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Monday, April 09, 2007

Summerset Resort, Kuala Rompin (8th & 9th APR 2007)

Family trip to Summerset Colonial Hotel & Villas on 8th APR 2007.

Located about 80KM (50 minutes drive) north from Mersing town. About 2 hours and 30 minutes drive If you from Johor Bahru Custom.

About 3 hours relax drive, we reached our destination - Summerset Resort. N2°55.229' E103°25.942'

Register as fast as I can, and surprise me that the room is clean! Trying to find the dusty balcony but....disappointed! Zero dust at the balcony!
Wah! Even everywhere around the resort was so clean & WELL maintenance.

The Entrance

We got our room rate at RM201.25 inclusive of 2 buffet breakfast.

The Reception

The Lobby

The Lounge, but seems like not operating anymore......

Staircase to Restaurant

The Sovenirs shop

The Restaurant (Air-Con)

As you can see there's a small jungle out there, that's the reason we choose here cos the 'Nature'. You can listen & enjoy the Orchestra from the jungle insects!

The Resorts are at the both side of the small jungle......

The corridor of the resorts.....

The room......

After take a rest, we went to the beach.......
We have to pass thru the small jungle........

and before we be able to see the sea, we saw the beautiful swimming pool......

Then we saw the 'happenings' along the beach!

She loves sand very much! She can sits there more than 1 hour without changing her position......and ignore what's happen at surrounding........She is my daughter.

My lovely wife and daughter.....

The footstep left behind......

The Cafe on the Beach....but also stop operation......

Hello, can you see my foots print??

We took our Seafood dinner around 8pm at Kuala Rompin town. (N2°47.829' E103°29.142')
We order : Butter prawn, 'Kong-poh' sotong & a vege. Cost RM32.00
My rating :
Service - 1/5 (Atitude problem)
Foods - 4/5
Value - 4/5

After dinner, relax at the resort with company of my wife and "The SKOL".
That's end DAY 1.........

Day 2
9:30am at the restaurant.
Surprise us that the breakfast was very good!
After breakfast, my daughter still insists going to the beach and swimming pool before we leave the beautiful resort.......

One of the activity over there......MTB

Times up!
It's time to pack everything and say bye-bye!
While we check out, the big group (5 express buses, about 150-180 persons) also check out at the same time, and the management give a surprise farewell.....very special dance.....

I remember Raymond Lim (9W2LRR) told me that, the 'Udang Galah' (Giant prawn) over here at Kuala Rompin is very famous. Therefore we stop by the shop to buy some before our journey back to JB. The location is N2°53.819' E103°25.497', shop at the most right.

Grade A, B, & C.
A= Biggest, around or more than 1 foot long and 1.5-2" diameter.
B= Medium, around 8-10" long and mostly 1" diameter. (I bought this - 1KG=RM31.00)
C= Small, normal size.....5-6" long and 0.5-0.8" diameter.

And along the way back, we pass by this bunker.......I think it's from 2nd World War, but can't find any info about it.....
Around here : N1
°52.695' E103°55.353'

That's end my trip to Summerset Colonial Hotel & Villas.



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