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Monday, February 23, 2015

Star fish spotted along the beach on our way back from Gili Nanggu and Sudak - Lombok island

A lot of fun activities at Gili Nanggu, satisfied lunch at Gili Sudak...while on the way back to the jetty, another surprised! Star fish spotted! (S8.74618 E116.01814)

It was low tide while we were back, and we had to stop at the other site of the jetty and walking back to the jetty where we parked our party van. There were many star fishes along the beach, every 5 steps...you will see one star fish laying on the beach...
Everyone couldn't resist to taking photos with the colourful star fish!

 photo IMG_3329_zps09300ebb.jpg
Star fish

 photo IMG_3330_zps9420e634.jpg

This was also my first time holding the wild star fish in my hand! Not from the aquarium but from the ocean...
We were curiously hold, touch it and having photo with it then put all of them back to the beach...

 photo IMG_3322_zps4db3c837.jpg
The star fish

 photo IMG_3320_zpsc6b659f8.jpg

 photo IMG_3326_zps3319930b.jpg

 photo IMG_3328_zpsa67e50da.jpg
Our friend - Tony almost want to bite it...haha!

 photo Starfish_zpsdb9478c5.jpg

Beside the star fish, there were also mudskipper, sea urchin were found along the beach. I really like to stroll along the beach, too bad we had no enough time...

We were going on the long journey again to Mataram - the capital of Lombok for our dinner.

 photo IMG_3336_zpsf987eba6.jpg

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