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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Another visit to Bar Banyan, Johor Bahru.

Visited the Bar Banyan (N1.46569 E103.74381) after sometime...you can refer my previous visit here. The Bar is located along Jalan Abdul Samad of Johor Bahru.

This time the Bar surprised us with the Totally new Look! It expended and renovated with Nice Decoration! At first, the dining area became much more comfort and spacious. But I'm yet to taste the food, will do it soon. :)

Bar Banyan dining area.

You can have your dinner here and some beer after the meal in the Beautiful Bar.

Once we stepped in to the Bar area, the attractive decoration appeared just in front of us! The area is Cool and Relax...

Soft music was playing to provide relax environment...it's one of the enjoyment with beer after a hectic day...

The Pool table area is wide and comfort enough. Wanna have a game? :)

At the second session (which is extended area), it's a low sitting area. Where you can rest yourself on the comfortable sofa with low lighting.

The second session of the Bar

I like the 'Bird Cage' lighting very much!

Beside the 'Bird Cage', there were also some other special & unique lighting in the Bar...

The Unique lighting in the Bar

We appreciated the Owner - Mr Fann who put in his effort to create such a Beautiful & Relax area within Johor Bahru. Another good reason for us to visit this Bar is...the area won't be over crowded and noisy! Well, at least after many times in our visit. And I called Bar Banyan is One of the Beautiful Bar in JB.

After the drinking area, let me share some photos of the Bar Counter...

The Decorative Bar Counter of Bar Banyan

The Friendly Bartender...

The beer and hard liquor

The Bar serve beer, liquor and wine. They have a special wine room for customers who want to keep their wine in the Bar. Beside the nice environment, the staffs are friendly too!
Visit it and have a mug or two if you happen in the area. :)

This is one of the Cool hangout place in Johor Bahru area and also one of my Favorite Bar!

The Location Map of Bar Banyan at Johor Bahru.

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