG_5440_zpslpyfzmrd.jpg

The food served in Club Med Cherating were not heavenly delicious but considered enjoyable. They won't serve pork and lard within the club, which is suitable for those who don't take pork.

We were satisfied with all the meal in Club Med Cherating, especially they serve from morning till late evening...you can enjoy the food whenever you are hungry.

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