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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Yong Yong Ikan Bakar (Baked Fish) at Johor Bahru

The Yong Yong Ikan Bakar (N1.46090 E103.73847) is located in the Food Court along Jalan Tengku Petri of Johor Bahru. "Ikan Bakar" is means 'flame grilled fish' (with banana leaf) in Malay and it's one of the Malaysian local food.
The stall has a long history selling Ikan Bakar, at least more than 20 years that I'm aware. Previously it keep on moving from one place to another place along Lido beach area, and now...I think it settled down in the food court for more than 4 years already...

It's one of the Famous Ikan Bakar stall at Johor Bahru and will be pack with customers during dinner session in most of the evening...

Yong Yong Ikan Bakar along Jalan Tengku Petri

That evening, we ordered...
*  Baked Stingray
*  Baked squids with onion
*  Baked clams

Baked stingray

Baked squids

The clams

We ordered some rice to enjoy the seafoods together. Scrumptious meals, I like their ingredients very much! Except the mild taste of the clams...
Each of the dish cost RM10 per plate which was really reasonable!  

Try it if you happen in the area, you might like it! :)

Location map of Yong Yong Ikan Bakar at Johor Bahru.

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