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Sunday, October 14, 2007

From JB to SG by Train

14th OCT 2007
We reached KTM JB around 1215hrs.
And I bought 3 tickets from JB to Tanjung Pagar (SG). Cost RM2.90 per person for Express Class! Economy!

After hour waiting, the train finally arrived JB Railway Station. (Imaging the delay!!)
Quickly get on the train and.....goodness! No number for us!! That's mean, just sit any where you like!

Only about 5 minutes, train stop at Woodlands Check Point!
Oh no! Everyone have to get down again to the immigration office.

It's only takes 5 minutes to pass the counter.....but we need to wait 30 minutes for the gate to open to jump in to the train again!!

Look at the mess situation after the gate open.....
everyone rush back to the train for a better seat!!
"Where are the system??!!!"

Scenic views along the railway track. There are some views you will never see it in Singapore!
The train went through main road, luxury resident area, Condominium & some small forests.
Me & my family feel "peace & relax".

Especially my daughter very excited! Her first ride on train! :)

After around 30 minutes later.....we've reached the most southern & last railway station of the train track of Malaysia - "Tanjung Pagar Railway Station".

On the platform....

Surprisingly I still can see those ordinary stall selling foods & drinks before the exit.....

Walk through the gate, we are entering the main hall.....


The ticket counter.....

We decide to buy the ticket back to JB to avoid last minutes rush.....
Express from SG to JB : SGD6.00
Economy from SG to JB : SGD3.00
So, we try the economy class.....

Some photos of the colonial building....

After having some foods, time to go back.....
Too bad, my camera having problem with the battery cover.....no photos on the way back!

Surprise again, the economy class also with the Air-Con cabin!! The only different I discovered.....the seats are small a bit, less comfort compare with the express class. But it's ok for us.

I saw few female backpackers in the same cabin.....hmm....it's really economy to go travel by train.

We reached JB Station around 2030hrs. That's end my day trip to SG, and also a great experience to my family!


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