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Monday, June 25, 2012

Dinner by the poolside of Legend Resort, Cherating.

After the short speech of Pahang Tourism Minister - Mr Amran Abdul Rahman, we proceeded to the poolside for our first dinner at Legend Resort Cherating.

I took some photos before the area getting dark, where the staffs did their preparation...

Alfresco dinner by the pool...

Dinner by the pool...

The area was really a nice place for dinner!

All of us were there about 8pm, and it was a right time because everyone was Hungry! :)

Let me show you what we had that evening...

The common foods on the buffet dinner...fried rice, curry and etc...

Fruits and salads...

Western foods like lamb racks, steaks and seafoods...(this was Special!)

I like this area very much! Because it had all my favorite! They had prawns, squids, lobsters and fresh oysters!

Fried Lobsters...

Fresh Oysters (my favorite corner)

Everyone was enjoying the dinner very much! My wife and daughter were had some simple foods with seafood, I had the steak, lamb rack, squids, half lobsters and 2 fresh oysters for the first round...:)

My first round of the buffet dinner...

The weather was good on that evening, that was our only worry...haha!

Dinner with all the guests, media and bloggers.

Most of the fodos taste were above average! Great! That made me took the second round of the foods...and it was Only Oysters! :)

The satisfied smile from everyone showed that all of us were enjoyed the buffet dinner served by Legend Resort Cherating...there was a unplug band companied us during the dinner, I enjoyed the oldies very much...especially with the Delicious foods!

I had a good chat with the organizer - Mr Anthony Clement after the dinner...and suddenly I heard : "The Turtles had landed!" Oh! That was our next itinerary - Turtle watching!

So we group ourselves immediately at the Lobby and prepare for the Turtle Watching trip!

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