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Sunday, March 18, 2007


We were having an eyeball with Feroz, Suresh, Tango & Calyn on yesterday afternoon at Dedap.....the geocaching topic flew in suddenly. And nobody expect that Feroz & Suresh start the search immediately after the eyeball session.....

Due to this....I meet up with Feroz in this evening. Before we go for the search party, he shows me some collected gadget....

EQ for mic......Yes! HAM Radio mic.

Antique Microphone Collection (c/w EQ)

The EQ collection of Feroz

Then we set off for the Geocahce Hunt.

After we reached the area where the GCKC6R hidden, Feroz started his searching talent for the surrounding......

Tooks only about 15 minutes, he got the cache!

The cache was full of water and some dirt inside, then we took out everything and try to dry some logs......unfortunately some of the logs can't read anymore!

The Cache

We did our best to restore it and put in back to the safe place,



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