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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Kampua Mee 干盘麵 from Intat Restaurant at Taman Indahpura, Kulaijaya.

The Intat Restaurant 运达茶餐室 (N1.64242 E103.61460) is located at Jalan Kenanga 29/17 of Taman Indahpura, Kulaijaya. The restaurant is behind the back row of shop lots which do not facing the main road, and it's take time to search for it sometime...

 photo IMG_9605_zps11825641.jpg
Intat Restaurant

The shop is a simple and traditional Chinese kopitiam style, and they are popular with the Kampua mee 干盘麵 and Sarawak laksa. The owner said they started the business since 12 years ago...

 photo IMG_9603_zpsce3afef4.jpg
The environment of Intat Restaurant

The Kampua mee is originated from the Fu Chow of Sibu - Sarawak. It's a bit similar with the local wan tan mee (云吞麵), similar topping...but the noodle is more eggy, hard and springy. Normally the Kampua mee is serve with minced pork, BBQ pork and shallots with dark soy sauce. But the version from Intat Restaurant was slightly different where they added some crunchy roasted pork on it, we like it very much!

 photo IMG_9599_zpsed3c2ba6.jpg
Kampua mee (noodle) originated from Sibu - Sarawak

Beside the Kampua mee, we also won't miss out the Sarawak Laksa which also selling from the same shop.
The different with Sarawak laksa and local JB laksa is the gravy without Santan (coconut milk), and it taste with mild curry flavor. Normally the laksa serve in yellow noodle or mee-hoon (vermicelli) with prawns, bean sprouts, fish cake and eggs. The taste was above average, I like they serve the laksa in the clay pot where the heat is maintain until the last drop! It's another dish worth trying!

 photo IMG_9601_zps80e58b76.jpg
Sarawak Laksa from Intat Restaurant

I would like to thanks the Gourmet group from Facebook - 吃的平台 where I got the information from, and thanks to Joell Choo too.

Do try out if you happen in Taman Indahpura of Kulaijaya, it may suit your taste bud! :)

Intat Restaurant 运达茶餐室
531, Jln Kenanga 29/17,
Tmn Indahpura.
7am - 5pm daily
GPS Coordinates : N1.64242 E103.61460

Location map of Intat Restaurant at Taman Indahpura, Kulaijaya - Johor.

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