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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Beef Noodle at Kulai

Really miss the food recommended by Daniel Lee last Saturday.
So after everything settle for the day, just drive directly to Kulai to have the beef noodle.

Been driving & searching around......cos previously didn't bring my GPS to log the POI, so it's take time sometimes to find the place.

Finally, got it....located at the back roll of shop lots that face the main road.

Name : Restaurant Soon Ji (N1°39.958' E103°35.477')

Business hour : Mon-Sun, 6am to 10pm.

Food type : Beef noodle. (They serve pork and seafood too...as you can see from the pics below)

Price : RM4.00

Votes : 5/5

Comments : Very special, they put it separate from the noodle or kuay-tiaw, and serve it in the clay pot. It's has very tasty soup and different from normal dry type of noodle (Some type of dark sauce). As you can from the photos below.......And lastly, the homebrew chili sauce also very good!

The shop

My order........

Closer look for the claypot.....

After 15 mins........

Worth visit again......


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