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Thursday, March 03, 2011

I MAS Travel Bloggers Party by Malaysia Airlines@Neo Tamarind, Kuala Lumpur

26th February 2011
I was invited by Advertlets to the I MAS Travel Bloggers Party (hosted by Malaysia Airlines) at Neo Tamarind Fine Dining Restaurant (N3 09.170 E101 42.528) which is situated between Wisma KFC and Wisma MAS, along Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.

The party was about MAS launching their 2 new websites:-
1)  MASTraveller.com with all the travel tips and information included an Attractive travel bloggers contest! Please login and do your best for the 'All-Expense-Paid' trips! Not one but TWO trips!
2)  A Facebook application - MHBuddy. Where you can book and check-in for a flight and sharing on Facebook. For more information, please click here.

I reached there around 7.30pm and the area was started to pack with Bloggers.

Visitors Registration...

Noticed the Bloggers check-in continuously Non-stop to Neo Tamarind

Appetizers were served at Every corner...

This was my First time attended the Blogger's party and I was A Total Stranger on that night! :)
So...I just grabbed a Cold beer and observed the surrounding...

The Bar Counter of Neo Tamarind

The Stage. I believe it was a dining area, but became the temporary performance area.

Suddenly I heard a nice voice from the stage, and it was the Pretty MC of the night - Ms Jojo. After her short speech, the party began!

Ms Jojo - The MC of the night

Some kind of special drum (I forgot the name of it) performed on the stage, unique and nice!

The Special Drum Performer

Followed by the Maori Haka Warriors Dance...

And a short interview between the Haka Dancer & Ms Jojo after their performance...

Once the Part 1 performances over, MAS launched their MASTraveller.com (The travel information website) and short brief on the Blogger Contest by the gentlemen below...

VIP from Malaysia Airlines

If you like to know more about the details, please log into it. MASTraveller.com

After the introduction of the new website, we had a short break and the Dinner was served! Oh! Too bad, I had to skipped it cause my stomach was full of beer! :)

All the Chefs were busy preparing in the kitchen of Neo Tamarind Restaurant

All the guests and bloggers were queuing for dinner...

It was really crowded during that dinner time...

The foods were really nice & tempted and I felt little bit regret by drinking too much of beers...Haha!

Thanks for this pretty lady below for allow me to snapped the photo of her.

The lady who wear the MAS Traveller T-shirt. Too bad I forgot to ask her name...

After about 15-20 minutes break, the show continue...it was another Facebook application launching from MAS - MHBuddy. As I mention before, you can book and check-in for a flight and sharing on Facebook. Please click on the link above for detail information.

Then...Maori Haka Warriors Dance (again) and Belly Dance!

Maori Haka Warriors Dance

Belly Dance of the night

The Party was very well organized. Thanks to Malaysia Airlines and Advertlets!!
Even I was walking up & down alone in the party, but I enjoyed the atmosphere very much! Especially the perfect environment by Neo Tamarind!

The group of Adverlets!

The shows ended about 10.30pm, but the party continue with drinks and foods...!

Well...you can see the place was still crowded after the shows end...

It was A Fruitful night for me and I will Definitely come back to the Fine Dining dinner at Neo Tamarind!

Neo Tamarind
19, Jalan Sultan Ismail,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : +603 21483200

Location map of Neo Tamarind, Kuala Lumpur

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