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Friday, August 03, 2012

Roost Cafe (Salad Bar) at Jalan Dhoby, Johor Bahru.

Roost Cafe (Salad+ Bar) (N1.45717 E103.76424) also located at Jalan Dhoby of Johor Bahru which is another few shops from the Roost Juice+ Bar. The cafe is at the first floor of the corner shop of the row, where you won't miss this prominent cafe if you drive from Jalan Trus.

Roost Cafe (Salad Bar) at Johor Bahru

We visited the cafe after our dinner at Roost Juice Bar, and this cafe seems like only selling drinks and salads...
It's located on the first floor and it was a total different atmosphere compare with the Juice Bar...there is a non-air contional area once we reach the first floor...the Furniture is Awesome! The tables and chairs have a special design and all made by old timber!

There were some high bar stools which modified and made from used paint container! I was attracted by the design!

The bar stools which made from used paint containers...

Then we walked into the another session, air-conditioned...I was Amazed!

The indoor and air-conditioned area of Roost Cafe (Salad Bar)

The bookrack stunned me for a moment! Excellent design!
Well...at least the First I saw it at Johor Bahru!

The Unique Bookrack

Let me show you all the different desgin of the seats and tables...

Table and chairs made by cardboard.

Stool made by recycle newspaper

I like the cardboard set and the newspaper stool very much!

Shopping trolley chair!

I couldn't snap all the tables and chairs in the cafe because of others customers around...visit yourself and witness it! :)
Beside the furniture, the creative lighting also became part of important decoration to the environment...

The Creative lightings of Roost Cafe

Didn't expect the empty Jagermiester bottle can be so nice after filled in the bulbs...

The area created an calm environment and its a nice place for friends gathering...I like it unpretentious, simple and utilitarian...

All the design, furniture and lighting made and created by the owner himself. Well, I'm happy and appreciated that the owner of the cafe (Mr Wong) is generously sharing his creativity to the public, will find a chance to chat with him in the future...
I wish I can buy one of the wooden set at the outdoor area...:)

The special water tap at the washroom

It will be a good arrangement that having dinner at Juice Bar and enjoy the Yogurt Coffee at the Roost Salad+ Bar. The operating hour is from 6pm-12am. I will be back for SURE!

Do visit it if you like this Roost Cafe, feel the different experince!
I call it The Art Cafe!

Location map fo Roost Cafe (Salad+ Bar) at Jalan Dhoby, Johor Bahru.

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