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Sunday, March 02, 2014

Food Trail (Pt 2) of Johor Bahru street food and restaurant food

On one of the sunny day, we started our second food trail in Johor Bahru. This time we only had 3 persons (included me) which was compared with previous 5 persons on the Kulai food trail.

At first, we started our breakfast at the Wantan Mee Shop 金山楼云吞麵 at Taman Impian Emas, Skudai.

It was a simple traditional type of Chinese kopitiam which only sell variety of different type of noodles with different combinations. Among all, we love the BBQ pork (char siew 叉烧) the most! The owner of the shop - Mr Darksen is a humble and nice person, we had a short chat with him about the noodles and his history.

 photo IMG_20140221_093618FS_zps01959128.jpg
Wantan Mee Shop 金山楼云吞麵 at Taman Impian Emas

 photo IMG_20140221_093718FS_zpsd67c17f5.jpg
A traditional type of Chinese kopitiam

 photo IMG_20131217_093640FS_zps48793db2.jpg
The Char Siew noodles 叉烧幼麵

 photo IMG_20131204_095003FS_zps2c4914e3.jpg
Nice dumplings 水饺 from the Wantan Mee shop

We are the regular customer here and been visiting the shop every week, and every time we are fall in love with their Char Siew 叉烧. Most of the time we requested for additional char siew and cost total of RM8 (the photo above). The BBQ pork is one of the good or I can say the only wantan mee which serve this type char siew within Johor Bahru. We prefered the pork with slight charred on the outer skin and mixed with fat, which provided extra juicy compare with those lean meat. It's hard to describe by words how tasty the pork and the noodles are, unless you need to try it yourself. :)
Beside that, don't forget their big and nice dumplings 水饺!

Kedai Makanan Wantan Mee 金山楼云吞麵
Address : Jalan Seri Impian 1, Tmn Impian Emas, Skudai, Johor Bahru.
Contact : Mr Darksen So 016 6605498
GPS Coordinates : N1.54276 E103.68163
Business hour : 8am - 2pm, close on Thursday
More info : The Char Siew is finish mostly on 12pm, visit the shop earlier if you want to try out the magical Char Siew.

2nd stop : Warong Sonto (Fried mushroom)
This warong is famous with their fried mushroom (goreng cendawan) in the area, and claimed to be the first warong selling this type of snacks food since year 90s.
The warong (a small eating shop in Malay) is rather simple and traditional type of village style located along the main road of Jalan Kampung Maju Jaya which in the direction to Seelong. It was shifted from the road side stall since 2 years ago...
They do serve other Malay foods like mee soto, mee rebus, goreng pisang and others.

 photo IMG_20140210_162256FS_zps3d5c61b9.jpg
Warong Sonto which famous with their fried abalone mushroom
  photo IMG_20140210_161017FS_zps5f04031b.jpg
 The fried abalone mushroom aka Goreng Cendawan in Malay

We ordered the plate of fried abalone mushroom which only cost RM2 for 6 pieces. The magic of this snack food is the soy sauce which mixed with bird eye chili (chili padi). It was crispy on the outer skin and tender in the inside, especially when you dipped with the homemade soy sauce, it give you another satisfaction by enjoying the snacks.

 photo IMG_20140210_161000FS_zps20baf309.jpg
The homemade soy sauce with bird eye chili

We will be back for their others food in the warong.

Warong Sonto - Goreng Cendawan
Address : Along Jalan Kampung Maju Jaya which in the direction to Seelong.
GPS Coordinates : N1.59529 E103.71977
Business hour : 11am - 10pm, close on Sunday.

3rd stop : Haji Wahid Mee Rebus at Plaza Angsana
Mee rebus is one of the signature food in Johor Bahru that you cannot miss, it had a long history since Hj Wahid took over the business on the year 1938 from his father. Today, they have many outlet in Johor Bahru town and all run by his son...
The stall we visited at Plaza Angsana is located in the food court and the area has a clean and wide sitting place.

 photo IMG_20140221_141414FS_zpsed1691e6.jpg
The stall of Hj. Wahid's Mee Rebus in Plaza Angsana, Tampoi

 photo IMG_20140221_141419FS_zpse4fb0f21.jpg
The comfort dining area of the food court

The plate of mee rebus cost RM4 which is unique and different from others state within Malaysia.

 photo HjWahidMeeRebus3_zps43fd055d.jpg
Hj. Wahid mee rebus from Plaza Angsana

The noodles served with eggs, scallions, green chili, some crispy fried crackles and dried shrimps. The gravy is the important part of the meal, it was just nice, fragrant and not starchy at all. This is the traditional recipe of their family almost a century ago. Before the noodles serve on table, they added some vinegar and dark soy sauce on it to enhance the tasty noodles.

Hj. Wahid's Mee Rebus at Plaza Angsana
Address : Plaza Angsana, Jalan Tampoi, Johor Bahru.
GPS Coordinates : N1.49598 E103.70691
Business hour : 10am - 9pm daily.

Fourth stop : E Pin Bak Kut Teh 一品滋补肉骨茶 at Taman Bukit Indah

This Bak Kut Teh is rather special compare with most the Teow Chew Bak Kut Teh within Johor Bahru area. It rather has the Klang taste but cooked in clay pot. The shop was shifted from the location behind AM Bank previously and now the new outlet is behind the Hong Leong Bank of Taman Bukit Indah. You can read from my previous post here.

The restaurant has a modern decoration with the limited tables, the history of Bak Kut Teh is clearly display from the wall in the restaurant. (apologies that I couldn't show you the photos due to some technical problem which cannot retrieve the photos from the memory card)

We had the dried pork knuckles and soup based pork ribs clay pot bak kut teh, and the friendly owner - Mr Kenny introduced us their special signature dish - stir fried clams 上汤啦啦, beside that we also tasted their homemade fish cake.

 photo IMG_20131206_130719FS_zpsd211544a.jpg
Homemade fish cake

 photo IMG_20131206_130909FS_zpse6dbf73c.jpg
Dried type pork knuckle in clay pot

 photo IMG_20131206_130956FS_zps42b27bf2.jpg
Pork ribs and others intestine Bak Kut Teh in clay pot

 photo IMG_20131206_130937FS_zps2dfe732d.jpg
Stir fried clams with scallions

The taste of all the foods were above average with the reasonable prices, worth trying if you happen in the area or after shopping from the Aeon Bukit Indah.

E Pin Bak Kut Teh 一品滋补肉骨茶
Address : 26,jalan indah 15/1,Taman bukit indah 81200 (behind Bkt Indah Hong Leong Bank), Johor Bahru.
GPS Coordinates : N1.48196 E103.66057
Contact : Mr Kenny Wang - 013 778 9998
Business hour : Mon - Sat 11am - 11pm, Sun 9am - 11pm.
Website : https://www.facebook.com/yipin9998

Fifth stop : Goreng pisang - Mawar warong.

This stall serve the most famous goreng pisang in Johor Bahru since more than 30 years ago. They operated in the simple road side stall until they have a proper dining area today. The warong located just next to the popular Thistle Hotel in JB and behind the JB Clock Tower.
Despite the negative rumour around JB area, the area is pack with peoples during their operation hour.

 photo IMG_20140220_163052FS_zps79e89588.jpg
Warong Mawar

Beside the goreng pisang (deep fried banana), they do sell nasi lemak, nasi ambang and others. When the place is too crowded, you need to have good patient for the food you order.
We had a plate of goreng pisang cost RM2 (below), the crispy outer part was the magic of the snacks. Compare with other popular goreng pisang stall within JB area, this was really gave us the most satisfaction! Deep fried by the fresh banana, dip into the dark soy sauce which mixed with the bird eye chili...it made our best tea break of the day!

 photo IMG_20140220_161920FS_zpsf8b72a1d.jpg
Goreng pisang (deep fried banana) from Warong Mawar

I will be back for the pack of nasi ambang soon!

Warong Mawar Goreng Pisang
Address : Jalan Sungai Chat of Jalan Kolam Air, Johor Bahru
GPS Coordinates : N1.46176 E103.74192
Business hour : 11am - 5pm, close on Friday.

Sixth stop : Dong Hong Traditional Chinese Kueh 东鸿糕粿 at Tmn Sri Tebaru Hawker Centre.

The stall located in the historical hawker centre called Taman Sri Tebrau Hawker Centre. They sell full of variety of Chinese traditional kueh which hardly can find it else where in JB. This type of stalls are getting less and less nowadays...

 photo IMG_9634_zps538ebc95.jpg
Dong Hong Chinese Kueh stall - 东鸿糕粿

Mr Low, who is the owner of the stall told us that the 'kuehs' sell in the stall are all homemade with the original ingredients, that will really make the kueh taste perfect! His customers are 40% from Singapore and everyday across the causeway to buy the kueh and another 60% are from the locals.

 photo IMG_9633_zps40823d35.jpg

We tried some of their 'Ang Ku Kueh' and 'Bang-kuang kueh'.

 photo IMG_9636_zps9fd85617.jpg
Traditional 'Ang-Ku kueh' from Dong Hong stall

 photo IMG_9641_zpsaaf114ca.jpg
Bang-kuang kueh from Dong Hong stall

They have different type of kueh with the above shape...bang-kuang (turnip), Ku-cai (Chinese chives) and others.
Beside retail, they do supply to other shop and restaurants within Johor Bahru area.
Do drop by if you are the fan of these Chinese traditional kueh.

Dong Hong Trading 东鸿糕粿
Address : 62, Taman Sri Tebrau Hawker Centre, Tmn Sri Tebrau.
GPS Coordinates : N1.48684 E103.76804
Contact : 019 753 9830
Business hour : Sat - Tue 4pm - 11pm

Seventh and also the last stop of the day - Mama Nyonya Food Restaurant 祖母娘惹餐馆 at Taman Molek.

The restaurant located in Tmn Molek which is just behind the Alliance Bank of Tmn Molek. This restaurant is one of the three famous Nyonya restaurant within Johor Bahru. I had been visiting many times and still continue visit it till today...

 photo IMG_2803_zpsdd4582f4.jpg
Mama Nyonya Food Restaurant at Taman Molek

It has a simple and cozy setting of the environment and with air-conditioning. The restaurant can be very crowded during weekend evening. That's one of the reason we usually visiting on the weekday...

 photo IMG_2801_zps5ca5555f.jpg
The interior deco of the restaurant

We ordered few types of fish, one Nyonya curry chicken, steam lady finger and Baba cendol for dessert.

 photo IMG_20140215_144611FS_zps24b063eb.jpg
Nyonya style deep fried fish tail with dried onions and garlic

 photo IMG_2993_zps7ad33da6.jpg
Same cooking method with different part of the fish

 photo IMG_3053_zps120ba1df.jpg
Nyonya style steamed fish

 photo IMG_2989_zpsf2b31a7a.jpg
Nyonya curry chicken

 photo IMG_2991_zps2cba1402.jpg
Steamed lady finger with homemade spicy sambal

 photo IMG_2814_zpsdc41d5db.jpg
Baba Cendol with palm sugar

We have no doubt for the Nyonya foods in this restaurant, the lovely couple Mr Andy and Ms Grace provide their original ingredients and their best effort to serve their every customers. This is one of the worth visit Nyonya restaurant with the delicious foods and reasonable prices. You cannot miss it if you are the Nyonya food lover wihtin Johor Bahru.

Mama Nyonya Food Restaurant 祖母娘惹餐馆
Address : 8, Jalan Molek 1/28, Taman Molek, Johor Bahru.
Contact : Ms Grace Lim 016-7167190
GPS Coordinates : N1.52416 E103.78535
Business hour : 11am - 8pm Mon - Fri. Saturday base on reservation and Sunday off.
Website : https://www.facebook.com/pages/MaMa-Nyonya-FOOD/110292562374357

You can find all these nice food by downloading the HungryGoWhere mobile app for both IOS and Android.

Mission accomplished!
We had total of 7 different places with 7 different dishes and snacks around Johor Bahru area. Will start to plan for the next food trail again!

*  Some of the photos above were taken by mobile phone, apologies for the poor quality.

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