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Friday, April 27, 2012

Nyonya Popiah at MaMa Nyonya Restaurant, Taman Molek - Johor Bahru.

We were having a Nyonya Popiah party at MaMa Nyonya Restaurant (N1.52416 E103.78535) on one of the Saturday evening. The lady boss - Ms Grace Lim prepared all the necessary ingredients for the popiah and let us wrap ourself! That was fun!

Ms Grace Lim told us the important of the Yum Bean (jicama) that make a good popiah, we learned something here...:)

Homemade chili paste


Bean Sprouts


Yum Bean (Jicama)


And the restaurant also prepared the ingredients for Nyonya Pai-Tee for our second round...
Then Grace show us the way to wrap a Popiah...well, seems like a Nyonya class to me...:)

She wrap it nicely and show us the tactic to balance every popiah we are going to wrap... 

Grace Lim show us the way...

After about 10-15 second, the first Nyonya popiah was ready on the table!

The Nyonya Popiah from MaMa Nyonya Restaurant

This popiah was Delicious! Especially with the Nyonya home recipe, we like it very much! Then follow by the popiah making session by us...

Put in everything as what Grace told us...cannot be too greedy to wrap A big size popiah, haha!! Then wrap it slowly follow by A Big bite!
Nyonya Popiah from MaMa Nyonya Restaurant

Oh! Man! Didin't expect I can made such a nice popiah! Haha!
After about an hour, Grace show us the way to top up the Pai-Tee by using the same Yum Bean from the Popiah...and taste as good as the popiah too!
The cup for Nyonya Pai-Tee

The first Pai-Tee I made in my life! 

Well, you can judge the food by the impression of this lady (friend's wife). She was not the only one but everyone have the same impression! :)

 Hmm...delicious popiah!...

My friends didn't forget to order the Famous Nyonya Cuisine - Ladyfinger and special chili paste. The chili was really nice and special where I ever taste it before!

Steam ladyfinger with special chili paste

We were satisfied with the Popiah and Pai-Tee from the Nyonya restaurant, and we spent almost 3 hours there to slowly enjoy the foods...! 

Worth try it again!

MaMa Nyonya Restaurant
8, Jalan Molek 1/28, 
Taman Molek, Johor Bahru
Tel : +6016-7167190 (Grace Lim)

Location map of MaMa Nyonya Restaurant at Taman Molek, Johor Bahru.

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