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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Restaurant Ing Kee 荣记茶餐室 at Taman Musyi Ibrahim, Skudai - Johor Bahru

Restaurant Ing Kee 荣记茶餐室 (N1.51318 E103.68936) is located at the Jalan Besar of Taman Munsyi Ibrahim at Skudai, Johor Bahru. The restaurant was swifted from Tampoi area to here since June 0f 2012, and their food business had run for almost 3 decades until now. The restaurant is popular with their home cook style of Teow Chew Cuisine.

One of my friend strongly recommend us to try out the 'Black Bean Paste Fish Head', and advised us not to visit during the peak hour because of the over crowded situation.

 photo IMG_20130419_132216R_zps77f41d97.jpg
Ing Kee Restaurant at Tmn Munsyi Ibrahim

The operating by their family, once we got our table...the son (I think) politely came to took the order from us.
The order :-
Black Bean paste fish head 豆瓣酱(豉汁)鱼头
Bitter gourd cooked with pork ribs 苦瓜炒排骨
Cowpea cooked with roasted pork 豇豆炒烧肉
Stir fried vegetables

 photo IMG_20130419_135134R_zps58536c56.jpg
Black bean paste fish head 豆瓣酱鱼头

The black bean paste fish head was served with rich flavor of fermented bean paste with dried bean curd, the tantalising aroma completes the succulent flesh of this perfect dish. The traditional cooking method is very difficult to find nowadays, where you can taste the home cooking style back to 70s...

 photo IMG_20130419_134546R_zpse0403b37.jpg
Bitter gourd cooked with pork ribs 苦瓜炒排骨

The bitter gourd was fresh and the tender pork ribs was not over cooked. This dish was well flavored! I like the gravy very much!

 photo IMG_20130419_135211R_zps19cd5899.jpg
Cowpea cooked with roasted pork 豇豆炒烧肉

Yet another tasty dish that you cannot miss! The cowpea (豇豆) was served in the right timing and the roasted pork was excellent! This dish was slightly salty, but it went well with plain rice.
The Damage : RM70 for 5 persons included drinks. Reasonable and value for the dishes!

They have another branches or outlet located at Shahbandar area of TUTA (Taman Ungku Tun Aminah) which serve equivalent tasty foods too!
It's worth the visit especially for the Teow Chew Cuisine lover, I'll encourage my friends to try out even you are not familiar with Teow Chew cuisine.

We were satisfied with the meals and will be back for more from this Extraordinary Teow Chew Cuisine - Ing Kee Restuarant!

Restaurant Ing Kee 荣记茶餐室
68, Jalan Besar,
Tmn Munsyi Ibrahim,
Skudai, Johor Bahru.
Operating hour : 11am - 3.30pm, 5pm - 9pm
Close on Tuesday
GPS Coordinates : N1.51318 E103.68936

Location map of Restaurant Ing Kee 荣记茶餐室 at Skudai - Johor Bahru.

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