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Monday, November 22, 2010

Chung Ling High School 25th Anniversary Reunion Dinner (1985)

The Chung Ling High School 25th Anniversary Reunion Dinner was held in the School Main Hall at 7pm, 11th September 2010. We arrived on that evening just in time and the Hall was so crowded!  (Every student was provided an event T-Shirt)
Everyone being arranged for the table properly, and total of 45 teachers and 180 students attended for that night! That's excluded their spouse and children. The Hall was Full!

The Hall of Chung Ling High School, Penang

The stage performance was started earlier to Welcome all the guests into the hall.
Every students photos (young & current - old) was projected through the projector, this task was performed by Mr Choong.

Christopher Choong

All the performances were excited! However, our stomach started to call S.O.S. once we found our table. :)

The dinner serve in time and we were Surprised! All dishes were similar to the Hotel standard! Wah! We were so Fortunate! Haha! Too bad I didn't manage to captured any photos of the Delicious dinner! Apologies...

There was a donation to one of the paralyzed student who met an accident and need financial support on the Huge medical fee...felt sorry for him. The donation went one round within the hall and the total amount donated was around RM12K. IMPRESSED!

After a few dishes been served, every students are started chatting around. Especially photos taken...

And the non-stop nice performance on the stage....

Performances of the night

Follow by the Group photo of the night!

The students of Chung Ling High School, year 1985

The dinner continued as usual once the group photo taken, everyone was busy chatting around the hall and suddenly...someone climb up to the stage and started some Ricky Martin action!

The music was getting louder and louder, and the peoples on the stage were getting more and More!

The Karaoke singing session was really bring the Atmosphere of the night! Everyone continuously stepped up on the stage and perform with their Best Voices!

The Karaoke Singing Session of the night!

The Friendship was Marvelously filled up the whole school hall and peoples keep on climb up the stage! That was GREAT! Every songs of that night were definitely related to friendship and fellowship...

Here goes the Pianist - Richard Clayderman look-a-like! :)

The Richard Clayderman look-a-like. Pianist of the night!

And the beers flow rapidly during that session (too bad I was driving that night and not suppose to drink much!). Yeah, that shows everyone was really fortunate to meet each other after 25 years...it was the Golden Moment of the night!
The spirit was getting higher and higher, and the night end with the Joyful, Delightful, of this Wonderful session!

Tiger Beer was keeping the big company through out the night! (Do you notice the Tiger?) Haha!


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