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Sunday, June 01, 2014

Dabinlo 打甂炉 steamboat restaurant at Taman Gaya, Johor Bahru.

The Dabinlo Steamboat Restaurant 打甂炉 (N1.56867 E103.80215) is located along Jalan Sasa 5 of Taman Gaya. The restaurant started operation about 2 months ago and drew a good crowd every evening.  
Dabinlo Steamboat created the new concept for steamboat lover within the nearby area, where the whole restaurant is fully air-conditioning, clean and comfort environment. (you can view from the photos below)

 photo IMG_2558_zpsed7513f3.jpg
Dabinlo Steamboat Restaurant

The steamboat restaurant has a outdoor and indoor dining area...the clean and tidy setting really impressive!

 photo IMG_2556_zps0389f9c2.jpg
The outdoor dining area of Dabinlo steamboat restaurant

 photo IMG_2561_zps63e43eb9.jpg

Follow by the air-conditioning indoor dining area...

 photo IMG_2562_zpse2cc17b9.jpg
The indoor dining area of Dabinlo steamboat restaurant

 photo IMG_2569_zpsa2d5a541.jpg

Every diners have to choose their favorite sauces themselves at the counter. There are bird eyes chili, homemade chili sauce, sambal belacan, garlic and my favorite - peanut sesame sauce.

 photo IMG_2563_zpscb10587b.jpg
The counter for the sauces

 photo IMG_2566_zpsf0758869.jpg

The raw foods were served on our table pretty fast even it was full house on that evening, impressed with their services. The restaurant provide 3 types of soup which are chicken, tomyam and we chose the herbal soup.

The minimum order for every table will be the 2 persons set (RM38.80) which include the yellow noodles, vermicelli, eggs, veggie, tomatoes, taufu, fish, prawns, dumplings and many more...

 photo IMG_2583_zps8c545856.jpg
The standard serving for 2 persons steamboat dinner

 photo IMG_2584_zpse76591f5.jpg
The standard serving for 2 persons steamboat dinner (the other angle view)

 photo IMG_2582_zps68c2aaaa.jpg

 photo IMG_2585_zpse496f9c8.jpg

We did some side order beside the main serving...

 photo IMG_2592_zpsede0e7f2.jpg
The beef slices

 photo IMG_2588_zps6e29f42c.jpg
The pork slices

 photo IMG_2589_zpsda00fd83.jpg
The smoke duck

 photo IMG_2596_zps73722ca9.jpg
The special Korean vermicelli 

We like the herbal soup very much!
Especially cooked with all the fresh meats and ingredients, it was yummy! But remember 'not to' throw in the yellow noodles at the initial stage, the noodles will make the soup salty and might not suitable to everyone.
The friendly boss did advise us to enjoy the beef and the pork with their recommended peanut sesame sauce, oh...which was delicious!

Previously, we usually have our steamboat dinner during the raining evening because of the 'heat', but now...with the fully air-conditioning and relax environment by Dabinlo, I guess we can have it whenever we want!

 photo IMG_2571_zps4ae59647.jpg
The unique logo by Dabinlo Steamboat restaurant

We had a nice steamboat dinner and a total new experience within the popular steamboat restaurant in Johor Bahru. Worth for the price with the fresh foods and the friendly service.

 photo IMG_2565_zps33857d82.jpg

The parking area can be quite challenging during the time from 7pm - 8.30pm, because there are many restaurants around the same area...visit as early as possible to avoid the inconvenience.

Do drop by the newly open restaurant if you are looking for good environment for steamboat dinner, the address and contact number stated below (map included)

 photo IMG_2560_zps5c8a1d24.jpg

Dabinlo Steamboat Restaurant 打甂炉火锅
23, Jalan Sasa 5,
Taman Gaya, Ulu Tiram,
Johor Bahru.
Contact number : +607-8634560
Business hour : 5pm - 11pm
(they'll serve lunch in the near future)
Rest day : alternate Monday
GPS coordinates : N1.56867 E103.80215

Location map of Da Bin Lo Steamboat Restaurant at Taman Gaya

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