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Sunday, April 15, 2012

The BIG FLIGHT Bloggers Contest by Malaysia Airlines

I was fortunate enough being selected for The BIG FLIGHT Bloggers Contest by Malaysia Airlines. The condition is I have to provide a short video clip of myself with my hidden talent or some unique skill! Oh Man! This is a BIG problem for me...!

After some encouragements from friends, I decided to participate the contest and just give a try!
My video as below...

Friends and readers, if you like to support me by leave a comment or two, please click here : http://bit.ly/MYA380Jason. It will direct you the main page of Youtube/Malaysia Airlines. Thanks alot in advance!

Do you know you can fly on the Malaysia Airlines A380?
The contest is open for all Malaysian too, do upload your video about yourself (max. 2 mins) to Youtube and you might win a ticket for the new A380 by Malaysia Airlines! Please do it before 22nd April 2012, and if you are selected, you'll be on the BIG Plane on 27th June 2012.
To find out more about “The Big Flight” contest, please visit www.YouTube.com/MalaysiaAirlines.

I would like to say thanks to my friend - Kenny Koh who help me to shoot the video from his phone and Andrew Lee who pass me the cigarettes. Thanks guys!

I wish I can have the chance to fly on the BIG FLIGHT A380 by Malaysia Airlines (MAS)!

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