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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Saleng Zoo

Intend to spend my whole day with my family. After breakfast, decide to bring my kid to the nearest Zoo (beside the JB Zoo) at Saleng......the Saleng Zoo (N1 37.985 E103 37.844)

The entrance fee is RM12.00 for adult, RM6.00 for children & free for kids below 3.

Below are some pictures for sharing.............


Malaysia Crocodile

Spohed Crocodile

Goat? What to call this......?

Forget the name of this species......some sort like long life turtle.....

Hello???? Can I help you??

The KING of the jungle

Milky Stork

King of Cobra

The 'Entertainers' of the Zoo

After about 2 hours walking around, we finish the Zoo almost 2pm........


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