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Monday, January 03, 2011

Second (2nd) visit to J & J Corner at Portuguese Village, Malacca (Melaka)

The J & J Corner Portuguese Seafood Restaurant (N2 10.986 E102 15.990) is located in the Portuguese Settlement of Malacca. This was our second visit to the restaurant. The reason was because of the Portuguese Baked Fish!

We went to the Restaurant quite early, and there were not many customers at that moment. So I ordered our favorite immediately. The order : Portuguese Baked Fish, Sambal Sotong (squids) and prawn and a plate of Portuguese Brinjal. And the Mango Juice, this is a MUST! :)

The Joes Only One Mango juice at Portuguese Seafood Village

The foods served on the table less than 20 minutes, this was pretty fast compared with our First visit.

Portuguese Baked Fish of J & J Corner Seafood Restaurant

The Sambal Squids and Prawns

The foods were As Delicious As before! We were enjoying our meal with the cool sea breeze from the Malacca Strait, that was Awesome!
The Damage was about MYR90.00 for 2 adults.

Beside the cool sea breeze, we were also company by a group of Portuguese children where they sang all the Christmas Corals to fill the Christmas atmosphere for the whole Portuguese Seafood Village! We were really enjoyed the cheerful and peaceful moment at the area, and this was One of our Wonderful Christmas dinner!

The Portuguese Children singing the Christmas Carols!

We continued to walk at the Portuguese Settlement to capture some X'mas atmosphere from the village after our dinner...

Well, we will plan again on next Christmas. :)

Location map of the J & J Corner Seafood Restaurant of Portuguese Settlement, Malacca

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