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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Water Cress Valley Restaurant at Brinchang, Cameron Highlands

Before we leave Cameron Highlands on the last day, we drop by this Water Cress Valley - Chiew Garden Cafe (N4.50811 E101.41643) for lunch, the garden cafe is truly unique that located in the middle of the Water Cress farm.

Water Cress Valley - Chiew Garden Cafe

The entrance of the Garden Cafe

Before we reach the cafe, we passed by the water cress seeding area...


The design of the cafe entrance is some kind of similar to Taiwanese restaurant...

Water Cress Valley Garden Cafe

Once step into the dining area, it was a breathtaking view of the water cress farm...cooling and nice! Very relaxing too...


 The cafe dining area...

I was fall in love at the first sight for this cafe...

Let me show you the scenic view from the cafe...

The Water Cress Farm


Beside water cress, they also planted some other vegetables and fruits...

View from the cafe...

The friendly lady boss took our order and she recommended their special drink - water cress juice! It had a unique taste and special! Not bad.

Water Cress Juice

Our lunch:-
*  Fried rice.
*  Recommended Special Ramen (signature dish)
*  Stir fried water cress
*  Recommended Special sauce Chicken (signature dish)

Fried rice

The Special Ramen - Signature dish

The Special sauce chicken - signature dish


Stir Fried water cress

The fried rice was nice! The Special Ramen taste good but the noodle not springy enough. The chicken was really special and we all like it! The water cress was definitely fresh and good! Overall, satisfied with the meals!

The Damage : RM52.00 for 2 adults and 1 child included the water cress juice. Reasonable price with the cool environment and the scenic view!

The Cafe just started about 6 months ago, but the farm has been through 5 generations of the family. The cafe open daily without off day during the school holiday season.

We spent almost 2 hours there to enjoy the view and we will visit it again!

The staff harvest the fresh water cress

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Water Cress Valley Sdn Bhd
Lee & Chiew Cafe
Jalan Besar, Batu 44, Tringkap
39100 Cameron Highlands
Tel : +605-4961071
Business hour : 10am - 10pm

Location map of Water Cress Valley Restaurant at Brinchang, Cameron Highlands.

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