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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Wall Street On FIRE! @ Wall Street Restaurant & Bar

This party event was held on Nov 2010 at Wall Street Restaurant and Bar. This was also my first time witness the Bar Counter On Fire!

Before the party begin...everything was normal at the bar

I was there quite early that night, and I saw all the preparation of the party. The crowd was ok that time...around 8pm.

The Bartenders were busy preparing the Cocktail...

Mr Arab was preparing the performance of the night...

I'm really attracted by this big bowl of Ice with Full of cocktail test tubes! It was colourful!!

The bowl of Ice with test tube Cocktails...

Vincent Yang (Bartender from Shanghai) preparing the dry ice...

After all the preparation, the customers getting more and more...everyone was anxiously waiting for the Party! Once the clock hit 10pm, the party began! Wall Street On FIRE!

At First, Vincent lighted up one side of the Volcano! The other side was help by the other bartender...

Arab was controlling the Fire which burn through the Bar Counter...!

The Flame of the Volcano!

The Bar was burn up less than 3 second! That time, we Only see Fire on the Bar Counter and Arab & Vincent trying to play some fire tricks on the background!

After the first show, Vincent started the fireworks on THAT bowl of Cocktail! The atmosphere was brought to the highest at that moment! Everyone was excited and voices of congratulation - "Yeah" at every corner!

The bowl of Cocktail test tubes was lighted up with fireworks!


Once the fire over, the test tubes were given to all the customers in the bar F.O.C. Well, you can't drink it too fast, because they were Strong & Dangerous! Haha!

Even the fireworks was over from the bar counter, but the customers continue to light up the rest and play with it! WOW! That was really NICE! Everyone Like it very much!

The Bar was FULL of smoke just like we were all at Cameron Highlands! Haha!

Once the ventilation system started, the smoke was gone in second!

That night was actually A Farewell party for the Shanghai Famous Bartender - Mr Vincent Yang. He went back to Shanghai on the next day and I believe MANY women MISS him very much! Haha! Because he made the Perfect Cocktail for us and we miss him too! 

Mr Vincent Yang from Shanghai, China

That was A FANTASTIC Party at Wall Street Restaurant & Bar at Taman Austin Perdana, Johor Bahru.

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