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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sneak Preview of LEGOLAND Malaysia at Iskandar Johor. (Part 2)

Continue from the previous post of LEGOLAND® Malaysia...

After the last ride in the park, we were invited to the Market Restaurant for the Ramadan Buffet Dinner...along the path, we passed by the Miniland. Yes! This is what I'm looking for!

"Miniland, is known as the heart of all LEGOLAND® worldwide. There are five LEGOLAND Parks in the world with locations in the United Kingdom, United States, Denmark and Germany. In this particular area of the Park, clusters are recreated using thousands of LEGO® bricks. The newest LEGOLAND Miniland pays special tribute to Asia. There are 17 areas including one dedicated to Singapore."

Let me show you some photos of the miniature LEGO sturcture in Miniland...
First, the PTP Port of Johor.

The Administration Office of PTP

There is a Cruise parking behind the building...

The Cruise parked at PTP (above), can you recognize the cruise?

The close up detail of the Cruise

One of the street at Kuala Lumpur, can you figure the name of the street?

The close up of the photo shop along the street at Kuala Lumpur

The Twin Tower of Malaysia

Follow by the miniatures of Singapore...

The Riverside Point of Singapore

Does it looks like Clark Quay of Singapore?

Can you recognize these buildings?

The Singapore Flyer (in Miniland of LEGOLAND)

The Taj Mahal of India

The Forbidden City of China (not complete yet...)

The motorize Dargon in the Forbidden City

The area has so many buildings and it was totally not enoug time for me to snap all! The best time to take photograph at the Miniland is before 12 noon, my advise. I will definitely come back to the Miniland, and soak myself in the park for at least 3 hours! I like it Very Much! :)

"Once fully operational the Park will also feature a wide variety of food and beverage outlets. Three restaurants, three food-stands, and 10 food-carts serving freshly prepared food will be available to visitors.
 Aside from the above, visitors can also look forward other outlets such as Pizza Mania and The Cafe. All three restaurants have an average seating capacity of 150 – 500 people. The average adult meal costs from RM10.50 to RM23 and the kid’s set meal deal which includes a main, a side and a drink is just RM15."

The General Manager (Mr Siegfried Boerst) and the F & B Director (Mr Zain Azrai Azhar Simin) were waiting for us at the entrance of Market Restaurant...they were really Friendly!

The GM and the F&B Director welcome us to the Market Restaurant

The Lego model at the restaurant...

Well, the restaurant is big enough to cater for the huge crowd during the park open, the photos below...

The internal decoration of Market Restaurant

There are some Lego models on top of us...do you notice it? :)

Queue up for the foods....and we were served by the friendly staffs in the restaurant...

Everyone queue up to get their foods...

The 'Friendly' staffs of Market Restaurant of LEGOLAND MALAYSIA

The foods were Awesome! I got myself a piece of Pizza, nice chicken and the fried Udon noodle for the 1st round...:)

Delicious foods from the restaurant

We were having a Great time while havng our dinner, I had a good chat with the Management staffs of Legoland.
Once everyone finish the dinner, the Q & A session started...Mr Siegfried Boerst and Mr Zain Azrai Azhar Simin answer every questions from the Press relaxly....

Mr Siegfried Boerst

Mr Zain Azrai Azhar Simin

We had a group photo of the staffs of the restaurant...

The group photo of the staffs of Market Restaurant

Did you know?

"The Park estimates it will use over 500kg of rice, 6000 chickens, 10,000 burger patties and 52,000kg of ice in one month."

The combined restaurant seating of over 1400 peoples and all LEGOLAND Malaysia F&B outlets are HALAL certified.

The restaurant session end about 1-2 hours later, we walked towards the exit of the Theme park with our heavy loaded stomach...:)
Along the way, I still cannot stop myself to snap the night scene of the park...

The contractors are busy for the finishing work of the park, included this little cute LEGO model too...! :)

The middle of the park is the lake area which we didn't have chance to explore this time...I'll definitely take more photos of it on my next visit!

By that time, once we turn and look back of the park...what attracted me was the LEGOLAND giant signage on the hill...

The LEGOLAND giant signage on the hill

The LEGO Train

The tram above is going to tour you in the LEGOLAND...must be interesting! Even the park is built perfectly for family and children, I do think that's one of the good spot for photography enthusiast like me!

At last, we reach the exit of the park, the colourful lighting at the ticket counter was nice and attractive!

Colourful lighting of the ticket counter at night...

This will be the Theme Park I'm going to visit frequently! I bought the Annual pass on the next day morning, do you? :)
LEGOLAND, see you on 15th September 2012!

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