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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Seafood dinner at Kukup Fishing Village, Johor.

We having our dinner at the first Seafood Restaurant (N1.32552 E103.44256) on the right after the Kukup Jetty (forgive me that I forgot the name of the restaurant). We were there quite early in the evening, just because of want to enjoy the view of Kukup before the dinner...

Kukup Jetty

It was cool and relaxing evening, too bad that day was cloudy and I didn't expect the nice sunset over there...

The Seafood Restaurant next to the Kukup Jetty

Once getting dark...we started to order our foods...

*  Mixed vegetables
*  Kangkong belacan
*  Steam fish
*  Hotplate taufu
*  Steam salted crabs

The foods served on our table pretty fast...

Mixed vegetables

Kangkong Belacan

Steam fish

Steamed salted crabs

We all enjoyed the dinner Very much! Especially in the nice environment! The foods were Delicious especially the seafoods were Fresh! I like the Salted crabs very much!

If my memory serve me well, the Damage was about RM140.00 for 4 adults and 2 kids included drinks. It's always reasonable price when you have seafood at Kukup, that is one of the main reason the small fishing village attract so many tourists and seafood lovers everyday...

We had a walk at the Fishing Village after the dinner until almost midnight, and back to the Kukup Golf Resort with few bottles of beers...:)

The boat...

Location map of the Seafood Restaurant at Kukup, Johor.

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