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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

H.K.Rakit Seafood Restaurant at Jalan Pantai Kampung Pasir Puteh - Pasir Gudang, Johor.

The H.K. Rakit Seafood Restaurant (N1.42801 E103.95605) is located at the Kampung Pasir Puteh, behind the Tanjung Puteri Golf Club of Pasir Gudang, Johor. The word 'Rakit' (in Malay) means 'Floating'...well, it's because the restaurant was built on the sea (Johor Straits), and it looks like (kind of...) floating on the water...but it won't shake! :) And H.K. is 'Hock Kee', might be the name of the owner...

H.K. Rakit Seafood Restaurant

There is a 'unpaved road' to drive through which about 1.5KM...we like this place because it won't be over crowded and you can enjoy your seafood dinner quitely...

The timber small alley that lead you to the restaurant...

The restaurant has indoor and outdoor session. It was a nice weather that evening, so we prefer to dine at the outdoor area...

The outdoor dining area...

There is another 'floating' dining area which is Really 'Float'. But the staff said because of low tide, and they temporary close that session. According to the staff, this area also become a beer garden when almost midnight...

The floating area of the H.K. Rakit Seafood Restaurant

The peaceful and calm environment is the main reason attracted us to dine here, especially accompany with a Nice sunset...unfortunately, we didn't manage to see the Red Ball that evening...

Peaceful and calm environment

The owner also has a mini Orchid garden in the dining area...are you a Orchid lover?!

 The orchid at the restaurant

The seafoods sell in the restaurant all are alive, well...they are Fresh!

The prawns


The crabs - my favorite!

Our order for the dinner :-
*  Steam fish (sea bass)
*  Steam clam (la-la) mixed with chili padi
*  Hot Plate bean curd (tou-fu)
*  Crabs in two flavor - Sweet sour & salted egg
Their signature dish is Salted Egg crabs

Steam sea bass


Hot plate bean curd

Sweet sour crabs

Salted egg crabs - signature crabs

All seafood dishes tasted above average, I like the Steam Clams which was really special cooking method with the chili padi. The Salted Egg Crab was Nice and you can taste the salted egg even in the crab meat! Excellent!

We enjoyed the seafood dinner in the scenic view for more than 2 hours...with the company of Tiger beers. It is not complete having a seafood dinner in the nice environment, cool sea breeze without the company of beers! At least for me...:)

The Salted Egg Crabs

The Damage : RM222.00 for 4 adults and 3 children included drinks. Reasonable price for the different dining experience!

Due to the restaurant situated quite far away from Johor Bahru town, otherwise...I will visit it every month!

If you haven't try it before, please visit the seafood restaurant at least Once. :)

Hock Kee Seafood Rakit & Restaurant
111, Jalan Pantai Kampung Pasir Puteh,
81700 Pasir Gudang, Johor.
Mobile Tel : 012-7309777 / 012-7134455 / 012-7984577

Loaction map of H.K. Rakit Seafood Restaurant at Tanjung Putri - Pasir Gudang.

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