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Monday, June 18, 2012

Media FAM 3 days 2 nights trip 2012 at Cherating, Pahang.

I was invited to the Media FAM Trip 2012 at Cherating with my family. The Legend Resort Cherating (N4.10279 E103.38346) was the sponsor for the 3 days 2 nights accommodation, meals and tours.
Me and my family were really enjoyed this trip and the meals provided by the Resort. But the 4 hours+ journey from Johor Bahru to Cherating was really tired! :)

Let me list down our itinerary for the 3 days 2 nights Cherating trip...

Day 1
1.  Check-in The Legend Resort Cherating (supposed to check-in time on 1pm, but we had a late check-in about 4pm)
2.  Visit the Cherating Turtles Sanctury. (We missed this!)
3.  Welcome drink and short briefing at the Penthouse of Legend Resort Cherating. (6.30pm)
4.  Short speech and briefing by Pahang's Tourism Director - Amran Abdul Rahman. (7.30pm)
5.  Dinner by the pool. (8pm)
6.  Turtles watching (10pm)
7.  Free and easy (11.30pm)

Day 2
1.  Breakfast 8-9am.
2.  Cherating River Cruise. (10am)
3.  Visit Cherating Fishermen Village. (11.30am)
3.  Lunch at Legend Resort Cherating. (1pm)
4.  Resort activity (we had a boat trip to Snake Island) (3pm)
5.  Short rest before dinner (5-7pm)
6.  Fireflies watching at Kampung Ibok, Terengganu (9pm)
7.  Free and easy (11.30pm)

Day 3
1.  Breakfast 8-9am.
2.  Free and easy (10am-12pm)
3.  Lunch at coffee house Legend Resort Cherating (12pm)
4.  Q & A session follow by rooms (Superior room and Junior Suite) photography (1-2pm).
5.  Shopping for local food around Cherating. (2-3pm)
6.  Tong Juan Stuff Crab at Chukai, Terengganu. (my own itinerary)
7.  Back to Johor Bahru.

My family was really enjoyed the trip organized and sponsored by The Legend Resort Cherating! I like the way the arranged and also the free and easy intinerary, and definitely the 'pearl white' private beach of The Legend Resort. This was also our First time we experienced the 'Turtle lay eggs' in very close distance! I didn't expect Cherating can be so fun especially the scenery and the surrounding, well...there was NO flood at all along our trip from Cherating to Terengganu! Surprised!

Despite some media reported about the rain and flood during Monsoon season from June to December, we never 'taste' the rain at all in our 3 days 2 nights trip! Yeah...as Mr Praba said :"Sometimes the place is Dry during the Monsson season and the wind definitely won't blow away the Resort which constructed by concrete!" Haha!

We learned a lot from this Educational trip and we will try our Best to visit Cherating every year between June - December because it's the Turtle season!

*  The individual blog post for every visit will publish soon...

Location map od The Legend Resort of Cherating, Pahang.

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