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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chinese Lion dance Competition on July 2011 at Jalan Hiok Nee, Johor Bahru.

Jalan Tan Hiok Nee (N1 27.385 E103 45.814) was having the Chinese Lion Dance Competition (High Poles) on the street for the first time in the month of July 2011.

There were total of 8 teams from other states of Malaysia participated in the competition. We were there slight late because we missed the first Lion from Malacca...

The whole area was packed with peoples! Luckily I found a nice spot just beside the poles.

Every participants were seriously performed in the competition, and that was really a nice show for the night at Jalan Tan Hiok Nee!
It also an eye opener for me because I'm never be so close to the competition area!

The jumping Lion!

It was Tough for me to take the photo that evening because of shooting fast moving object in low light situation. Most of my photos turn out blurred!

 The judges of the night

The organizers had warning those photographers that 'Please Don't Use Your Flash Light!'...but seems like none of them got the message! Everyone still Flash like nobody business!

The Lions came out one-by-one and they did the Best they can on the Poles, but unfortunately...some of them fall down! (cause by their skill or the flash?! I'm not sure...)

Too bad I had to watched the exciting show through the lens that night...

I really admired their fantastic skill (all the 8 teams), and they did well through all the difficulties on it! One of the amazing moment was when the lion bend down... (below)

The lion bend down, not falling!

The fall of the Lion

Total of 5 Lion's teams had fall from the poles that night, and most of them fall down at the highest pole at the back...

The Lion before it jump on the poles...

The Result : 2nd runner up belong to the Lion's team from Kelapa Sawit, Johor. 1st runner up was grabbed by the Kuala Lumpur team and the Champion belong to the Team from 'Kuan Sen Kong' Temple - Muar, they are also the World Champion for the past few years.

The Champion of the night! Kuan Sen Kong's Lion.

We were really impressed by the skill when they 'Fly', 'Jump' and 'Dance' on the poles! 

The performance of the Champion!

We were totally enjoyed the 2 hours Lion dance show that night especially my daughter! She was very excited! Haha!
Hopefully they will organize this type of event every year!

Location map of Jalan Tan Hiok Nee at Johor Bahru.

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