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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Enjoy the Rides and Fun in LEGOLAND Malaysia. (Pt. 2)

Continue from last post...

Next to the The Built and Test Centre is the Observation Revolving Tower of LEGOLAND Malaysia. The Tower ONLY operated twice on that day of our visit, 3pm & 5pm, but I believe it will operate continuously on normal day...

Revolving Observation Tower

The queue was long and we were lucky enough to catch the ride!

The Media Team was waiting for the ride...

Beside the Media team, the contractors also followed us on the ride...

The contrators

The view was Excellent!
This is one of the ride you cannot Miss!

The LEGO Kingdom and the Dragon Ride. View from the Observation Tower

The Adventure Land. The Express bus and vehicles parking area at the back of it...

The Power Kids Tower (Top view)

Once got down from the Observation Tower, the journey continue within the Imagination...

If you are lucky, you can take a photo with this Big Red LEGO...

The Big RED LEGO...behind is the 4D Theater

The LEGO Duplo Playtown is next to it...

LEGO Duplo Playtown

The 2 LEGO clown are welcoming the guests...

Children will love this Playtown very much and I doubt they will easily get out from there...:)

The Mini Train ride in the Playtown

There's an Beautiful colourful LEGO Sculpture outside of the Duplo Playtown...I like it!

It's a dinosaur!

If you are hungry after the day rides, the Pizza Mania Restaurant just in front of it! According to the park management, the restuarant can cater for few hundreds visitors...

The Pizza Mania Restaurant

Our next destination : The Land Of Adventure!

Welcome to The Land of Adventure

The Lost Kingdom in Land of Adventure

The big LEGO sculpture in front of the building is Nice!

The ride was Fun! It's like a ghost house but when I saw the LEGO model came out suddenly...I said it was Cute rather than scary...haha! (Please utilize the 'yellow' gun in the car, it's fun too!)

The Beetle Bounce

My kid went in to the Pharaoh's Revenge and stuck inside for 30 minutes...that was my nice rest time under the tree...:)

Unfiortunately, the Dino Island wasn't ready on the day...that's one of the reason to return to LEGOLAND!

Next ride will be the LEGOLAND Express in the LEGO City! Well, more relax ride this one! The queue was long but no worries...the express can take us all! :)

Queuing for the LEGOLAND Express

The LEGOLAND Express tour through the LEGOLAND slowly and with the voice introduction on the train, impressive!

Once we settled with the train, the time was 6pm! OMG! All the rides in the park are STOP operation on 6pm! So please arrange your timing properly, or else...you will miss many rides in LEGOLAND!

My daughter only be able to enjoyed 7-8 rides for the whole sunny day, but she spent quite some time in the Build & Test Centre and the Pharaoh's Revenge...there are about total of 40 rides, and I guess we have to re-visit the park for at least 4 times...haha!
Just trying to comfort her and friends, we brought her into The Big Shop - where all the LEGO Bricks are inside...

The Big Shop Shopping area

The whole Star Wars Collection - My FAVORITE corner!

While they shopping in the shop, I went to the Miniland to take photos. I will separate the Miniland from here and will post it soon! Because of too many photos...stay tune!

The Driving School

The shopping session ended our visit in LEGOLAND for the day...even the rides Stop on 6pm, the shops are open until 7.30pm. My daughter keep nagging on my ears and blaming I didn't let her enjoy all the rides...haha! Well, it's ok...we will be Back Soon!


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