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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Another visit to The Big Red Strawberry Farm at Brinchang, Cameron Highlands

Due to the early rain (about 4pm) in Cameron Highlands, we visited the The Big Red Strawberry Farm (N4.49624 E101.38656) in Brinchang town because it's fully cover in the farm. This was our second time visiting the farm and we like the way they arrange the plants and vegetables nice & neat, and it's clean too!

Initially, I was thinking to buy some plants or flowers for my garden...but just worry about the weather is different from the Highlands and it may not grow properly....

The flowers that I like...

Nice and colourful!

The prices of the flowers and the plants are much cheaper compare with the nursery around Johor Bahru  sell here. End up, we just bought some nice cactus...6 for RM10.

Lovely Green flowers...

The water stayed in the middle of the plant after rain...

Then we walked into the Lettuce and Strawberries area...

The Hydroponics Lettuces...

Lettuce seeding and the growing lettuces

Now they allow visitors to enter the Cassarova Strawberries area to pluck the strawberries, the fees is RM25.00. The Cassarova Strawberry is different from the normal strawberry where you can see it everywhere in Cameron Highlands, it's bigger, much sweeter and not that sour.

'Cassarova' Strawberries farm

We spent about 30-40 mintues to 'harvest' in that area and this (below) was what we got ...:)

Cassarova strawberries from The Big Red Strawberry Farm

The Strawberry Chocolate Fondue is the popular dessert at Cameron Highlands during our visit. It's widely available on the highlands including this strawberry farm...

I didn't take note on the price for the Fondue package at the cafe....

I think we will visit the farm again on our next trip, just felt very comfort walking in the farm...the staffs in the farm also freindly as usual...

We were hanging around the farm until the rain stop, then went back to the hotel for some rest...

The pink Hibiscus

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Location map of The Big Red Strawberry Farm at Brinchang, Cameron Highlands

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