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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Discovered another beautiful beach at south Lombok island - Mawun beach.

Mawun beach (S8.90072 E116.22682) is located approximately 10km from Selong Belanak beach and the journey was only took 20 minutes from the previous location. The sandy white beach stretch about 1.5km, the sands are very fine and soft...it took around 15-20 minutes to stroll from point to point. The emerald lagoon is protected by two rocky headlands, and made the calm and peaceful water of the beach.

 photo IMG_2968_zps9ff790f3.jpg
Mawun beach and our tour mates

The beach was not crowded at all, it was so relax while laying on the beach. The crystal clear water really made us want to jump into the sea immediately! Too bad we didn't prepare for the swim, it was a miss!

 photo IMG_2972_zpsc32c1da3.jpg

I found the right view of the beach look better maybe just because of the company of the rocky mountain...

 photo IMG_2976_zps32e09ac4.jpg
The right view of Mawun beach

 photo IMG_2971_zpse59247c2.jpg

There were group of women selling souvenirs over there, but they were friendly and not really hard sell type...

 photo IMG_2974_zps0229c93d.jpg

There is no resort or hotel in the vicinity, the closer resorts you can get are from Kuta beach, Lombok.
Due to everyone was hungry, we left the beach after laying around for 20 minutes...and heading to the restaurant in our itinerary...

 photo IMG_2982_zps72ed9b82.jpg
Cynthia and Hui Ying (Lombok tour mates)

Next destination will be our first meal in Lombok - Ashtari restaurant and longe...

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Location map of Mawun beach of south Lombok island, Indonesia.

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