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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hidden Seafood Restaurant

Family Sunday outing as usual......we like to try out the seafood at Gelang Patah, almost 40km away from my house. And it's took us about an hour to reached.

Location of Restaurant Chua Kee

1645 hrs, we walked around the Gelang Patah old town, just simple as only 2 rows of shops and houses. It's unique that you won't easily see it at the Johor Bahru city.

At the end of the shops, that's the one! - Restaurant Chua Kee. (N1°26.787 E103°35.340)

The drink serve at the side.......

The reason I call this hidden restaurant, is because the special location along the river side. You will easily miss out if you don't notice the small lane.

While waiting for the foods, we can see customers walk in non-stop after 1730 hrs. The restaurant is full of customers between 30 minutes only.......

We ordered :-
* Sweet sour clam
(Fresh and delicious!)

* Honey Fried chicken wing
(Special recipe, worth trying!! My wife loves it very much!)

* Black pepper butter crab
(Fantastic! The pepper taste perfectly while you bite it! And I love the butter flavor that stuck around your mouth!)

* S'pore mee hoon
(Better than average)

Because of the environment so nice, it's make me took a bottle of Heineken.
The Restaurant serve great foods and the prices are cheap, compare with JB area.
The total damage was only MYR51.00 (Foods only)

After finish, we walked around the restaurant, and discover this old wooden house beside the river.

That's end our Sunday outing by another hour driving back home.

They had swifted to the new location : N1°26.807' E103°35.271'

Map of the new location

View Larger Map


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