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Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Process of Luwak Coffee at BAS Coffee Farm, Bali

The BAS Coffee Farm is the place I will Not miss every time I visit Bali! It's just because fo the Luwak Coffee. You can read my previous visit here : BAS Bali Coffee Farm.

The deco of the floor tiles at BAS Coffee Farm

We were lucky this time, because we can see some activities at the area where they process the Luwak Coffee. (The area was empty during our last visit)

He was seperating the 'male' and 'female' coffee beans...

According to the local, the 'male' coffee beans is taste much more stronger caffeine than the 'female' coffee beans...

The 'Male' and the 'Female' coffee beans

For me...I could not differentiate the male and the female at all! Haha! Will you?

The process to dry the beans...

All the beans will sent to another area for final process after this...

After visited the process area, we were proceed to the 'nice' coffee area for our Luwak (Civet) Coffee. It's one of Favorite Coffee drinking area. They served the same package where the Luwak Coffee together with small five cups of other taste of coffee...

Very relaxing cafe area...

The coffee served on table less than 10 minutes, and I enjoyed it very much especially the Luwak Coffee.

The Luwak Coffee (IDR50,000 which about MYR18.00)

The other taste of Coffee which included in the package...

Enjoying the coffee in this cooling coffee farm is a Total Different Experience compare with Starbucks and Coffee Bean outlet in our country, it's surrounded with Green and especially located on the hill which I like the most!
We took almost an hour just to taste the coffee slowly and I did purchased a few packs of Luwak Coffee before we leave. :)

Then we continue our journey...

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