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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pun Heong Dim Sum Restaurant - 品香点心包点茶室 at Kulai Main Road, Kulaijaya - Johor.

Kedai Pun Heong 品香点心包点茶室 (N1.64570 E103.61609) is the local Malaysia name of the restaurant and if you notice there's a smaller signage before you walk in the restaurant stated 'Chop Pun Heong'. With the name of "Chop", it means the shop or restaurant is having a long history since the 60s or 70s, because during that era and most of the Chinese shop have the word "Chop". Pun Heong Dim Sum Restaurant had started their business since 60 years ago and this was the first dim sum restaurant I came across that operating in the evening session...

 photo IMG_9706_zps21c5f4d7.jpg
Pun Heong Dim Sum Restaurant at Kulaijaya

The restaurant is situated along the Kulaijaya town Main Road (Jalan Besar) which is quite easy to locate. As the local called that area is 19 miles of Kulai. It has the rustic ambience and we felt like walking into a time machine...simple and typical 'shop' with no different from the others in year 70s...I believe Pun Heong (品香) must be one of the pioneer Dim Sum restaurant running their business in Kulaijaya.

 photo IMG_9708_zps0af98ca6.jpg
Typical Chinese type of restaurant

There was only another table occupied while we stepped in (around 7pm), that gave me a chance to had a little chat to the owner who is the grandson of the founder of the shop, he told me that all their dim sum and bao (stuffed bun) are make and process in their shop...that means all are freshly prepare and steam within the same area. And he politely recommended their popular big bao 大包 (pork bun), char siew bao 叉烧包 (bbq pork bun), plate of siew mai 烧卖 and pai-kuat 排骨 (ribs) to us.

 photo IMG_9701_zps0d3f94ca.jpg

My first grabbed was the Da Bao (big stuffed bun), reason was strongly recommended by friends!

 photo IMG_9700_zps6d2494b7.jpg
Da bao 大包 from Pun Heong

The bao was juicy and tasty! It generously stuffed with plenty of pork, chicken and eggs. The outer flour skin was soft and not thick like others. I like it very much!

 photo IMG_9702_zps4dbfb6ff.jpg
The Da Bao was generously stuffed with the ingredients

And surprisingly, the char siew bao 叉烧包 equally good! Filled with gravy and won't feel the dryness of it! Especially the flour skin was tender. Excellent!

 photo IMG_9693_zpsefb3378a.jpg
Char siew bao 叉烧包 from Pun Heong Dim Sum Restaurant

 photo IMG_9703_zpse2c7ded8.jpg
Tasty pork in the bun

Beside the nice bao, we did tried out their siew mai 烧卖 (pork dumplings). It doesn't had the colourful deco as others but it was nice and not porky...

 photo IMG_9695_zpsb10e61a8.jpg
Siew mai 烧卖 from Pun Heong Restaurant

The pork ribs was above average and I remember that it was really hot when served on our table.

 photo IMG_9697_zpsba4eafdb.jpg
Small plate of pork ribs

Overall we were satisfied with the dim sum and the bao. The price of above were really reasonable and we can't enjoy the nice dim sum like this with their price at Johor Bahru at all.
Before we left the restaurant, I noticed the shop was full house! Well, realized that the customers mostly are regular here...

I'll definitely drop by again if I'm happen around Kulaijaya.

Pun Heong Dim Sum Restaurant 品香点心包点茶室
681-6, Jalan Raya Kulai Besar, 
81000 Kulaijaya, Johor
Tel : +607-6631279
Business hour : 6pm-10pm
Rest day : Sunday and first day of the month in Chinese Lunar calender
GPS Coordinates : N1.64570 E103.61609

Location map of Pun Heong Dim Sum Restaurant at Kulaijaya, Johor.

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