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Monday, August 26, 2013

Century Curry Fish Head 世纪瓦煲咖哩鱼头 at Cedar Point Hawker Center (食得福), Century Garden - Johor Bahru.

The Century Curry Fish Head 世纪瓦煲咖哩鱼头 (N1.48126 E103.76296) stall is located in Cedar Point Hawker Center of Century Garden - Johor Bahru. The hawker center is easy to locate cause just behind the Grand Paragon Hotel of JB, and it's getting crowded mostly in the evening time, you can find most of the Johor Bahru local delights within...

 photo 15-cedarpointcurry-01_zpsd8f9fad2.jpg

We chose the popular Century clay pot curry fish head for our dinner. The 'Chinese' style curry fish head serve in small, medium and large size with different prices. The small size clay pot we had cost RM25 each, reasonable price.

 photo 15-cedarpointcurry-02_zps092ce858.jpg
Clay Pot Curry Fish Head at Cedar Point Hawker Center

The piping hot curry fish head served on our table in about 10 minutes and nice aroma of the curry wafts around our table once the clay pot lid is lifted. Few ingredients are used to preparing the dish, young lady's fingers and tomatoes are added to the curry, garnished with plenty of Tau-pok (fried bean-curd). The flavorful curry was cooked with the perfect balanced of curry and coconut milk, and it was not really spicy but with the right amount of tang.
The flesh was tender and moist, the fish bones dislocate easily while putting into my mouth, goes with the distinct taste of curry leaf, we all had the second plate of rice! The amount serve for the small size of fish head is enough to serve up to 3 persons which are not a big eater.

Beside the clay pot curry, we also ordered the Tampoi popular 'pork satay' and 'fried oyster' from the food court. The slight charred satay sticks was taste average and acceptable with the peanuts sauce, all BBQ with nice honey.

 photo IMG_9579_zpsc2e1b175.jpg
Popular pork satay at Cedar Point Hawker Center

The fried oyster omelette was average, the normal size of fresh oysters remain juicy while it served in this eggy flavor omelette. It could be better if they balance the starch and the eggs, and provide slightly big size of oysters. I don't mind paying more...

 photo IMG_9583_zpsd7eaecc4.jpg
Fried Oyster Omelette at Cedar Point Hawker Center

The hawker center is my favorite food court since the 80s. It has many delicious foods since those day until now, do discover yourself and you may find the food you like. :)

Century Curry Fish Head 世纪瓦煲咖哩鱼头 
at Cedar Point Hawker Center (食得福)
Jalan Musang Bulan,
Century Garden (behind Grand Paragon Hotel)
Operating hour : 12pm - 2pm, 5pm - 11pm
Close on Monday
GPS Coordinates :  N1.48126 E103.76296

Location map of Century Curry Fish Head at Cedar Point, Century Garden

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